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Chapter 1 – Caring stepmom

A Loving Family – Caring stepmom It was holidays for schools and colleges. Nalini’s children were happy to return home three days early from their grandparents’ house. Nalini didn’t feel the same way. She had wanted to stay with her parents for a week but she had to come home early, worried about her stepson. … Read more

Chapter 2 – Twice a day

It was 7pm. Four hours had passed after having sex with his stepmom for the first time. Roshan felt very lucky to have a beautiful stepmom who was a very caring mom. He knew she wasn’t perfect but he understood how difficult it would have been for her, after his father had passed away. Two … Read more

Chapter 3 – Next day morning

Roshan woke up hearing the alarm. He took his mobile and tapped on snooze. He opened the gallery and saw pictures of his stepmom. He admired her and smiled, feeling very lucky to have a beautiful stepmom who was a very good mom. He remembered having sex with her the previous day and his penis … Read more

My beautiful caring Maa

My name is Sagar. I am 5’10”, medium skin colour and well built. My parents separated when I was a kid. I live with my mother (Maa). My Maa had inherited properties from her rich parents, so we didn’t have any financial problems. My Maa’s name is Shobha. She is in her mid 40s, height … Read more

First time with my mom

I feel sad for my mom. Mom has been living a lonely life since Dad passed away five years ago in an accident. She told me she misses him more than anything. I think she needs a man in her life to satisfy her mentally, emotionally and physically. I liked my mom since childhood. She … Read more