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Chapter 1 – Third time lucky

Ambassador Apartments

Chapter 1

D-Block, Flat 10

It was 8:15 am. Vishal took his laptop bag and rushed to the door. “Bye Nalini,” he said.

“Bye. Drive safely!” Nalini said, feeding a spoon of cereal to her daughter.

Nalini stood up and went to the bedroom. She quickly undressed and wore a loose knee length floral skirt and a white T-shirt. She combed her waist length, straight black hair.

She went to the living room and asked her daughter, “Are you ready, Shruthi?”

“Yes mama!” her 4-year-old daughter said.

Nalini picked up her 1-year-old son from the carpet and kept him in the pram. She took her daughter’s bag, slipped her feet into a pair of sandals and she left home with her children.

Nalini liked walking on the walkway that had manicured gardens on either side. She thought about Abhishek. She had met him while walking on the same walkway six months ago. They had got along well and become good friends. But she was not happy with the message he had sent her the previous day. She wanted to meet him in the afternoon and make her point clear to him.

Nalini and her children reached the main gate of the apartment. The watchman wished her good morning. She wished him and exited the apartment premises.

After a 10-minute walk Nalini and her children reached the primary school. Nalini kissed her daughter goodbye and returned to the apartment.

Nalini changed her baby’s nappy and cleaned him. She breastfed her baby and put him to sleep in his cradle. She went to the bedroom and removed her clothes. Then, she went to the attached bathroom and had a good shower.

She felt much better after having a shower. She stood before the full-length mirror in the bedroom. She saw the reflection of her naked body and dried her hair. She wondered why Abhishek liked her so much. She didn’t look like a young woman anymore. She liked her oval shaped, pretty face but she wished she had a slimmer body. Her body had changed after giving birth to two children. Her waist was still slender but her belly still looked like she was one month pregnant. Her breasts had become bigger. She had inherited wide hips from her mother but her buttocks also had become bigger after pregnancy. She had stopped wearing pants. Although her body was shapely, she felt embarrassed by her big bouncing breasts and buttocks.

Nalini put on her bra, panties, blouse and petticoat. She draped an orange cotton silk Saree, which had Zari dots and border. The Saree colour blended well with her lighter skin colour. The cotton silk Saree was figure hugging, revealing the curves of her wide hips and plump, shapely buttocks. She put on her Mangalsutra and kept a red Bindi on her forehead. She looked like a perfect, plus-size Indian housewife.

It was half past 11am. Nalini put her baby in the pram and left her home. She took the Lift to the ground floor. She went to G Block, pushing the pram.

G-Block, Flat 5

Abhishek stood on the balcony of Flat 5 and watched Nalini. He was very happy to see she was dressed in the Saree that he had asked her to wear. He admired her with excitement. Nalini looked up and saw him. He waived at her. She looked down, ignoring him and continued walking.

Nalini reached the G-Block Lifts. She got into the Lift and reached the floor. She went to Flat 5 and rang the doorbell. Abhishek opened the door and said, “Hello Nalini!”

Nalini pushed the pram inside. Abhishek stepped aside and gave her way.

“Are you alone?” Nalini asked.

“Yes. All my flatmates have gone to work,” Abhishek said.

Abhishek closed the door and asked, “Are you okay, Nalini?”

Nalini didn’t answer. She just walked inside.

Abhishek followed her.

“What happened Nalini?” Abhishek asked.

Nalini turned around and said, “Shuh…baby is sleeping.”

Abhishek shrugged his shoulders.

“Come to the bedroom,” Nalini said in a hushed voice.

Nalini and Abhishek went to the bedroom. Nalini closed the door and turned around. She looked at Abhishek with a disappointed look and said, “You sent a message yesterday. Tell me what you mean by that message?”

“I just meant, if you are willing to have sex with me wear an orange Saree and meet me in my flat,” Abhishek said.

Nalini folded her hands and asked, “Did you forget the next sentence?”

Abhishek hesitated and said, “The next sentence…? If you don’t have sex with me, I won’t talk to you again.”

“So, you won’t talk to me, if I don’t have sex with you?” Nalini asked.

“Sorry Nalini…” Abhishek said and looked down.

Nalini shook her head and said, “I let you kiss me because you begged to kiss me. You said your mother passed away soon after giving birth to you and you were never breastfed. So, you begged me to breastfeed you. And I took pity on you and breastfed you. When I was breast feeding you on the bed, you tried to have sex with me. I stopped you. And, last week, you hugged me from behind, lifted my skirt and tried to have sex with me. I stopped you. So, the third time you decided to send me a message and blackmail me, to have sex with me.”

“Sorry…I didn’t mean to blackmail you,” Abhishek said.

“Abhi, I like you. I know you like me very much…” Before Nalini could finish, Abhishek said, “I love you, Nalini.”

“You love me?” she asked, smiling, suspiciously.

“Yes. I love you very much,” Abhishek said.

“Abhishek, you are only 25 years old. I am 32-year-old, married woman with two children. What is the use of loving me?” she asked.

“I just want to love you forever,” Abhishek said.

Nalini liked what Abhishek had said. She was quiet for a moment. Then she said, “You should tell your parents to find a suitable girl and get married.”

“You are suitable for me. Will you marry me?” Abhishek asked.

Nalini laughed before saying, “I am married. I can’t have two husbands. You are just infatuated with me. After having sex with me, you’ll get bored and look for someone else.”

“I’ll never get bored. I’ll always love you,” Abhishek said.

Nalini laughed but she felt bad for him. She could tell Abhishek was sexually attracted to her, too much. She made up her mind and said, “Let’s see how long your love lasts after you have sex with me.”

Abhishek slowly smiled.

Nalini smiled and said, “I’ll check baby and come back.”

Nalini went to the living room. The baby was still sleeping.

She went to the bedroom. She looked at Abhishek and asked, “You didn’t remove your clothes?”

Abhishek laughed and started removing his clothes.

Nalini removed her blouse and bra. She lifted her Saree and petticoat, and removed her panties.

Abhishek watched Nalini with excitement.

Nalini saw Abhishek fully naked for the first time. She liked his athletic body. She saw his penis. It was surrounded by pubic hair. The length and thickness of his erect penis looked good. She felt excited. She went closer to him. She stood before him and looked into his eyes. He was only two inches taller than her, so he just had to bend his neck little to kiss her but he didn’t feel bold enough to make the first move.

Nalini looked down at his penis and thought, ‘It looks so much like Vishal’s penis.‘ She put her right hand forward and her long, graceful fingers cupped around Abhishek’s balls and cock. He let out a breath of relief. Her fingers wrapped around the thick shaft of his cock and moved back towards her, squeezing and stroking it slowly. Then she let of it and her fingertips slowly circled on the sensitive crown of his cock. He moaned softly with pleasure. She looked at him and asked, “Do you like it?”

Abhishek nodded. He was not afraid anymore. He moved closer and kissed her lips. His tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth. Their tongues swirled inside her mouth. He kneaded her spongy breasts and kissed her passionately, loving the fresh taste of her mouth.

Nalini’s fingers played with his testicles as they kissed. She rolled his balls in her fingers, back and forth. Then her hand was back on his cock. She grasped his rod tightly, squeezing it, as if testing to feel the length and thickness. She liked it in her palm. She wanted to feel every inch of his cock inside her. She stopped kissing and moved her head back. She looked at him and asked, “Ready?”

Abhishek nodded and smiled.

Nalini lifted her Saree and petticoat above her knees. She got on top of the bed. She lay down on her back. Her legs spread wide, opening to him. Abhishek got on top of the bed and knelt down between her legs. He was mesmerized by the beauty of her shapely legs, plump thighs and clean shaved pussy. In a trance like state, he bent down and kissed her vagina.

“What are you doing?” Nalini asked, pleasantly surprised.

Abhishek didn’t answer. His tongue swiped her wet pussy slit. He tasted little bit of her pussy juice. He liked it and wanted to taste more. He pushed his tongue deeper inside her pussy hole, tasting her pussy juices and little piss together. He found the taste delicious. His tongue darted in and out of Nalini’s tight pussy lips, tongue-fucking her and sucking her pussy juices.

Nalini moaned with pleasure. She lay on her back, with her eyes closed, enjoying Abhishek kissing, sucking and tongue-fucking her pussy. Nobody had tongue-fucked her pussy like Abhishek was tongue-fucking her.

Abhishek swallowed Nalini’s pussy juices, fucking her with his tongue back and forth faster and faster. The taste of her piss added to his enjoyment, and the piss-wet feel of her hot inner thighs on his head increased the throbbing of his cock.

Nalini could hear the wet sucking sounds Abhishek made, which enhanced the erotic sensations she felt.

“Ohhhhh, Abhi!” she moaned.

Abhishek lifted his head and saw Nalini’s face. Her eyes were closed. He moved forward and lay on top of her. Nalini opened her eyes, feeling his weight on her.

“Do you want my cock inside your pussy, aunty?” Abhishek joked.

Nalini chuckled. She could already feel his cock on her pussy. “I want it inside my pussy, young man,” she said and laughed.

Abhishek and Nalini laughed.

Abhishek raised himself on his elbows, smiling down with pleasure at Nalini. Nalini put her left hand between them and caught his cock. She guided it between the outer lips of her labia. The bulbous cockhead throbbed in the slit of her pussy. Abhishek pushed slowly, sliding his shaft inside the well lubricated channel of Nalini’s pussy. Her pussy stretched and welcomed her young lover’s thick, long cock. Big, hard, and swollen, his cock filled her to the brim.

“Oh! it feels so good…” Abhishek whispered.

Nalini laughed. “You finally got what you wanted,” she said.

“Thank you,” Abhishek said. He kissed her lips.

Nalini could taste of her pussy juices on his lips and tongue. She liked the taste and they kissed passionately. Her clitoris throbbed. She lay on the bed shivering with pleasure as they kissed.

Abhishek stopped kissing. He looked down at her large cushion-like breasts. He lifted her left breast. He took the nipple and a mouth full of breast-flesh and sucked. He swallowed her sweet milk. His hips moved back, pulling his thick cock from the clinging channel of her pussy. Then he thrust forward, drilling full length into her pleasure hole. She groaned as she accepted the hard rod of stiff meat back inside her pussy. He stopped sucking her breasts and began fucking her slowly. Abhishek admired her pretty face from close-up. Her voluptuous body felt comfortable beneath him. He pushed his hand under her large buttock and the tip of his middle finger touched the tightly puckered little opening of her anus. He pushed his finger and the elastic-like ring of her anus opened, letting his finger enter her anus. He pushed his finger inside her anus. “Ooohh Abhi…hmmm,” Nalini whispered.

As Abhishek’s cock fucked in and out of Nalini’s tight pussy, he could feel her anus loosen and tighten on his finger, just below her pussy. With his finger comfortably placed in her gripping, warm anus, he rapidly increased the speed of fucking her pussy with a raging sexual pleasure.

After a few more penetrations, Abhishek lost all control and began fucking with all his might – his balls slapping against her naked bottom. His elongated penis made vicious thrusts into her wet sucking pussy.

“Oooohhh, Abhi, oooohhhhh!” Nalini moaned with sexual pleasure that ripped through her body,

Higher and higher her pleasure soared. Her thighs throbbed with a growing need to release. Her clit tingled and the sensation spread to her inner thighs, and to the rest of her body. Tidal waves of sexual pleasure splashed throughout her body. Her pussy tightly clasped around his cock and hot buttery liquid rippled on his cock. Simultaneously, Abhishek erupted, spewing thick semen inside her pussy. Hunching deep into her pussy, he emptied himself inside Nalini’s pussy. With a long-satisfied moan, he finally collapsed on top of her … breathing heavily. He laid his head on the side of Nalini’s neck. Their grateful bodies trembled with passion.

Abhishek lifted his head and looked at Nalini’s face. He pecked a kiss on her lips and asked, “Did you like it?”

Nalini smiled and said, “It was very good. Do you really love me?” she asked.

“Yes. I love you very much,” Abhishek said.

Nalini chuckled and said, “Okay, let’s see how long your love lasts.”

“It will last forever,” Abhishek said and kissed her soft lips.