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Chapter 8 – All’s well that ends well

D-Block, Flat 7

Traffic had reduced and very few people could be seen on the streets. Street lights shined brightly, casting enough light for pedestrians and vehicles.

Rakesh drove the car carefully. He had drunk only two mugs of beer but he didn’t want to risk driving fast. He saw the red traffic light and stopped the car. He looked at Shreya and asked, “You look lost. Are you okay?”

Shreya looked at him and smiled. “I am fine. I am just thinking about us. It’s like a beautiful dream,” she said.

“Do you miss our family and friends?” Rakesh asked and smiled.

“Sometimes. But our new life is worth the sacrifice,” Shreya said.

“Oh yeah. I don’t know what I would have done without you,” Rakesh said, admiring Shreya’s beautiful face.

Shreya smiled affectionately and asked, “Do you miss Eesha?”

“No way! I am glad I divorced her!” Rakesh said and chuckled.

The traffic light turned green. Rakesh began driving again. A few minutes later, he asked, “Did Gaurav contact you?”

“He still sends emails to my old email address. You know him. He sends dirty messages as usual. I ignore him.” Shreya shook her head frustrated with Gaurav.

“Mom shouldn’t have forced you to marry him,” Rakesh said.

“Yeah, I married him to make mom happy. She passed away and I am divorced,” Shreya said and slightly grimaced.

“At least she died thinking she finished her responsibility,” Rakesh reminded Shreya.

“Yeah, but I can’t believe I was married to such an abusive guy!” Shreya said, angrily.

“Take it easy, Shreya. We just talk about the same old things. Let’s forget the past. We are together now. That’s all matters,” Rakesh said to ease her frustration.

Sheraya nodded. “Hmm…all is well that ends well,” she said and smiled.

“That’s right!” Rakesh laughed.

After a few minutes, Rakesh turned the car into the street that led to the apartment complex. The big gate was closed. As they approached the gate, Rakesh waved at the Guard. The Guard waved at him and the gate opened. Rakesh drove through, to the car park.

After Rakesh parked the car, Sheraya quickly stepped out of the car feeling relieved to be back in the apartment complex. She adjusted the pleats and Pallu of her Saree and waited for Rakesh.

Rakesh stepped out of the car and closed the door. He looked at Sheraya and said, “It’s a very beautiful Saree.”

“Only the Saree?” Sheraya asked and smiled.

“You are more beautiful than any woman I have seen,” he said, looking at her with love in his eyes.

Sheraya laughed and looked into his eyes, feeling the love.

Rakesh had told her the truth. Sheraya looked beautiful. She was 5 feet 5 inches tall. She had a good looking, oval shaped face with high cheekbones, round jawline and chin, balanced proportions of forehead and cheeks. She had sparkling, light brown eyes, and a perfect, straight nose that had a small tip. She had a ‘M’ shaped upper lip and full lower lip. Her neck, shoulder and hands were slender. Her wavy, black hair framed her face and flowed down till her waist. She had full breasts, narrow waist, wide hips, pear-shape bottom, thick thighs and long, well-shaped legs. She worked out regularly and maintained her figure. She was energetic and charming.

Shreya was dressed in a bright red georgette Saree that had golden border. The golden hues in her skin shined through with an orange-tinged shade of red. The Saree hugged well around her voluptuous body highlighting the shape of her breasts, hips, buttocks and legs.

Shreya looked at Rakesh and said, “I know what’s on your mind.”

“What?” he asked, lifting his eyebrow.

“Hmm…sleep?” Sheraya asked.

“Absolutely,” Rakesh said and laughed.

Shreya laughed with Rakesh and they walked to the lift, holding hands.

As they waited for the lift, Rakesh put his right arm around Shreya’s waist and pulled her closer to him. Shreya looked at him and smiled. Rakesh kissed her lips.

The lift door opened. They stopped kissing and stepped inside. The door closed and Rakesh moved closer to Shreya to kiss her. Shreya moved back and said, “Security cameras.”

“I don’t care,” Rakesh said and moved closer to her.

Shreya laughed and let him kiss her.

The lift stopped and the door opened. They stepped out of the lift and went to their flat, holding hands.

They entered the flat and closed the door.

Shreya went to the bedroom. Rakesh followed her. She turned ON the light and went to the dressing table.

Rakesh took off his shirt and threw it over a chair. Shreya removed her Saree and kept it on a chair. Rakesh stripped naked and watched Shreya. Shreya removed her petticoat and kept it on her Saree. She sensed Rakesh watching her and looked at him. He was stroking his erect penis with a naughty smile on his face.

Shreya smiled shyly and asked, “Don’t want to sleep?”

“Sure. After making love to you,” Rakesh said, checking out her voluptuous body.

Shreya laughed. She removed her panties and tossed it on the bed. Rakesh stroked his thick, long cock gently and moved closer to her. She had still not removed her blouse, bra, bangles, necklace and Mangalsutra. But he was not in the mood to wait. He put an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. The movement sent chills down her spine. She put her cheek on his chest and felt the heat of his body. She liked to be held by his strong arms, with his well-built body pressing against her.

They stood in that position for a while, rocking a little now and then. Then he tenderly kissed her forehead. Shreya pulled away from his chest and looked at him. She smiled, admiring his handsome face. She put her arms around his neck. He pressed his lips on her lips. Their tongues met and they kissed passionately. His left hand ran backward through her hair while his right hand gripped her chin to deepen the kiss. Her fingers trailed on his back. Then, her hands moved forward and caressed his chest. Slowly, her hands moved down to his stomach and to his crotch. And when her fingers wrapped around the thick shaft of his hard cock, a soft sigh escaped from him. He was more aroused and he began kissing her as if he wanted to devour her. His hands cupped her breasts and squeezed the soft flesh through her blouse and bra. Fire surged through her body. She felt wetness escaping her vagina and dripping on her inner thighs. Holding the hard shaft of his cock in her hand, she longed to feel him inside her.

Rakesh held her in his arms and helped her move backward to the bed. Then, when they reached the bed, he broke the kiss and said, “Sit down.”

Shreya sat down on the edge of the bed and looked up at Rakesh. He stroked his cock and moved closer to her. Her heart raced, feeling excited. She opened her mouth. Rakesh placed the pink cockhead in her mouth and felt her warm breath on the sensitive glans. She closed her lips around the bulbous cockhead and sucked, savouring the taste of the cock-fluid. Then she opened her mouth and moved forward, letting his cock enter deeper inside her mouth. He kept one hand on the back of her head and pushed his cock fully inside her mouth. She controlled her urge to cough and her eyes watered. Her inner-cheeks closed around the thick long shaft and she sucked, moving her head back. She could feel the tingling nerves of his rigid cock in her mouth. She closed her lips on the glans and sucked the fresh, savoury fluid. She opened her mouth again and let his cock glid deep inside her mouth. She sucked it again. She repeated the movement and continued sucking.

Rakesh looked down, admiring Shreya’s pretty face as she sucked his cock passionately. He knew she loved him as much as he loved her. They had grown up together, listened to their parents and got married to the individuals their parents had selected for them. But after divorcing their partners, they had found true love. Rakesh felt very lucky to be married to Shreya.

Shreya looked up at Rakesh, as she sucked his cock.

Rakesh smiled at her affectionately and said, “Love you, Behan.”

Surprised, Shreya pulled his cock out of her mouth and chuckled. “What happened to you? I am your wife now,” she said.

“I know. But you are also my Pyari Behan,” Rakesh said.

“Rakesh, we left our hometown. We changed our identities and got married. Do you still want to call me Behan?” Shreya asked.

“Shreya, you are my wife now. I love you but I don’t want to lose my sister. You are my gorgeous wife and my gorgeous sister. And, I love you,” Rakesh said, stroking his cock.

Shreya looked at Rakesh for a moment. Then she frowned and said, “Love you, Bhai!”

Rakesh laughed and said, “Love you, my Pyari Patni.”

Shreya frowned at him.

Rakesh laughed. He bent down, pecked a kiss on her lips and said, “You are beautiful, even when you frown. Lie down on your back.”

Shreya smiled. She removed her blouse and bra. She threw the garments on the bedside table and moved to the centre of the bed. She lied down on her back, bent her knees and spread her legs wide open. Rakesh got on top of the bed and knelt down between her legs. He admired her clean shaved vagina. It was glistening with her vaginal fluids. He leaned forward and slowly buried his face between her plump inner thighs. He started with soft kisses on her clit, moving onto slow licks and hard sucks. She moaned as his tongue penetrated her vagina. His fingers caressed her clit and his tongue pushed deeper inside her vagina licking the juices from the smooth, pink inner-skin.

Shreya lost all sense of time. She stroked his hair and encouraged him as mind-numbing currents of pleasure swept through her.

A few moments later, Rakesh pulled back. He rubbed his cock on her clit. He lay on top of her and his cock penetrated her vagina.

Shreya’s fingertips, stroked his hair. Rakesh made circular motions on her breast with his palm and brushed his thumb across her nipples.

Slowly, Rakesh’s cock glided in and out of Shreya’s vagina as he looked down at her pretty face. He felt very lucky to have sex with his beautiful younger sister, who had married him and become his loving wife. He fucked her slowly with love. The look on her face told him she wanted more. He gradually increased the speed of his thrusts. Within minutes, his hips made smacking sounds as he thrust deeper and faster inside her vagina. Shreya closed her eyes and pleasure soared throughout her body as the thick cock repeatedly penetrated her vagina while rubbing on her clit. Her vagina pulsed and waves of pleasure surged through Shreya’s body, numbing her senses, curling her toes and making her twist under him.

Rakesh was at the edge of an explosion. He tried to hold it in, so he can penetrate her few more times but suddenly thick semen gushed out of his cock and filled his beautiful wife’s vagina.

Shreya lay under him, still spinning from the waves of pleasure that had flooded her body and mind. She was only four weeks pregnant, but she was already mentally prepared to have one more child with Rakesh.

As sperm oozed out of Rakesh’s cock and into Shreya’s pussy, Rakesh said, “Thank you, Behan.”

Shreya laughed, still recovering from the climax and said, “Thank you, Bhai.”

Rakesh rolled over on his back and said, “All’s Well That Ends Well.”

“That’s right!” Shreya laughed.