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Mom helped me forget my girlfriend

My name is Varun. I am the only son for my parents. I was 20 years old when this incident happened. I was lonely and frustrated. My girlfriend and I at that time had broken up. I had not had sex for 2 months after breaking up with her. I was watching videos of my … Read more

Double lucky

I am not very lucky with women but I was very lucky once, five years ago when I was just 23 years old. I wanted to join a Computer Institute, so I went to a popular Institute in my city. I met the receptionist and told her that I want to know more about a … Read more

Couples holiday trip to Goa

We went on a holiday to Goa, seven months ago with our friends. Our friends are two couple, Atul and Jhansi, and Praveen and Suman. Atul is a manager for an IT company. His wife Jhansi is a boutique owner. Praveen and Suman are founders of an advertising agency where they both work as Creative … Read more

Good old days with Yahoo chat rooms

Does anybody remember the good old days when we all used Yahoo chat rooms? Well, I remember. I remember, A S L? It was funny. Most of my girlfriends would pretend to be guys in Yahoo chat rooms. But I didn’t do it. I was always truthful. I always replied, 25, F, Bangalore. The next … Read more

Chapter 5 – Consolation prize

C-Block, Flat 5 It was Saturday, 4:30pm. Sudhir was watching cricket on TV but he was thinking about his wife, Malavika. He was wondering if she could have liked having sex with her ex-boyfriend. She had told him that she was not a virgin because her ex-boyfriend had promised to marry her and convinced her … Read more