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A special New Year’s Eve with Bhabhi

Short series story:
Starting a Special New Year with Bhabhi

Our family consists of my parents, my sister, my brother, and me. My sister is eldest among the siblings. She is married and has two children. My brother is second. He is married and has one daughter. I am third. I am not married but I have a girlfriend.

My parents are retired. My sister lives in a different state with her family. My brother’s family and I lived with my parents.

My brother is an art director. His wife is a copywriter. They work for different Ad agencies.

I am a freelance graphic designer and musician. I have a good relationship with everybody in the family but I have a special relationship with my brother’s wife because I had a special New Year with her.

My sister-in-law’s name is Reshma. I call her Bhabhi. She has told me many times to call her Reshma but I can’t stop calling her Bhabhi because I respect her. My parents and brother don’t mind me calling her by her name. So, sometimes I  call her Reshma. But if other non-immediate family members or family friends are around us, I always call her Bhabhi to show them that I respect her.

Reshma Bhabhi is very beautiful but I had tried to avoid lustful thoughts about her. Besides, I had a girlfriend who I loved. But after this experience my impression about Reshma Bhabhi changed forever.

It happened three years ago during summer holidays. My parents had gone to our native place with my brother’s family. They had planned to return after one week. I had the house to myself. So, my girlfriend, Shriya came to my house every day and we had a great time. We watched movies, played games and had good sex.

One day before my family had planned to return home, my girlfriend and I wanted to spend more time together. So, my girlfriend came home early at 9am. We played video games, watched a romance movie and had foreplay. When we were very aroused, we went to my bedroom. We removed our clothes and I put on a condom. My girlfriend climbed the bed first and she lay down on her back. I quickly climbed the bed and lay on top of her. I kept my hands next to her, on both sides, and lifted up my upper body. I aimed my penis at her vagina. I found the slit and pushed my penis slowly deep inside her pussy. Her pussy was wet and tight. I pulled and pushed my penis inside her pussy, admiring her expression every time I thrust my cock into her pussy. I loved how her eyes closed partially whenever my cock filled her pussy deeply. I loved the way her lips opened and closed, to make perfect moaning sounds. I loved how her breath became irregular, whenever my cock was deep inside her pussy. I kissed her sweet lips, while my cock slowly glided in and out of her pussy.

I loved my girlfriend. This love got amplified whenever we had good sex. It was one of those good sex days. She moaned loudly, “mmm…ahh…ohhh…ahhhhhhh!

Her moaning sounds always made me feel like I was doing a good job. I kept fucking her, having a great time and giving her a great time.

After a few minutes of having passionate sex, we both climaxed at the same time. I ejaculated inside her pussy confidently, knowing that the condom will hold my cum. Her boobs rose up and went down as she breathed heavily, when my cock shot cum inside her.

I lay on top of her and kissed her thankfully. When my cock began to shrink, I rolled over and sat down next to her. I carefully removed the cum filled condom and kept it under the bed, on the floor.

I lay down next to her. She turned to her side and put her right arm on my chest. We talked for some time before getting down from the bed. Then, we went to the bathroom and washed.

I put on my shorts and went to the living room. I sat on the sofa to relax when I heard sounds coming from the kitchen. I was surprised first and then I got nervous. I was topless but I didn’t care to put on a t-shirt before finding out who or what was in the kitchen.

I went to the kitchen and saw my Bhabhi. She looked at me. I looked at her speechlessly, wondering what she was doing in the house when she was supposed to be with my brother and my parents in our native place.

Bhabhi smiled and said, “You should keep your home clean. We were not at home for just one week, and it looks so messy.”

“Sorry Bhabhi,” I said.

Bhabhi smiled and said, “No Bhabhi. I’ve told you many times to call me Reshma.”

“Sorry Reshma. Sometimes I unintentionally call you Bhabhi because I respect you,” I said.

“Ok. I forgive you,” Bhabhi said and smiled.

“I wanted to clean today before you all returned. I didn’t expect you to come early,” I said and asked, “Did everyone come with you?”

“I came with Eesha. I have to finish an unexpected, urgent job in the office. Your parents and your brother will come tomorrow,” she said.

“I’ll put on my shirt and clean the house,” I said thinking that I should quickly send my girlfriend out of the house while Bhabhi was still in the kitchen.

“Are you going to introduce her to me?” Bhabhi asked, surprising me.

I looked at her speechlessly, feeling scared and guilty. Bhabhi smiled and said, “I have been here from 11’o clock. She was moaning a lot. Who is she?”

“Sorry.” I apologised and said, ” She is my girlfriend.”

“That’s ok. She can stay as long she wants. I am cooking food. Lunch will be ready in 15 minutes. Bring her to the dining room,” Bhabhi said and gave me an understanding smile.

“Please don’t tell anybody,” I requested.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anybody,” she said and gave me an understanding smile again.

“Thanks Bhabhi,” I said and went to my room. I told my girlfriend about what had happened. She got scared. I told her to relax because Bhabhi was understanding. My girlfriend got dressed and we went out of the room. We saw Bhabhi in the living room. She smiled at us.

I looked at Bhabhi and said, “This is my girlfriend, Shriya.”

“Nice to meet you, Shriya,” Bhabhi said with a smile and lifted her hand to shake hands.

Shriya shook Bhabhi’s hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Bhabhi.”

Bhabhi laughed and said, “You don’t have to call me Bhabhi. Call me Reshma.”

“Ok Bha…sorry Reshma,” Shriya said and laughed.

Bhabhi laughed and said, “That’s ok. Let’s have lunch.”

When we had lunch Shriya and Bhabhi got along really well. After having lunch, Bhabhi told us she had to go to her office urgently. She told me to take care of Eesha who was sleeping in her bedroom.

Before leaving the house Bhabhi told Shriya, “Stay as long as you want and have fun.” Then she looked at me and winked.

We laughed. I knew my Bhabhi was cool but I didn’t expect her to be super cool.

We closed the door and went to Bhabhi’s bedroom. My niece, Eesha was sleeping. So, we went to my room and had sex again. This time I fucked Shriya doggy style. After having sex, Shriya stayed for fifteen minutes and left my house.

Eesha woke up after a few minutes. I gave her snacks to eat. She played with me for some time. Then she watched cartoon shows on TV till Bhabhi returned home at 5:30pm. I opened the door for her. She looked tired. We talked for a short time before she went to her room with Eesha. And I went to my room.

At about 6:15pm, I heard Bhabhi calling me. I went out of my room and saw her sitting in the living room. She looked fresh and she had changed her Saree. She looked beautiful, dressed in a light blue colour Saree.

“Come. Sit down. I want to talk about you and Shriya,” she said and sipped tea from a cup.

I sat down on the single sofa which was facing sideway to the three-seater sofa she was sitting on.

“I made tea for us. That’s your cup,” she said.

I took the cup from the Tea table.

“I’ll come straight to the point,” Bhabhi said and asked. “Do you have intercourse with Shriya?”

I was a bit taken aback by the question. I looked down wondering what to say.

“I won’t tell anybody,” Bhabhi said.

I hesitated and said, “Yes. But I didn’t force her.”

“That’s good. But if she becomes pregnant, it will become a serious problem,” she said.

“I use condoms,” I said.

“Good. You are smart!” Bhabhi said and laughed.

I smiled at her.

She sipped tea from her cup and swallowed. Then unexpectedly, she made moaning sounds, “mmm…ahh…ohhh…ahhhhhhh!” And she laughed.

I realised she had imitated Shriya’s moaning sounds to tease me. It sounded sweeter when Bhabhi made the sounds. But I was little embarrassed.

Bhabhi smiled and said, “She must have liked it a lot to moan like that.”

I got a question in my mind. I hesitated to ask Bhabhi but curiosity got the best of me and I also wanted to see her reaction. So, I asked, “Do you moan like that, Reshma?”

Bhabhi wasn’t taken aback like I had expected. She just laughed and said, “Sometimes. Only if it feels really good.”

I sipped tea from the cup and wondered how good it would be to have sex with Bhabhi and make her moan with pleasure, like Shriya.

Bhabhi took the TV remote and put the TV on. The sound from the TV filled the room but I was lost, wondering how good it would be to admire Bhabhi’s pretty face and penetrate her vagina in missionary position. I wondered how good it would be to penetrate her vagina or anus and bang on her plump buttocks in doggystyle position and make her moan with pleasure.

Bhabhi was pretty, fair, curvy and tall like Shriya but she was plump in the right places, voluptuous and hotter. She had wavy black hair, big boobs, slim waist, wide hips and plump buttocks. My cock became hard and at that moment I realised she looked perfect. I envied my brother.

That night I thought there was sexual attraction between Bhabhi and me. The light blue Saree she was wearing was semi-transparent, reveling her blouse, cleavage, waist, belly and navel. Bhabhi was little shy around me and I couldn’t stop admiring her sexy beauty.

After dinner Bhabhi told me goodnight and went to her bedroom. I went to my bedroom and tried to sleep but I couldn’t. Lustful thoughts about Bhabhi flooded my mind. I imagined having sex with Bhabhi and went to sleep.