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Chapter 1 – Caring stepmom

A Loving Family – Caring stepmom

It was holidays for schools and colleges. Nalini’s children were happy to return home three days early from their grandparents’ house. Nalini didn’t feel the same way. She had wanted to stay with her parents for a week but she had to come home early, worried about her stepson.

Nalini’s stepson, Roshan, had been 10 years old when she had married his father. She had taken care of him like her own son. Roshan had liked her and accepted her as his mother. Since then, ten years had passed and a lot had changed. She had given birth to two children and her husband had passed away one year ago. But she still cared for her stepson as if he was her own son. She had not left him alone at home for more than one day, but for the first time she had planned to leave him alone at home for one week, because he had grown up. Even though she was confident, he was capable of taking care of himself for a week, she had worried about him, and returned home, just three days after visiting her parents.

Nalini unlocked the main door and opened it. Her kids ran inside the house. She entered the house and closed the door. She went to her bedroom. She was shocked to see Roshan sitting on the edge of her bed, completely naked. He was watching something on his mobile and stroking his penis with her Panty wrapped around his penis. He didn’t see her for a moment. Then he sensed someone seeing him and he looked at her. He was shocked to see his stepmom. He stopped masturbating and stood up, looking scared and guilty.

“I-I-I’m so sorry mom.” He stammered.

Nalini looked sternly at him and looked down at his crotch. He was covering his penis with her red lace Panty. She looked up at him and said, “Put on your clothes and go to your room. We’ll talk about it later.”

Nalini walked away to the Livingroom. She sat down on the sofa and looked at her children who were playing on the carpeted floor. She wondered how to deal with what had just happened. A few minutes later she saw Roshan leave her room. She lifted her 3-year-old and carried her child. She told her 5-year-old daughter to come with her to the bedroom.

Roshan went to his room and closed the door. He felt ashamed and guilty. He didn’t know how to face his mom again. He had not jerked off and he was not in the mood to finish it.

Nalini thought about the best way to handle the situation. She changed her children’s clothes and told them to go to the Livingroom. After the children left, she undressed and went to the bathroom for a shower. As she had a shower, she thought about her life after her husband had died. She thought it wasn’t too bad because she had got his property and business. But she missed him even though he had been very controlling. He had taken good care of her and tried to satisfy her sexual needs. She thought Roshan must have a good libido like his father and wondered if Roshan was strongly attracted to her, like his father had been attracted to her.

Nalini felt better after having a good shower. She stood naked before the full-length mirror in the bedroom and dried her hair. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and felt happy to have a good figure even after delivering two children. Her breasts and buttocks had become bigger but her waist was still slim and her belly didn’t look bloated. She liked her pretty, oval shape face which looked almost flawless. She had always looked very good and men had been attracted to her. She wasn’t surprised Roshan was showing signs of sexual attraction towards her, but she was concerned for his mental wellbeing.

Nalini got dressed in a yellow colour Saree which had black and Zari border. The color looked good on her fair skin and the fabric hugged on to her voluptuous body, revealing the sensuous curves of her hips and the plump cheeks of her buttocks.

Feeling fresh and looking good, Nalini went to the living room. The kids were watching a cartoon show on TV. She asked them if they wanted to eat something. Deepa, her 5-year-old daughter wanted potato chips and Abhinav, her 3-year-old wanted milk. She went to the kitchen and took a packet of potato chips and a small juice box for Deepa. She went back to the living room and gave the food to her daughter.

Nalini sat down on the sofa next to her baby son. She unhooked her blouse and unstrapped her nursing bra. She pulled him gently to her breast and pointed her nipple at his mouth. He opened his mouth, took her nipple in his mouth, sucked her nipple and drank her milk.

While Nalini breastfed her child, she turned and looked at Roshan’s bedroom door. It was closed. She was worried about him. She wondered if he was feeling embarrassed and ashamed to face her. She thought it was important to talk to him soon.

After Abhinav stopped sucking her nipple, she adjusted her bra, put the hooks of her blouse and adjusted her Saree. She went to Roshan’s bedroom and knocked on the door. Roshan opened the door and looked at her uncomfortably.

“Can we talk, beta?” Nalini asked.

Roshan nodded and gave way for her to enter the room.

Nalini entered the room. She went to his study table and sat down on the chair. Roshan stood before her with his head down, avoiding eye contact.

“Did you have lunch?” She asked.

“Yes. I ordered a home delivery,” he said, still looking down.

“Are you feeling ashamed, Roshan?” Nalini asked.

“Yes mom. I am sorry.” He sounded sad.

“It’s okay. It’s not your mistake. It’s your age.” She smiled.

Roshan felt better hearing his mom’s understanding words. He looked at her feeling less ashamed.

“I have a few questions for you. Can you answer me honestly?” Nalini asked and smiled at him.

Roshan hesitated and said, “Yes, mom.”

“What were you doing with my Panty? She asked.

“Sorry mom. I was…” Roshan hesitated,

“Why my Panty, Roshan?” Nalini asked and smiled.

Roshan was silent.

“Roshan, you don’t have to be afraid or ashamed. You know you can talk openly with me about anything.” Nalini reminded him.

Roshan was silent for a moment. He looked at her smiling face and realized that she was right. He had talked about everything openly with her in the past and she had a broad mind. Hesitating, he said, “I like you mom.”

“I know you like me. Why were you using my Panty?” Nalini asked and laughed.

Roshan felt more at ease when he heard the beautiful sound of his mom’s laughter. He reluctantly said, “I like you mom. You are so beautiful.”

Nalini laughed. She asked, “That’s why you were using my Panty? Because I am beautiful?”

Roshan slowly nodded. “Yes mom. I feel like masturbating every time I see you because you are very beautiful.”

Nalini nodded, smiling. “What were you watching on your mobile?” she asked.

“Just videos of you, mom,” Roshan said, hoping she doesn’t get upset.

“Can you show me the videos?” Nalini asked.

Roshan took his mobile from the bedside table. He played a video and gave it to Nalini.

Nalini took the mobile from him and watched a video of her dancing at a party.

Nalini looked up at Roshan and said, “You were watching me dancing, in this video and masturbating with my panty on your penis.”

Roshan looked down feeling a little ashamed again.

Nalini smiled feeling certain that Roshan was sexually attracted to her like most men. She had taken care of him like her own son. He had grown up and he was attracted to her. She knew it wasn’t his fault. She stood up and went closer to him. She stood before him and put her arms around him. She gave him a comforting hug.

Roshan was confused. His mom’s soft breast pressed on his chest and his penis twitched. He was aroused and confused. He didn’t know what to do.

Nalini whispered into his ear holding him close, “If you feel like masturbating when you see me, just let me know.”

“Ok mom,” Roshan said, wondering what she would do if he told her he wanted to masturbate. Slowly he lifted his arms and put them around his mom’s body.

“Do you feel better now?” Nalini asked, holding him firmly in her arms.

“Yes, mom,” Roshan said, smelling the pleasant feminine smell of his mother’s body and feeling his mom’s soft cushion like breasts on his chest. Her voluptuous body pressed on him and he pressed his cock on her lower belly, hoping she won’t mind.

Nalini moved her head back and admired his handsome face. He was two inches taller than her and had an average build for his age. She felt like a teenage girl in his arms. Roshan admired his mom’s pretty face. He wanted to kiss his mom’s sensuous lips but he was still afraid to make the first move. Understanding his fear, Nalini moved her face closer and lightly kissed his lips. Slowly he began kissing his mom’s lips. He liked the softness of her lips and her fresh, warm breath. His tongue parted her lips and explored the inner softness of her mouth. His rigid cock pressed into the softness of her body and his hands began to caress her back, feeling the smooth skin of her lower back, below her blouse. His hands moved to the sides of her waist. His right hand grabbed the side of her exposed waist and his left hand slid behind her Saree and grasped the right side of her bare waist.

Holding Nalini’s slender waist, Roshan kissed his mom passionately, with all the sexual longing that had been building up inside him. He moved his hands up to her breasts and felt the large mounds of spongy flesh in his hands through her blouse and bra. He could feel the firmness of her nipples in his hands.

Roshan stopped kissing and said, “Mom, I love you.”

Nalini laughed softly and said, “Remove your clothes and lie down on the bed.”

“Mom?” Roshan asked, not sure if he had heard what he had just heard.

Nalini freed him from her arms. She took a step back and said, “I don’t want you to watch my videos and masturbate. I don’t want you to suffer because you are attracted to me. Remove your clothes and lie down on the bed, Roshan.”

Roshan was confused but he didn’t care because what his mom was asking him to do sounded good. He started removing his clothes. Nalini saw Roshan’s erect penis and her heart started racing.

Roshan got on top of the bed and lay down on the bed. Nalini lifted her Saree and stripped down her beige colour, lace Panty. She smiled at Roshan and gave the Panty to him. Roshan smiled and took it from her. He rubbed the Panty on his face, smelling and kissing it.

Nalini smiled looking at her son kissing and rubbing her Panty on his face. She held her petticoat and Saree above her hips and got on top of the bed. She knelt over him on the bed, straddling him. She lowered her bottom and felt the hard cockhead on her outer labia. She adjusted her hip little and felt the cockhead at the opening of her vagina. She lowered slowly feeling his cockhead parting her pussy lips and penetrating her vagina. She looked down at his face and smiled. He looked tense in anticipation. She lowered herself more, letting another inch of his cock slip inside her wet pussy channel. She could feel his thick cock stretch her elastic-like pussy hole. She lowered till every inch of his cock was inside her and sighed with satisfaction as the bulbous cockhead pressed on her cervix. She sat up straight, feeling her pussy lips and clit pressing on the base of his cock. Her big, soft bottom rested on his thighs comfortably. His cock pulsated inside her vagina. She closed her eyes and focused on the feeling in her vagina. She remembered how her late husband’s penis had felt inside her vagina and compared it to her stepson’s penis inside her vagina. Her son’s penis felt bigger and thicker. She felt happy about it and opened her eyes. She looked at her son’s handsome face and smiled. She twisted her bottom, making a screwing motion. She whimpered softly loving the way his cock fitted perfectly inside her vagina. Slowly she removed her blouse and bra, revealing her breasts to her stepson for the first time. Her breasts were round and big, full from top-down and right-left sides. The areolae were medium-brown colour but looked darker in contrast to her fair skin. Her nipples were swollen, and had brown and pink colour shades. Her nipples glistened with milk.

Roshan looked hungrily at his beautiful mom’s delicious looking breasts. He had seen his baby brother and little sister suck her nipples and envied them.

Nalini saw the look on his face and smiled at him. She leaned forward and asked, “Do you want milk, Roshan?”

“Yes, mom,” Roshan said.

Nalini smiled and said, “I have a lot of milk for all of you.” She cupped the underside of her left breast and lifted it. She leaned forward, pointing the swollen nipple of her breast at Roshan’s mouth. Roshan opened his mouth and took the succulent nipple and some breast-flesh inside his mouth. He closed his mouth around the soft flesh and sucked hard. Milk filled his mouth and he swallowed.

Nalini liked breastfeeding her stepson for the first time. She watched him affectionately as he sucked her nipple. She sat still, with his twitching cock plugged firmly inside her vagina. She let him drink milk from both her breasts for a few minutes before gently pulling her nipple out of his mouth. She moved back just little and began moving forward and back, rubbing her clit on his pelvis.

Roshan lifted his head and sucked one of her nipples while his stepmom rode on him, sucking his cock deep inside her vagina. He put his hands under her Saree and Petticoat, and grasped both sides of her fleshy hips. Slowly, his hands moved behind her and grabbed her big, ass-cheeks. He massaged the soft ass flesh while sucking her nipples and drinking her milk.

Nalini liked her son’s groping hands on her bottom as she moved her hips forward and backward. Her clit tingled and the feeling spread throughout her body as she rubbed her clit vigorously on his pelvis. Her vagina gripped tightly around his cock, sucking it back inside her, every time it slipped outward. Moving her hips forward and backward, she fucked him harder and harder.

Roshan’s hands parted his mom’s plump ass cheeks and rubbed his fingers on her ass crack. He felt the tiny ring of her anus and rubbed his finger on it. Nalini liked the interest her son was showing in her anus. “Ohhhh, Roshan!” she whispered, squeezing his cock inside her vagina and moving back and forth on him. Her hips moved faster. His balls felt heavy and his cock jerked inside her vagina.

Roshan lurched his cock deep inside her pussy, and his cock gushed thick semen. Orgasmic pleasure exploded in Nalini’s body, and as she began to feel the release, she laughed softly and leaned forward on him, resting her head on his head, gasping and breathing heavily. He spasmed and shot more semen inside her pussy.

Nalini pecked a kiss on Roshan’s lips. Then she said again, “If you feel like masturbating, just let me know.”

“Okay mom,” Roshan said and smiled happily.