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Chapter 3 – Sunday morning service

A-Block, Flat 5

The Sunday morning, English mass ended at 8:50am. Maria walked out of the church with her son, David, and her daughter-in-law, Jessy. Maria was bored. She didn’t understand English well. She preferred Malayalam mass. She had come to the English mass because Jessy and David preferred English mass.

They met friends and relatives outside the church building and chatted with them. After half an hour, they went to the family car.

David drove the car home. They reached the apartment after a twenty-minute drive.

At 10:15, David opened the main door of the flat and let the ladies enter their home. Maria entered first. Jessy followed Maria, and David followed Jessy, admiring her beauty. Her wavy black hair was waist length. Her waist was slender, her hips were wide, her buttocks and legs looked beautiful, covered in a light pink floral Saree that was draped perfectly around her.

David’s penis was hard. He saw his mother walking away to her room. He followed Jessy quietly.

Jessy entered her room and turned around to close the door. She saw David. Startled, she asked, “What are you doing here?!”

“Shh…” David said. He turned around and quickly closed the door.

David turned and smiled at Jessie. He admired her pretty face for a moment.

“David, go out now!” Jessie said.

“Why are you worried? Josheph is not at home anyway,” David said.

“He is coming after 6 days. We have a lot of time. Don’t be in a hurry David,” Jessie said.

David smiled. He opened his arms and took a step closer to Jessie. Jessie took a step back. He quickly moved forward and took her in his arms.

“David…your mother will call me,” Jessy said.

“Just tell her, you went to the bathroom,” David said.

“Oh David…We’ve got plenty of time. Why are you in a hurry?” Jessy asked.

“Please Jessie…” David pleaded.

Jessy frowned but she understood his desperation and said, “Okay. But you have to be quick.”

“Okay,” David said and smiled.

David had got along very well with Jessy since she had married his elder brother, Joseph. She was a couple of years younger than Joseph but she was just two months older than him.

David kissed Jessy’s lips. His tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth, swirling and twirling around her tongue. He pulled her close and felt her cushiony soft breasts on his chest. He pressed his hard cock on her lower belly. His hands moved down to her buttocks and caressed, feeling the large, soft mounds and the crack of her buttocks, through her Saree, Petticoat and panties. He squeezed her buttocks as he kissed her passionately.

After a few minutes, David stopped kissing and said, “Let’s do it.”

“Okay, be quick. I don’t want your mother to get suspicious,” Jessie said, concerned.

“I’ll be quick. Lift your Saree and kneel down on the side of the bed,” David said.

Jessy lifted her Saree and Petticoat. She removed her panties and got on top of the bed. She knelt down on the side of the bed and leaned forward, exposing her bottom. She had done it many times for David. It was a convenient position for him to quickly have sex and leave the room.

David saw Jessy’s big, plump buttocks waiting for him. Her buttocks looked beautiful surrounded by her floral Saree. The pink colour of the Saree blended well with her fair skin complexion.

David stood on the floor, behind her. He unbuttoned his jeans, and pushed his jeans and underwear below his knees. He bent down and kissed both her ass cheeks. He spread her ass cheeks apart and looked at her puckered little anus. He kissed it thankfully, for taking his cock inside many times and satisfying his sexual needs. He kissed her vaginal lips with the same thankfulness and tasted her pussy juice.

“Do you want my cock, Jessy?” David asked and licked the juice that glistened on her pussy lips.

Jessie laughed. “Hurry up, David. Your mother will come looking for me!” she said, eager to feel his hard cock inside her cunt.

David chuckled. He stood straight and pointed his cock at her cunt. He moved closer and the tip of his cock pressed on the slit of her vagina and opened it. Jessy closed her eyes as her heart raced with excitement. She buried her face in the pillow with anticipation.

David pushed slowly, gliding his cock smoothly, inside her wet, stretching vagina. He completely penetrated the depth of her cunt and sighed with relief. He felt her soaked vaginal walls grasp around his cock eagerly and asked, “Feeling good, Jessy?”

“Hmmmm……” Jessy responded.

Happy with Jessy’s response, David grasped her slender waist and began the reciprocating movement with his cock, inside her lubricated pleasure hole. He did it slowly at first and gradually increased the speed. He lunged forward again and again, ramming his crotch on her big, soft ass and thrusting his cock deep inside her pussy. Every time he banged on her buttocks, there as cushioned slapping sound and her body shook uncontrollably. Jessy buried her face in the soft pillow, loving the Sunday morning service, she was getting from her brother-in-law. Her pussy made wet sucking sounds as she held on to his hard cock with her vagina.

David pounded into Jessy’s hungry pussy. His balls churned and his body was hot with lust. He liked to fuck his sister-in-law hard, fast and deep. His balls slapped against her buttocks every time he lunged forward. He fucked her fiercely with the need to ejaculate. Her wet cunt grasped around his pistoning cock wanting more and more of the soaring sexual pleasure. He pulled his cock outward, almost completely before slamming deep into her tingling pussy. Jessy’s legs felt shaky and tidal waves of sexual pleasure splashed throughout her body. Then suddenly, pleasure exploded in her head. And, her stomach began to drop.

Jessy smiled with satisfaction as David shot semen inside her cunt. His mouth hung loosely and his eyes closed shut as he filled her cunt with his sperm. Jessy didn’t mind because Joseph wanted a child. She didn’t mind getting conceived by Joseph or David. Both the brothers looked alike and she loved them both.

David grasped the sides of Jessy’s slender waist and pressed his crotch on her soft ass cheeks as he unloaded more semen inside her cunt. After every drop dripped into Jessy hot cunt, his cock deflated and popped out.

David pulled up his pant and underwear. “That was great!” he said.

Jessy got down from the bed. She cleaned her vagina with a tissue.

“Ready?” she asked David.

David hid behind the door. Jessie opened the door. Maria was not there in the living room. “Ok go now!” she said.

David went out of the room quickly.

Jessy went to the bathroom and had a quick shower.

After the shower she got dressed in a clean Saree. She went to the kitchen to cook food for everybody. Lily joined her in the kitchen after ten minutes.