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Helping my cousin-sister

My cousin-sister, Shruti, is married and she has three beautiful children. I have had a very good relationship with her since childhood. She is four years older than me. She doesn’t have younger brothers or sisters. Maybe that’s why she likes me very much. When we were children, she liked to pet me and take … Read more

Chapter 8 – All’s well that ends well

D-Block, Flat 7 Traffic had reduced and very few people could be seen on the streets. Street lights shined brightly, casting enough light for pedestrians and vehicles. Rakesh drove the car carefully. He had drunk only two mugs of beer but he didn’t want to risk driving fast. He saw the red traffic light and … Read more

My sister caught me…

It was winter vacation. My parents had to attend a relative’s wedding which had been organized in a different state. They asked my sister to come to our house and stay with me to make sure I didn’t invite friends and party while they were gone. My sister agreed. My sister’s husband had gone abroad … Read more