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Playing with Bhabhi

This incident happened one year ago. I was in my final year of college. During my semester holidays, I visited my family who lived in my native place. During this time, I often visited my Bhabhi because she is very hot and her house was near my house. Bhabhi wears only Saree. Saree looks good … Read more

Lost virginity to my teacher

It happened 10 years ago when I was in 12th year school. Priya ma’am was our math teacher. She was married and had two kids. She was very hot. She had a pretty face, big breasts, slim waist, wide hips and big butt. Her dressing also made her look hotter. I think she was 36-30-36. … Read more

My sister caught me…

It was winter vacation. My parents had to attend a relative’s wedding which had been organized in a different state. They asked my sister to come to our house and stay with me to make sure I didn’t invite friends and party while they were gone. My sister agreed. My sister’s husband had gone abroad … Read more

First time with my mom

I feel sad for my mom. Mom has been living a lonely life since Dad passed away five years ago in an accident. She told me she misses him more than anything. I think she needs a man in her life to satisfy her mentally, emotionally and physically. I liked my mom since childhood. She … Read more

Enjoyed my aunty

I am a 27-year-old Graphic Designer based in Mumbai. I am writing about an incident that happened one year ago. I live with my parents and younger brother. One day my mom told me aunty Reshma will be visiting us and she will be staying with us for fifteen days. It was not uncommon for … Read more

My hubby made me do it

My hubby and I have been happily married for 10 years but we would have separated two years after our marriage because of this incident. Anoop, my hubby was already settled in Canada before we got married. So, after we got married, I went to Canada after 12 months. I liked Canada but I missed … Read more

Chapter 2 – Treated like a wife

Chapter 2 G-Block, Flat 12 Siddharth watched Seema from the living room. She was on the balcony taking dried clothes from the cloth-liner. She was dressed in a light-coloured Salwar Kameez as usual. He wanted to strip her and hug her ripe body. He wanted to massage her body and feel her jelly-like breasts, sensuously … Read more