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Chapter 1 – Caring stepmom

A Loving Family – Caring stepmom It was holidays for schools and colleges. Nalini’s children were happy to return home three days early from their grandparents’ house. Nalini didn’t feel the same way. She had wanted to stay with her parents for a week but she had to come home early, worried about her stepson. … Read more

A special New Year’s Eve with Bhabhi

Our family consists of my parents, my sister, my brother, and me. My sister is eldest among the siblings. She is married and has two children. My brother is second. He is married and has one daughter. I am third. I am not married but I have a girlfriend. My parents are retired. My sister … Read more

Bhabhi showed Me Heaven

It happened twelve years ago when I was living in Baroda, Gujarat. The following series of life-changing events began after I passed 12th grade and secured admission in an engineering college in Surat. I moved into a hostel there. But my parents weren’t comfortable with this arrangement. My father visited the hostel a few times … Read more