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Chapter 2 – Twice a day

It was 7pm. Four hours had passed after having sex with his stepmom for the first time. Roshan felt very lucky to have a beautiful stepmom who was a very caring mom. He knew she wasn’t perfect but he understood how difficult it would have been for her, after his father had passed away. Two months ago, he had secretly watched her having sex with his dad’s elder brother, Anil. He had hidden in a wardrobe in his mom’s bedroom and watched them through a small gap. His heart had been racing with excitement. His mom and uncle had removed their clothes, kissed and hugged before his mom had knelt on the bed, on all fours. His uncle had knelt down on the bed, behind her and penetrated her vagina. Roshan had watched his uncle pound his penis repeatedly into his mom’s vagina and felt very jealous of his uncle. After that incident, he had become more sexually attracted to his mom and he had resorted to masturbation with his mom’s Panties.

Roshan didn’t feel jealous of his uncle or worry about masturbation anymore. His caring mom had helped him. He remembered having sex with her and his cock became hard. He wondered if she would be willing to have sex with him twice a day. He didn’t feel bold enough to ask her but the temptation to have sex with her again was too hard to resist.

Roshan went to the living room. He saw his little sister and baby brother playing. He couldn’t see his mom. He heard sounds from the kitchen and went to the kitchen. He saw his mom, cooking. She looked at him and smiled.

Roshan smiled and scratched his head, hesitating to start the conversation.

“What happened beta? Is something wrong?” Nalini asked.

Roshan hesitated for a moment and said, “Mom, I was just thinking…about masturbation.”

Nalini smiled at him teasingly and asked, “Okay, what about it?”

“Hmm…mom. How many times is it okay for a man to masturbate in one day?”

Nalini laughed. “I don’t know, Roshan,” she said. “I have heard that some men masturbate thrice a day. I think once or twice is okay, but you shouldn’t let sex get to your head. If it affects your daily life negatively, it will become a serious problem.”

“Okay mom, I won’t. Is twice okay, mom?” Roshan asked for confirmation.

“Remember what I told you. Don’t masturbate. If you feel like masturbating come to me,” Nalini said and smiled.

“Okay, mom…” Roshan smiled shyly, wondering how to tell her.

Guessing by his behaviour, Nalini understood him. She smiled and asked, “Do you feel like masturbating again?”

Roshan smiled with embarrassment, and said, “Yes mom.”

“That’s okay,” Nalini said. “You may feel like having sex with me frequently because you had sex with me, for the first time, today. You can have sex with me, whenever you want. But after the holidays, I want you to focus on studies. You can have sex after you return from college.

“Okay mom,” Roshan said, happily.

“I’ll call you when I am ready.” Nalini smiled.

“Thanks mom,” Roshan said happily and left the kitchen.

After five minutes, Nalini finished cooking. She went to the living room and checked her children. The children were busy playing, so she went to her bedroom. She stood before the mirror and looked at her reflection. She had taken a body bath and got dressed in a different Saree after having sex with Roshan in the afternoon. The pink floral Saree looked good on her fair skin. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat, and removed her panties. She let down her Petticoat and Saree. She adjusted the pleats and Pallu of the Saree feeling excited. She felt happy about the way her life had changed after her husband had died. Family members had become more caring and she had become sexually involved with some of them. She felt free to have sex with anybody she wanted and she had been having sex at least thrice a week but having sex with her son, still felt exciting. She had consulted her gynaecologist after delivering her second child and got a Copper-T inserted in her uterus. It had been highly effective and stress free.

Nalini was a little tired. She had travelled back from her parents’ house, cleaned the house, had sex with her son and finished cooking food for dinner. She had also been breast feeding and taking care of the children. She wanted to lie down on her bed and relax for a while but she also wanted to have sex with her son again. She preferred having sex on her king-size bed rather than having sex on her son’s double-bed.

Nalini went to her son’s room. He was sitting on the chair and playing games on his computer. He saw his stepmom and stopped playing. He quickly took off his headphones and stood up, excited to have sex.

“Come to my room, beta. My bed is bigger,” Nalini said. She turned around and walked away.

Roshan followed his mom admiring her beautiful back. Her waist length, straight long hair, looked silky. The curves of her slim waist and wide hips looked beautiful. The large cheeks of her buttocks jiggled like jelly, up and down, left and right. It was arousing and mesmerizing to watch her beautiful bottom.

Nalini and Roshan entered Nalini’s bedroom. Nalini closed the door. She went to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I am tired,” she said and smiled.

Roshan stood in the middle of the room, not knowing what to do or say.

Nalini understood him. She smiled and said, “Come here.”

Roshan went closer to her and stood before her. Nalini put her hands forward, grabbed his shorts and pulled it down. Then, she pulled his underwear down and his hard cock popped out. She saw his long, hard cock jutting from his crotch at forty-five-degree angle. She was happy to see it again. Her hands gently crept up inside of his thigs. Her long, graceful fingers cupped around his testicles. Her fingers glided up and wrapped around the pulsing cock, feeling its thickness in her palm. She liked it and wanted it inside her.

Nalini had seen many penises in her life but this one was different. It was young and strong. She wanted to make love to it and cherish it for a long time. Admiring the young cock, she pushed back its foreskin, exposing the cockhead. The thick, plump-looking, plum-like, pink glans glistened with cock juice. A small drop of clear juice oozed from its tiny mouth. She moved closer, her lips parted, her tongue slid out and licked the drop from the tip of his piss-hole.

Roshan watched in disbelief as his mom’s tongue lazily circled, licking the sensitive crown of his cock. Pleasure moans escaped from his mouth and he shivered. Nalini’s tongue slid back into her mouth and she took the crown of his cock inside her mouth. Her lips closed around his cockhead and she sucked it hard, savouring the juice. Then, she pulled it out and lightly kissed the pink crown. She let go of his cock and moved back on the bed.

Nalini’s mouth longed to feel the thick shaft of Roshan’s cock but her wet vagina longed for his cock more. She lifted her legs and sat up on the bed. She removed her blouse and bra. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat, and lied down on her back. Her legs spread, widely, her knees bent and her feet rested flat on the bed. She looked at Roshan and said, “Come beta.”

Roshan got on top of the bed quickly. He knelt down between his mom’s legs and saw her vagina, clearly this time. It was clean shaved. The outer lips looked soft and the slit was juicy. It looked succulent. Roshan wanted to eat it but he urgently wanted to penetrate it first. He leaned forward and lay on top of his mom, between her legs. He kept his hands on the bed and lifted up his upper body. He tried to aim his cock for her vagina and missed twice. Nalini moved her hands between them and found the hard cock. She grasped the shaft and guided the cockhead to the slit of her vagina. The bulbous mass of his cockhead throbbed and jerked within the slit of her vagina. Roshan twitched his pelvis and slid his cockhead into his mom’s lubricated channel of her pussy. As he pushed his cock into her, his long throbbing prick and balls pulsated with hot blood and boiling semen.

Nalini felt every little bump and irregularity on the surface of Roshan’s penis inside her vagina. And when his cockhead finally bumped on her cervix she moaned, “Aaaaah-that’s it, beta!”

Encouraged by his mom’s pleasurable moaning, he raised himself on his elbows, smiling down with pleasure at his beautiful mom who lay beneath him. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open. Her big jelly-like breasts had moved to her sides. He wanted to suck out every drop of milk from her breasts but unable to control his urgency to fuck her, he moved his hips back, pulling his cock from the clinging channel of her pussy. Then he slammed himself forward, drilling his cock, full length into his mom’s juicy pussy. He pulled out again and plunged once again.

Nalini moaned with delight. The tight muscles of her vagina contracted around his thick cock as his hips jerked back and lunged forward again, burying the hard rod deeper inside her vagina.

Roshan fucked his mom, admiring her pretty face and her milky breasts. He was not bold enough to kiss her sweet lips but he was bold enough to suck her nipples. So, he bent down and sucked her nipples, one after the other. He drank her milk while repeatedly penetrating her vagina with his cock.

Roshan felt too good to maintain control. He stopped sucking his mom’s nipples and began fucking her harder and faster. Every thrust drilled his cock into the warm and wet slot of her tingling pussy.

Nalini could feel every bump and vein on her son’s hard cock as it slid in and out, between her pussy lips. She squeezed her eyes shut as orgasm began swelling inside her. Roshan fucked faster, deeper and stronger and Nalini’s cunt clutched his cock as she exploded into orgasm.

“Oh, mom,” Roshan moaned, feeling his cock gush, sending squirt after squirt of thick, creamy cum juice into his mom’s orgasming pussy.

Nalini could feel the spasms and jerks of his prick inside her as it spewed hot semen and filled her soft, tight pussy hole.

Roshan lay flat on his mom as his cock shot more creamy, thick, hot sperm inside her vagina.

Nalini lay satisfied, feeling his weight on her and gasping for breath.  “Happy beta?” she asked.

“Yes mom. It feels so good inside you,” Roshan said, squirting more semen into her vagina and loving the comfort of her cushion-like body under him.

Nalini laughed, looking forward to having more good times with her handsome son.