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Chapter 8 – All’s well that ends well

D-Block, Flat 7 Traffic had reduced and very few people could be seen on the streets. Street lights shined brightly, casting enough light for pedestrians and vehicles. Rakesh drove the car carefully. He had drunk only two mugs of beer but he didn’t want to risk driving fast. He saw the red traffic light and … Read more

Chapter 5 – Consolation prize

C-Block, Flat 5 It was Saturday, 4:30pm. Sudhir was watching cricket on TV but he was thinking about his wife, Malavika. He was wondering if she could have liked having sex with her ex-boyfriend. She had told him that she was not a virgin because her ex-boyfriend had promised to marry her and convinced her … Read more

Chapter 3 – Sunday morning service

A-Block, Flat 5 The Sunday morning, English mass ended at 8:50am. Maria walked out of the church with her son, David, and her daughter-in-law, Jessy. Maria was bored. She didn’t understand English well. She preferred Malayalam mass. She had come to the English mass because Jessy and David preferred English mass. They met friends and … Read more

Chapter 2 – Treated like a wife

Chapter 2 G-Block, Flat 12 Siddharth watched Seema from the living room. She was on the balcony taking dried clothes from the cloth-liner. She was dressed in a light-coloured Salwar Kameez as usual. He wanted to strip her and hug her ripe body. He wanted to massage her body and feel her jelly-like breasts, sensuously … Read more

Introduction to Ambassador Apartments

The story series, Ambassador Apartments contains stories of people who live in this apartment. Ambassador Apartments has a magical landscape. The sparkling waterways, arched bridges, and manicured gardens are mesmerizing. The apartments are eye-catching. It has a total land area of 16 acres, 8 towers, 21 floors and 446 condos/units. consists of 3BHK, 4BHK, and … Read more