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A special New Year’s Eve party with Bhabhi

After experiencing one of the best moments of my life with Bhabhi, I was in a good mood to celebrate. I parked the car and looked at Bhabhi. She smiled. I smiled and said, “C’mon Bhabhi, let’s go party.” She laughed. I moved closer to her and pecked a light kiss on her lips. She … Read more

A special New Year’s Eve with Bhabhi

Our family consists of my parents, my sister, my brother, and me. My sister is eldest among the siblings. She is married and has two children. My brother is second. He is married and has one daughter. I am third. I am not married but I have a girlfriend. My parents are retired. My sister … Read more

Chapter 2 – Treated like a wife

Chapter 2 G-Block, Flat 12 Siddharth watched Seema from the living room. She was on the balcony taking dried clothes from the cloth-liner. She was dressed in a light-coloured Salwar Kameez as usual. He wanted to strip her and hug her ripe body. He wanted to massage her body and feel her jelly-like breasts, sensuously … Read more

Chapter 3 – Sunday morning service

A-Block, Flat 5 The Sunday morning, English mass ended at 8:50am. Maria walked out of the church with her son, David, and her daughter-in-law, Jessy. Maria was bored. She didn’t understand English well. She preferred Malayalam mass. She had come to the English mass because Jessy and David preferred English mass. They met friends and … Read more

Had fun with my newly married Bhabhi

Hello folks! This is a story about my unexpected sexual experience with Neha Bhabhi, two years ago. I was 25 years old, single and a virgin. I had average Indian height and weight. I used to work out regularly and maintain a good physique. Bhabhi’s name is Neha. She was 27 at the time. She … Read more

Playing with Bhabhi

This incident happened one year ago. I was in my final year of college. During my semester holidays, I visited my family who lived in my native place. During this time, I often visited my Bhabhi because she is very hot and her house was near my house. Bhabhi wears only Saree. Saree looks good … Read more