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How I broke up with my girlfriend

This incident happened five years ago. Me and Leela were at a stage of breaking up. I didn’t want to break up with her. Attempting to fix our relationship, I convinced her to meet me in a restaurant for dinner.

It was a cloudy day but she met me in the restaurant as she had promised. She looked beautiful as usual. I didn’t want to lose her. So, after we ordered food, I apologized to her for hurting her intentionally and unintentionally. I told her I love her and asked her to give me one more chance. She said it was not my fault. She just had to marry the man her parents had chosen for her. That shocked me. She had told me just a week ago that she wanted to breakup with me. I asked her how her parents managed a find a match for her in just one week. She told me she didn’t want to go through all the details and asked me to just move on. I was disappointed and angry. I tried to convince her to talk her parents and tell them about us. She told me she didn’t want to disappoint them.

After dinner, we left the restaurant at 10:00 pm. While we were walking to the bus stop, it started to rain. We ran to the bus stop but by the time we reached the bus stop, we were drenched. Leela’s hair and cloths were wet. Her wet blouse and Saree hugged to her body. I could see her pink, lace bra which didn’t hide much of her large breasts. Her cleavage was clearly visible. Her nipples poked through her bra and blouse. Her bare waist and belly were covered with water. Her navel was visible through the floral, pink saree. My mind was flooded with memories of kissing her, sucking her nipples and fucking her tight cunt and asshole. I wanted to fuck her right there. But before I could lose my mind the bus stopped at the bus stop.

We boarded the bus. There were two guys and an old woman in the bus. The guys were talking loudly and cracking jokes. Leela didn’t sit next to me. She sat on the adjacent seat, maybe because we had broken up.

Five minutes later, the bus stopped and the old woman got out of the bus. When the bus started to move, one of the guys came and sat behind Leela’s seat. After some time, Leela started wiggling a bit. I asked her if she was okay. She replied that she was just feeling cold. But a few minutes later, she let out a very small moan. I became suspicious. I got up slowly and went a few seats behind. I sat on a seat that was behind the guy who was sitting behind Leela’s seat. For a moment it looked like nothing was happening, but a minute later the guy put his hand in the gap between the seats where Leela was sitting and grabbed her ass.

I was angry. But I told myself that I shouldn’t care because she had cold heartedly broken up with me.

I saw the guy kneading her ass. I expected her to change seats or look behind and scold the guy or call me. But she just sat there wiggling.

Another guy who was sitting behind them got up and went to the seat where Leela was sitting and sat down next to her.

I was even more angry. I wanted to shout at him but I also wanted to see how Leela would react. So, I stayed calm.

I couldn’t see what the guy sitting next to Leela was doing but I got a good idea when I heard her say, “Don’t touch me.”

The guy said, “You’ve become wet in the rain. I am warming you up. You’ll catch cold.”

To my surprise, Leela laughed shyly.

The guy moved closer, as if he wanted to kiss her lips. She turned away. He still kissed her on the side of her neck. It looked like he was rubbing his hands on her body. He quickly pecked kisses on her neck and cheeks.

I saw her smiling and thought, Bitch! My head exploded. I controlled myself and sat there wanting to see how far she would go.

Leela began to moan. The guy appeared to be squeezing her breasts. I couldn’t believe she was enjoying a complete stranger molesting her in a bus.

The guy who had been kneading her ass from behind, stood up. He went closer to Leela and stood next to her. He unzipped his pant and pulled out is cock.

What the fuck?! She’ll be angry now! I thought.

But she grabbed his cock and stroked it. I couldn’t believe the woman I loved was stroking another man’s cock right before me.

The guy who was sitting next to her seemed to be removing the hooks of her blouse. Then his face lit up, as he seemed to be squeezing her breasts.

I got another shock when Leela stopped stroking the guy’s cock, opened her mouth and took the guy’s cock in her mouth. I wanted to get out of the bus. I stood up and yelled, “Stop the bus. I have to get down!”

The guy who had his cock in Leela’s mouth said, “Wait boss. You can go after we fuck your girlfriend!”

“She is not my girlfriend!” I shouted.

The guys laughed.

The guy sitting next to Leela said, “Come and fuck her boss!”

I looked at Leela. She was sucking the guy’s cock, as if I didn’t exist. Why not? I thought and went closer to them, confused. That’s when I got a good view of what was happening. Her blouse was unhooked and breasts were bare. The guy next to her was sucking her breasts. Her Saree was lifted up and his hand was inside her petticoat.

I unzipped my pant and pulled out my cock. I pointed my cock at her mouth like I had done many times before. Her eyes looked up at me as she was sucking the other guy’s cock. I looked at her with anger. She grabbed my cock and stroked as if she wanted to calm me down. She sucked his cock for a few seconds and pulled it out of her mouth. She turned towards me and said, “Sorry Sameer. Please don’t be so angry because I am going to marry someone else.”

Ok bitch! I thought and just nodded.

She smiled and opened her mouth. I thrust my cock inside her mouth. She sucked my cock and stroked the other guy’s cock with her fingers. The guy sitting next to her was sucking her breasts. And I guessed, he was finger-fucking her cunt because of the movement of his hand under her Saree.

The guys standing next to me said, “Praveen! Let’s fuck her!”

Praveen, the guy sitting next her, stopped sucking her breast and looked up.  “Yeah, let’s fuck her. Her pussy is wet,” he said.

“Good. Let’s put some of that juice in her asshole,” the other guy said.

“Sudeep! C’mon dude! Let’s not waste time. Just dry hump her!” Praveen said.

“No way! My foreskin is still burning after dry humping your girlfriend’s ass yesterday,” Sudeep said and laughed.

“Ok dude. You better hurry up,” Praveen said and stood up.

“Stand up,” Sudeep said grabbing Leela’s arm.

Leela stopped sucking my cock and stood up. Sudeep lifted her Saree and pulled her panties down. He inserted his fingers in her pussy and scooped out her juice. He inserted her cunt-juice inside her anus. He lubricated her asshole quickly and said, “Ready!”

Just then the bus slowed down and stopped. The driver came to us. “Guys, don’t forget me. After you finish call me!”

“We won’t forget you. Now start driving before the cops catch us for illegal parking,” Sudeep said.

That’s when I knew they were a gang. I realized we were in very big trouble.

The bus started moving again. Praveen stood before Leela and penetrated her pussy. Sudeep stood behind her and penetrated her asshole. I felt left out but the guys didn’t care. I stood behind one of the seats and watched the guys pounding Leela’s cunt and asshole. Their hands moved all over her, as they fucked her fast and hard. Her moans of pleasure made me want to fuck her. Luckily, Sudeep came in her asshole and pulled away.

Before Sudeep could go and call his driver friend, went behind her and penetrated her asshole. Her asshole was tight and warm as usual but it was lubricated well with her pussy juice and Sudeep’s cum. It almost felt smooth like fucking her cunt. I pounded her asshole and banged her big fat bottom with vengeance for ditching me.

Praveen came in her cunt and pulled away. He yelled, “Hey Vinod! It’s your turn!”

A few minutes later, Vinod joined us and said, “I don’t trust Praveen with the bus. I have to fuck her quickly and start driving again.”

Vinod told me he wanted to fuck her asshole. I didn’t want to argue with him, so I pulled my cock out of her asshole.

I stood before her and stared at her angrily for being such a bitch.

“Don’t judge me. I did it because one of the guys showed me a knife,” she said.

“Really?” I asked.

She nodded. Just then Vinod, the driver penetrated her asshole abruptly making her groan in pain.

I hugged her and kissed her lips to comfort her. As we kissed, Vinod fucked her asshole, banging on her ass. It shook her body. I stopped kissing her and said, “I am sorry, I misjudged you.”

She moved closer to me and kissed my lips. I kissed her back. And as we kissed passionately, I grabbed my cock and placed it in the slit of her pussy. I pushed slowly, gliding my cock deep inside her pleasure hole. Then, I began moving my cock in and out of her embracing cunt.

That day, I fucked her and shot my cum in her pussy for the last time.

The guys threw me out of the bus after I was done and took Leela with them. I tried calling her after that incident but she didn’t answer for two days. She answered on the third day. She told me the guys took her to a lodge and fucked her with their friends for one day, before they let her go.

I asked her if she told anyone about it. She told me she didn’t want anybody to know because she wanted to get married to the man her parents had chosen for her.

One month later, she got married and went to a different city with her husband to live happily ever after.