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Chapter 3 – Next day morning

Roshan woke up hearing the alarm. He took his mobile and tapped on snooze. He opened the gallery and saw pictures of his stepmom. He admired her and smiled, feeling very lucky to have a beautiful stepmom who was a very good mom. He remembered having sex with her the previous day and his penis began to harden. He kept his mobile on the bedside table and pulled the bedsheet over his head. He closed his eyes and remembered kissing his mom, sucking her breasts and penetrating her vagina. He fell asleep, imagining making love to his mom.

After ten minutes, the alarm rang again. Roshan woke up. He took his mobile and stopped the alarm. He got down from the bed and went to the attached bathroom. He peed and brushed thinking of his mom.

In the master bedroom, Nalini sipped Chai and looked out of the window. She liked the flowers in her garden. She thought about the sexual experience she had with her stepson the previous day and smiled. She felt like she was a new bride and her stepson was her husband. She smiled and shook her head dismissing the idea.

She kept the cup on the bedside table. She removed the nightdress and she was fully naked. She took her mobile and went to the attached bathroom. She sat down on the toilet seat and answered natures call while reading news on her mobile.

Nalini finished her toilet routine and went to the sink. She washed her hands and face. She came out of the bathroom feeling relieved. She dried her face with a towel and went to the dressing table. She slipped into the nightdress and adjusted it. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. The blue, satiny-finish, knee length nightdress felt soft against her bare skin. The stretch fabric hugged to her voluptuous body highlighting her figure. The neckline and midi hem were edged with lace fabric. She liked the dress but she liked to wear it only in the night because it was comfortable for sleeping. She preferred dressing up in a Saree in the daytime.

Nalini took her Chai cup and went downstairs to the kitchen. She was washing the cup when Roshan walked into the kitchen. “Good morning, mom,” he said.

“Good morning, beta. Did you sleep well?” she asked and kept the glass on the dish rack.

“Kind of. I couldn’t stop thinking of you,” Roshan said.

Nalini laughed. “What were you thinking?” she asked.

“About yesterday’s experience. Kissing and all that,” Roshan said and smiled.

“Did you miss me too much?” Nalini asked.

“Yes mom,” Roshan said, hoping she would understand.

Nalini understood and said, “You can have sex with me before going to bed. It will help you have a good night sleep.”

“Great idea, mom,” Roshan said and grinned.

“Do you want to drink Chai first or do you want to have sex first?” Nalini asked knowing that Roshan must be desperate to have sex with her after missing her all night.

“Can I have sex first mom?” Roshan asked.

“Of course, beta. I don’t want you to feel desperate to have sex and suffer alone. Just let me know when you want to have sex,” Nalini said and smiled.

“Ok, mom,” Roshan said.

Nalini smiled and said, “If I lie down on the bed again early in morning, I’ll feel lazy for rest of the day. I’ll lean forward. You can stand behind me and have sex. Ok beta?”

“Ok, mom,” Roshan said and went closer to Nalini.

Nalini lifted her nightdress above her buttocks and leaned forward on the kitchen countertop. She kept her elbows on the countertop for support and lifted her buttocks.

Roshan quickly dropped his shorts and underwear to the floor. He stood behind his mom and looked down at his mom’s bottom, stroking his cock which had already become very hard. He was stunned by the beauty of his mom’s wide hips, glowing round buttocks and thick round thighs. He had only had sex with his mom in front-cowgirl position and missionary position, when she had been wearing a Saree. So, he had not clearly seen her hips, buttocks and thighs. Admiring his mom’s beautiful buttocks, he reached down and touched the soft white globes of his mom’s ass cheeks. He spread the plump ass cheeks apart and saw her anus opening. He wondered if his mom would allow him to penetrate her anal-hole, but he didn’t want to ask her and complicate the situation. At that moment, he just wanted to feel the love and warmth of his mom’s vagina around his cock. He placed the blunt-tipped cock-head against the tight elastic opening of his mom’s vaginal slit.

Nalini smiled feeling the tip of her son’s hard penis in the slit of her vagina. She closed her eyes in anticipation of having a good, morning sex.

Behind her, her son’s thick probing cock began a slow, grinding motion in her open vaginal lips. The moisture between her pussy lips spread around his bulbous cockhead. Then he pushed the cock-head into her vaginal opening. He held it in that position for a couple of seconds before he slowly pushed the thick cock steadily inward, stretching her vaginal passage, until she could feel the full length of his engorged cock warmly inside her pulsing vagina. The smooth rubbery head of his penis pressed on the tip of Nalini’s cervix, evoking joy within her.

“Mom…” Roshan moaned, loving the comfortable feeling inside his mom’s vagina.

Nalini opened her eyes and asked, “Yes beta?”

“Mom, it feels so good inside you,” Roshan said, holding the plump sides of her hips and pressing his crotch hard on her soft buttocks.

Nalini laughed and affectionately squeezed her vaginal muscles around his throbbing cock.

His hands moved under her soft nightdress, feeling the smooth skin of her belly. His fingers caressed her navel before his hands moved forward and grabbed the jiggling mounds of her breasts, cupping them upward and rolling the stiff nipples between his fingers.

Nalini was a bit surprised by her son’s unexpected move, but she liked what he was doing to her nipples even though milk leaked out of her nipples.

Feeling the wetness in his hands, Roashan realised that his mom’s milk was leaking from her nipples. He let go of her nipples and said, “Sorry mom.”

“That’s okay, beta. I have lot of milk,” Nalini said.

“Are you sure, mom?” Roshan asked.

“Yes beta,” Nalini said and smiled thinking about her son’s concern for her. Then she immediately felt his fingers back on her nipples. His fingers squeezed and rolled her nipples sending tiny electric shocks of pleasure spiking out from her nipples and spreading through the rest of her body.

As Nalini’s head reeled with the tiny electric shocks of pleasure, Roshan let go of her nipples and grabbed her full breasts. He squeezed her breasts and moved his cock slowly in and out of her moistly clinging vagina. But suddenly pleasure surged through his cock and he lost control. He began to fuck more and more intensely in and out of the tightly clasping, pulsing pussy.

Nalini moaned with pleasure, “Mmm-ahh. A-aahh… Ahn…”

Roshan’s cock moved like a piston inside his mom’s vagina as he squeezed her breasts. His hands and her breasts had become wet with her milk but he continued squeezing the large swollen breasts and continued pounding his cock inside her vagina. His spear-like cock disappeared every time he thrust it into the full depth of his mom’s vagina. And she moaned with pleasure, hungrily accepting his cock inside her vagina, every time he plunged his cock into her.

“Mom…” he moaned with every thrust inside her vagina. His crotch banged on her buttocks causing the soft fat on her body to ripple.

Pleasure soared throughout Nalini’s body, reacting to the quick and powerful thrusts of her son’s cock inside her vagina. Her clit and thighs tingled with intense pleasure.

Roshan let go of his mom’s breasts and grabbed her slim waist. Holding her waist with a firm grip he continued fucking her saying, “mom…mom…mom…”  Every time after he said, “mom…” he thrust his cock inside her cunt and banged his crotch on her buttocks, which caused a soft cushioned, slapping sound. His moaning sounds and the fucking sounds were very clear in the quite home.

Nalini liked the sounds of his moaning and fucking. “Mom…thap! mom…thap! mom…thap! mom…thap! mom…thap!” It sounded as if he was calling her and giving her what she needed.

Roshan continued fucking his mom and she loved it. She moaned as sexual pleasure soared to the peek and ecstatic pleasure coursed through her body.

After getting fucked for a few more minutes, Nalini began cumming uncontrollably. Her vagina convulsed pulsing with intense sexual pleasure. “Oh beta…hmmm…beta… she cried out, lifting her head as she orgasmed.

Roshan fucked his mom, pounding his cock inside her vagina and banging on her plump buttocks, as if he was unstoppable. But suddenly, his sperm-bloated balls smacked heavily on her labia and he jerked forward, burying his cock deep into her vagina. The hot wet walls of his mom’s vagina clasped and unclasped around his cock, milking him as she groaned with pleasure. He held his cock firmly inside her pussy. His cock became a buzzing shaft of ecstatic sensation. “AAAAAAAAAH! MOOOM!” he grunted, feeling his semen stream through his cock and spurt into his mom’s pussy.

Nalini’s orgasmic juices gushed wetly around her son’s cock. It mixed with his semen, flowed on his hard jerking cock and trickled out on his swaying balls as he rapidly emptied his testicles.

“I love you, mom,” Roshan said, caressing her buttocks and shooting more semen inside her vagina.

Nalini laughed softly. “I love you too, beta,” she said, feeling happy to have a son who could satisfy her.

After Roshan shot the last drops of cum into his mom’s vagina, his cock began to shrink. He pulled it out and moved back. He put on his shorts and watched his mom feeling very lucky to have a sexy mom who truly loved him.

Nalini stood straight feeling good. She took a paper towel and wiped their body fluids from her thighs and vagina. She adjusted her nightdress. She washed her hands and asked, “Do you want Chai beta?”

“Yes mom,” Roshan said.

Nalini poured Chai in a cup and kept the cup on a saucer. She gave it to Roshan and said, “Finish your Chai and have bath, beta. Come to the dining room for breakfast when you are ready.”

“Ok mom,” Roshan said and left the kitchen.

Nalini went to her room. She checked the children. They were still sleeping. She undressed and went to the attached bathroom to have bath.