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Happy birthday to my girlfriend’s mom!

My girlfriend’s name is Divya. I knew her from the time we were in high school. She lived with her mother and she didn’t have brothers or sisters. Her father had passed away when she was just three years old. I sympathised with Divya and her mother. Divya has a pretty face, wavy black hair … Read more

It’s not you, it’s me

I had worked in Bengaluru five years ago and fallen in love with the city. I was 28 years old at that time. I had a well-paid job, I had fun loving friends and a few steady girlfriends. My favourite girlfriends were Rupa and Malini. Malini was a good-looking girl. Hmmm…she was okay at that … Read more

Photoshoot went wrong

I have known Rachana for four years. She is a model and I am a professional photographer. I have done many photoshoots with her. She had the perfect body for a model. But she got married one year ago and put on little weight. She didn’t look slim anymore. I had to choose other models … Read more

My beautiful caring Maa

My name is Sagar. I am 5’10”, medium skin colour and well built. My parents separated when I was a kid. I live with my mother (Maa). My Maa had inherited properties from her rich parents, so we didn’t have any financial problems. My Maa’s name is Shobha. She is in her mid 40s, height … Read more

Helping my cousin-sister

My cousin-sister, Shruti, is married and she has three beautiful children. I have had a very good relationship with her since childhood. She is four years older than me. She doesn’t have younger brothers or sisters. Maybe that’s why she likes me very much. When we were children, she liked to pet me and take … Read more