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Had fun with my newly married Bhabhi

Hello folks! This is a story about my unexpected sexual experience with Neha Bhabhi, two years ago. I was 25 years old, single and a virgin. I had average Indian height and weight. I used to work out regularly and maintain a good physique. Bhabhi’s name is Neha. She was 27 at the time. She … Read more

Two sisters and a tailor

My Didi’s name is Aparna. At that time, she was 22 years old. She was 34, 30, 34 and she is fair. I looked very much like her but I was one inch shorter than her and I was 36, 30, 40. I was in the first year of college and I was preparing for … Read more

Chapter 8 – All’s well that ends well

D-Block, Flat 7 Traffic had reduced and very few people could be seen on the streets. Street lights shined brightly, casting enough light for pedestrians and vehicles. Rakesh drove the car carefully. He had drunk only two mugs of beer but he didn’t want to risk driving fast. He saw the red traffic light and … Read more