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Happy birthday to my girlfriend’s mom!

My girlfriend’s name is Divya. I knew her from the time we were in high school. She lived with her mother and she didn’t have brothers or sisters. Her father had passed away when she was just three years old. I sympathised with Divya and her mother.

Divya has a pretty face, wavy black hair and light skin colour. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and she has a good body structure. We had a good relationship for a long time but because time changes everything, we separated temporarily. She got a scholarship to study abroad and I had just started B.Tech in a reputed college. So, we decided to get married after completing our education and getting good jobs. Both of us agreed that a long-distance relationship may not work, so we strengthened our relationship by spending more time together. We ended up having sex 1 to 3 times a day. We loved it and we felt inseparable. Everything was going well until one unfortunate incident.

It happened two weeks before Divya had to go abroad. I went to her house one morning. Her mother had gone to work. We had the house for ourselves. We had shower together and at about 10:30 AM we went out for shopping. We had lunch in a good restaurant and returned home at about 2:30 PM. I had to leave at 4 PM. So, we rested for a short time before having a brief foreplay in the living room. Then we went to the bedroom. She removed her salwar and panties. She lifted her Kameez and knelt down on the edge of the bed. I removed my pant and underwear. I quickly rolled a condom on my penis and positioned myself behind her. I held both sides of her slim waist and repeatedly penetrated her vagina, slamming my crotch on her bottom. We were moaning and enjoying sex when she said something and tried to move forward. I pulled her back and thrust my penis inside her. I ejaculated and she said, “Mom!”

This time I heard her. “Where?” I asked.

“She was standing near the door,” she said.

I looked at the door. The door was open but there was no one there.

I quickly finished ejaculating and pulled my penis out. I quickly went to the attached bathroom and flushed the condom. We put on our clothes and went to the living room. We saw her mom sitting on the sofa. She looked angry. She told us, she was very upset with us for having sex before marriage. We apologised and assured her that we will get married after we complete our education. She made us promise. So, we promised her. But she still seemed upset with us for a few more days.

Divya had been worried about leaving her mother alone but after that incident she worried about her mother more. She thought her mother would be worried because she had caught us having sex. She requested me to visit her mother frequently after she went abroad, and help her mother if she needed help. I promised her I will visit her mother frequently and help her.

Time passed quickly and the day for Divya’s departure to abroad had come. We went together to the airport. Divya and her mother were very sad because it was the first time they were separating to live far away from each other.

At the airport, we hugged and our eyes were filled with tears. And when Divya walked away, her mom and I waved goodbye. Divya frequently turned around and waved her hand. Her mom couldn’t stop crying. I tried to comfort her. She was not tech-savvy, so I told her not to worry because we can stay in touch with Divya everyday by video calling her. It didn’t help much. She continued crying quietly. After Divya was out of sight, her mom leaned on my left arm as if she didn’t have the strength to stand anymore. I quickly grabbed her arms and asked, “Are you okay, auntie?”

She wiped the tears on her face with the end of her saree’s pallu. I felt bad for her. Almost, instinctively I took her in my arms and gave her a comforting hug. When I felt her breasts on my chest, I wasn’t sure if I had done the right thing. I felt embarrassed. It was the first time I had hugged her. I felt uncomfortable in my crotch. Her breasts felt soft like cushion on my chest. She smelled good and she felt so good in my arms. Reflexively, I caressed her long hair from top to bottom and touched the part of her lower back which was not covered by her saree. I gently pulled her closer to me and our lower bodies touched. The hardness in my crotch pressed on her crotch. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes. She looked little afraid. I felt guilty but I pretended like nothing had happened and asked, “Are you okay, auntie?”

The fear on her face slowly disappeared and she said, “Let’s go.”

I freed her from my arms and looked around feeling embarrassed. It had happened fast. I was glad nobody was looking at us. We began walking towards the carpark. I could feel the hardness in my crotch. I couldn’t believe Divya’s mom could have such an effect on me. I had always respected her like my own mom. But at that moment when I walked with her, I realised Divya’s mom was a beautiful woman who could turn me on.

As I drove the car from the airport, I pretended like nothing had happened to me and we had normal conversation.

I dropped auntie before her house. We said our goodbyes. Auntie got out of the car. I lowered the car window and watched her. I admired her, remembering her soft breasts pressing on my chest. Her hip swayed gracefully. Her buttocks looked beautiful, covered by her orange silk saree. And, the plump cheeks of her buttocks bounced one after the other. I had always hoped Divya would become voluptuous like her mom in the future. Admiring auntie’s back, I whispered her name, “Prema…”

As if she had heard me, she turned and looked at me. She smiled and waved her hand. I waved my hand. She turned away, opened the gate and entered the house. I closed the car window quickly and started driving.

As I drove home, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I reached home and rang the doorbell. My mom opened the door and smiled.

She looks so beautiful,’ I thought and said, “Hello mom.”

“Did you drop Divya to the airport, beta?” Mom asked.

“Yes mom. It was very emotional moment. Divya and Auntie were crying,” I said and closed the door.

“Poor woman. She’s going to miss her daughter,” Mom said.

I turned around and looked. Mom was walking away to the sofa. Her back reminded me of auntie. Her wide hips swayed gracefully. She was dressed in a light blue Saree and her plump bottom bounced one after the other, reminding me of auntie. “Mom…” I whispered.

“Did you call me, beta?” Mom asked and turned around to look at me.

I looked at mom’s face and thought, ‘Wow! she is so pretty!‘ Mom was looking at me, so I said, “I wanted to tell you something. I forgot.”

Mom laughed and said, “Okay. Change your clothes and come. Food is ready.”

“Okay, mom,” I said and walked away thinking, ‘What the hell is wrong with me. Why am I lusting at my own mom?!

The effect of hugging Divya’s beautiful mom had done something to me. I quickly went to my room. I removed my clothes and opened a picture of auntie on my mobile. Admiring her, I stroked my penis gently. I thought it would be nice to hear her sweet voice and jerk off. So, I went to the attached bathroom and called her.

Auntie answered the call. “Hello,” she said.

“Hello Auntie. I just called to make sure you are okay,” I said.

“I miss Divya. The house is so empty,” she said.

“Sorry about that auntie. I hope you get used to it soon,” I said. I put the mobile on speaker, opened her picture and kept the mobile by the side of the vanity top.

“It will take long time to get used to the loneliness. I don’t have many friends,” auntie said.

I stroked my penis and said, “I am your friend. I’ll come tomorrow, auntie. You won’t feel lonely with me around you.”

Auntie laughed. And as the lovely sound of her laughter aroused me, I stroked my cock faster, looking at her picture on my mobile screen.

“You are welcome anytime,” Auntie said.

“I want to cum now, Auntie,” I said and stroked my cock harder and faster.

Auntie laughed.

Hearing the sweet sound of her laughter, I shot cum in the sink.

“It’s okay. It’s late now. Come tomorrow at 5. I want to go shopping,” she said.

“Okay auntie,” I said, shooting more cum for her in the sink.

“Good night,” she said.

I said goodnight and hung up.

The next day, Divya called me and told me she had reached her destination safely. I went to auntie’s house that evening. She told me Divya had called her too. I helped Auntie make a video call to Divya and we chatted with her. From that day, I visited auntie almost every evening. We made video calls to Divya together. Divya was happy to talk to us when we were together. I helped auntie with shopping etc. But I didn’t want to spoil my relationship with Divya, so I didn’t try to touch auntie. It was not easy because the more time I spent with her, the more I admired her. I had not thought much about auntie because I had only considered her as my future mother-in-law.

After I spent more time with auntie, we became good friends. I realised auntie was an intelligent, independent, kindhearted and a very beautiful woman. She works in a college as a Physics professor, she had taken care of Divya without anybody’s help and she helped others. She had a pleasant and pretty face. She had waist length straight black hair. She was 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her face, neck, shoulders, hands and waist looked slim even though her breasts, hips and bottom looked noticeably big. She was usually dressed in a cotton Saree at home and looked like a beautiful housewife, in spite of being a widow. She looked like my mom and she had similar personality like my mom. It made me feel very guilt for being attracted to someone who was very similar to my mom. I had to control myself too much. I only took pictures of Auntie secretly and jerked off at home, seeing her new pictures.

My long-distance relationship with Divya was going well. And, I had managed to control the sexual attraction I felt for auntie by jerking off almost every day for her. But three months after Divya went abroad unexpected things happened which changed our lives forever.

Divya and I planned to surprise her mom on her 44th birthday with a surprise birthday celebration. The plan was, Divya would video call her mom on her birthday and keep her busy, while I bring the cake, and surprise her. Sounded like a good plan but on the birthday, it didn’t go exactly as planned.

It was raining all day on auntie’s birthday. I went to her house in the evening and wished her happy birthday. She had returned from work just before half an hour. She wanted to take bath and change her clothes before Divya called. After she went to have bath, I managed to secretly bring the cake inside the house from my car. I hid the cake in Divya’s room and waited for auntie in the living room.

Auntie came after fifteen minutes. She looked fresh and beautiful, dressed in a purple Bandhini saree. She sat on the three-seater sofa, opposite to the single seat sofa I was sitting on. We chatted and watched TV as we waited for Divya to call.

Divya called auntie’s mobile at 7pm. I took the remote and muted the TV. Auntie answered but the video was lagging too much because of bad weather. Divya had to hang up and call without video. She told Auntie to put the phone on speaker so she can talk with both of us. Auntie put the phone on speaker and started talking with Divya. I quickly went to Divya’s room and brought the cake to the living room. Auntie stood up and laughed with surprise. I kept the cake on the tea-table and stood next to Auntie. I lit the candle and said, “Cake is ready. I lit the candle. Let’s sing.”

“Great!” Divya said, and started singing the happy birthday song.

I joined Divya and we sang together. I blasted a few party poppers on auntie and she laughed happily. She looked beautiful standing next me, dressed in the purple saree as the shiny bits of colour papers fell on her.

After we stopped singing, auntie sat down on the sofa. She blowed the candles out and cut the cake. I sat down next to auntie and talked with Divya through auntie’s phone. Auntie gave me a piece of cake.

While we ate the cake, the room was quiet for a moment, so Divya asked, “Can you hear me?”

“We can hear you. We were tasting the cake,” I said, and thought of adding little fun to the moment.

I took little cream from the cake and smeared on Auntie’s cheeks.

“Oh my god!” Auntie said and laughed.

I laughed with auntie.

“What happened?!” Divya asked through the phone.

“I put cream on auntie’s face!” I said and laughed.

Divya laughed and said cheerfully, “Great idea! Do it one more time for me!”

Auntie was sitting on the left side of the sofa and I was sitting on the right side of the sofa. I took some cream from the cake. Auntie moved back to end of the sofa and covered her face with her hands. I leaned to my left, towards auntie. She moved back. I got up little bit and tried to touch her face. I slipped and fell on her. She was pushed down on the sofa. I was lying on top of her right hip and our faces were very close. Auntie looked shocked. I wanted to get up immediately but her face looked too beautiful and her feminine lips looked soft, smooth and kissable. So, I kissed her lips without thinking of the consequence. The taste of sweet cake from her lips matched the sweetness of her face. I kissed passionately and she didn’t resist.

“What happened?!” Divya’s voice came through the phone.

Hearing Divya’s voice, I stopped kissing. I felt scared, guilty and embarrassed. I got up from auntie quickly and said, “Sorry auntie.”

Divya heard me apologise and asked again, “What happened?!”

I looked at auntie fearing that she might tell Divya I had kissed her. “Hmmm…” I said, speechlessly with fear and guilt.

Auntie got up and sat straight. She said, “He put more cream on my face. I took bath just before you called!”

“Sorry auntie,” I apologised again.

“No need to apologise. It’s just for fun,” Divya said and asked auntie, “Did you have fun. mom?”

“I had too much fun,” Auntie said and looked at me.

Divya laughed and said, “Okay mom. Have a great birthday!”

Divya said bye to us and hung up.

I stood up and said, “Sorry auntie. I’ll go home. I’ll call you later.”

Auntie stood up and looked at me with a disappointed look on her face.

I felt guilt and apologised again. “Sorry auntie. I wasn’t thinking properly.”

Auntie smiled and came closer to me. She stood before me and asked, “Why did you kiss me?”

I was quiet for a moment and said, “Please don’t tell Divya.”

“Do you miss Divya because you had sex with her?” she asked.

“Maybe, but I also miss her friendship,” I said.

“I am your friend. You are not happy with my friendship?” she asked.

“I am very happy with your friendship auntie. But Divya was very close to me,” I said.

“I feel sorry for you,” Auntie said. She opened her arms and took me in her arms. She gave me a comforting hug. I kept my hands down and stood like a dummy, resisting my urge to hug her. Her soft breasts pressed on my chest. She smelled of flowers, probably because of shampoo, soap or perfume.

She looked into my eyes and asked, “You are close to me now. Are you going to miss me later?”

“I miss you every day.” I confessed to her.

“Really? Why?” she asked, looking surprised.

I didn’t know the answer. I just said, “I don’t know auntie. I just miss you very much when I am not with you.”

She moved her head closer and pecked a kiss on my lips. Then, she looked into my eyes and said, “Please don’t tell Divya.”

She had imitated me. I looked into her eyes wondering what she was trying to do. She smiled at me, and at that moment I understood her. I smiled slowly realising she was not joking. I lifted my hands and hugged her.

“That’s better,” Auntie said.

I kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes. I kissed her eyelids, her nose and then her lips. She kissed me back. We kissed slowly first before we kissed passionately. I moved my hands to her waist and squeezed the soft flesh on the sides of her waist. Slowly, I moved my hands up and gently squeezed her breasts. Auntie broke the kiss. She looked into my eyes and asked, “happy?”

“I am little happy, auntie. But that doesn’t matter. It is your birthday. Are you happy?” I asked.

“I am also little happy,” she said and smiled.

“Only little happy, auntie?” I asked and hugged her tight.

She smiled and nodded.

“Can I do anything to make your birthday a happy birthday?” I asked.

“You can do lot of things. First, stop calling me auntie and call me Prema,” she said and smiled.

I smiled and said, “Prema… a beautiful name for a beautiful lady.”

“Thanks,” she said, shyly.

“What do you want me to do next, Prema?” I asked.

She smiled. She moved her left hand down and touched the bulge on my crotch, through my jeans. “You know what to do. I saw you making Divya happy with that,” she said.

I laughed and asked, “Are you sure?”

“I don’t know. But I am sure I will be very happy,” Prema said.

At that moment I couldn’t wait anymore. I looked into her eyes and she looked at me with hungry eyes. I kissed her and she kissed me. We kissed passionately as I moved my hands all over her body, feeling her curves, soft flesh and smooth skin.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I broke the kiss and tried to lift her Saree. She stopped me and said, “I am little tired. I want to sit down. Remove your clothes and come to the sofa.”

Excited, I quickly stepped back and started removing my clothes. I saw Auntie go to the sofa and sit down. I wondered what she wanted to do because she was still dressed.

I removed all my clothes and went to her. Her eyes were locked on my penis. I stood before her.

“Come closer,” she said and smiled.

I went closer to her. She caught my penis with her right hand. She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled at her wondering if I was dreaming.

Her long fingers and soft palm wrapped around my cock shaft, felt comforting. The green gem studded, golden ring, on her ring finger looked beautiful on her fair skin. She gently stroked my cock few times looking at it hungrily. She moved her head closer to my cock, opened her mouth and took my entire cock deep inside her mouth. Her mouth closed around the shaft of my penis and she sucked.

I looked at Divya’s mom’s pretty face with disbelief and admiration. My cock moved in and out of her mouth as she sucked my cock with the same passion that Divya had when she sucked my cock. ‘Like mother, like daughter,’ I thought, feeling very, very lucky.

She sucked my cock few more times and pulled it out of her mouth. Then she surprised me, by scooping some cream with her fingers from the cake that was on the tea table. She spread the cream on my cock, from the glans to my testicles. Then she moved closer, opened her mouth, took my cock inside her mouth and sucked. She moved her head front and back, sucking my cock, taking it deeper and chocking herself with each stroke. She gently massaged my balls with her fingers and sucked my cock.

I was in heaven. I kept my hands on the sides of her head. Her hair felt smooth like silk. I stopped her head from moving. She looked up at me with my cock fully inside her mouth. I smiled at her and slowly pulled my cock out little bit and pushed it back into her mouth. I held her head still in my hands and pushed-and-pulled my cock inside her mouth. In and out, my cock slid in her wet, warm mouth as her tongue licked the underside of my cock. She looked up at me like a hungry little pet and I smiled at her feeding her my cock. I fucked her warm mouth few more times and pulled my cock out of her mouth.

She looked up at me and asked, “Enough?”

I shook my head and said, “I want to taste you.”

She looked at me, puzzled for a moment. Then she smiled as if she understood me and said, “Okay.”

She stood up. She lifted her Saree and petticoat. She pulled her panties down and removed it. She unhooked the hooks of her blouse. She removed her blouse and bra. Her breasts were round—full from top to bottom and from side to side. They were firm with brown areolas and dark brown swollen nipples. I bent down and kissed one of her nipples while squeezing her other breast. Sucking her nipples, I lifted her Saree and petticoat. I rubbed my fingers on her inner thighs, vagina, buttocks and in the cleft between her butt cheeks. I sucked both her breasts one after the other while fondling her body. My fingers became wet with her pussy juice. I wondered if her pussy juice tasted as good as Divya’s pussy juice. I stopped sucking her nipples and got up. I stood straight before her. She looked at me with expectation. I sucked my fingers tasting her pussy juice. I loved the taste and said, “Yum!”

Prema laughed and said, “There’s more where that came from.”

I laughed and asked, “Can I have some more?”

She laughed. She held her petticoat and saree above her hips and sat down on the sofa. She lifted her legs and kept her feet on the sofa. Her feet looked beautiful with silver anklets. She spread her legs revealing her clean shaved pussy. Her labia looked soft and had pink undertone. There was juice in and around her pussy slit.

I knelt down before her, on the carpet. I moved my head closer and pecked kisses on her soft, fair, inner thighs. She shuddered and let out soft moans. I kissed her vagina. I licked the juice that was smeared on her soft labia. Then I slowly licked her swollen clit. She moaned with her eyes closed. I was happy she was enjoying it. I lifted her legs till her feet was up in the air. I pushed her legs back and spread her legs, causing her bottom to jut out. Her anus looked pretty and alive, puckering in and out as she breathed.

I kissed her anus which made her cry softly with delight. I stiffened my tongue and pushed into her tight asshole. She cried out softly with pleasure.

I was happy she liked it but I wanted her to have the best birthday. I pulled my tongue out and took cream from the cake that was kept on the teapoy. I smeared the cake on her ass crack and vagina. I took more cake and fed cake into her asshole.

“What are you doing?” Prema asked and laughed.

I sang the happy birthday song which made her laugh more. I fed more and more cake into her asshole. She moaned and laughed happily at the same time. Her asshole consumed more cake and she relaxed.

I kissed her anus. I put my tongue into her asshole and licked, tasting her sweetness. I moved my tongue in and out, tongue-fucking her asshole for a few minutes.  Then I pulled my tongue out of her asshole and looked up at her. She looked down at me and smiled.

“Happy birthday, Prema!” I wished her again.

She laughed and mushy cake pushed out of her asshole. I quickly licked it. She slowly pushed more cake out, feeding me her birthday cake, from her asshole. I ate all of the delicious cake from her asshole and pulled back.

“Enough?” Prema asked and smiled, teasing me.

“Enough, but not enough,” I said.

She lifted her eyebrow and smiled, trying to understand what I meant.

I smiled and took more cake. Prema laughed. I pushed cake inside her asshole with my fingers. After I lubricated it with more cake, I stood up and leaned forward on her. I knelt on the sofa and pointed my cock at her mouth. She opened her mouth and took my cock inside her mouth. She sucked passionately and I caressed her silky hair. I let her suck my cock for a few minutes and pulled it out of her mouth. I moved down and lay on top of her. I took my cock and rubbed the cockhead on her soft labia. I placed the tip of my cock in the slit of her vagina and slowly pushed into her vagina. As her vaginal walls tightly wrapped around my hard cock, it felt heartwarming. I closed my eyes and pushed deep into Prema’s embracing cunt. I had expected her vagina to be slightly loose because of her age but to my surprise it was tight like Divya’s vagina. I lay on top of her and kissed her. Slowly I pulled and pushed my cock in and out of her pussy, fucking her deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“Prema, do you like it?” I asked, fucking her.

“Am I in heaven?” Prema asked and laughed.

“Not yet. But soon you will be there,” I said and continued fucking beautiful Prema.

She cried softly and the sweet sounds of her moans were enough for me to fuck her and ejaculate inside her vagina. But I didn’t want to let go of the opportunity I had to fuck her asshole. So, I pulled my cock fully out of her vagina.

“What happened?” Prema asked.

“Turn around and kneel down on the sofa,” I said.

Prema smiled as if she understood me and got down from the sofa. She removed her saree and petticoat, and threw it on the side of the sofa. She looked very beautiful without any clothes on her. She turned around, leaned forward on the backrest of the sofa, spread her legs apart and shoved her ass back eagerly. Her ass looked very beautiful. It was big, plump, wide, well-shaped, soft but firm. I massaged her ass cheeks and inner thighs. I held her slim waist and placed my cockhead in the slit of her vagina. Slowly, I pushed my cock into her vagina. When my cock was fully inside her vagina, I let it rest inside her for a moment, loving the comforting feeling.

I rubbed my hands on Prema’s back few times before sliding my hands in front of her and grabbing her breasts. Holding her breasts, I thrust hard into her vagina few more times, ramming my crotch on her ass. Then I pulled my cock out fully. I spread her ass checks apart and pressed the head of my cock on her asshole.

“Oooooh, no,” Prema said, worried.

“Don’t worry, Prema. I put lot of cream and cake for lubrication.” I reminded her.

Prema laughed softly and said, “Please be careful.”

I increased the pressure of my cock on her asshole, looking down at her beautiful buttocks. The ring of her asshole opened and gave way. I pressed harder, and the swollen head of my cock penetrated the tight ring of Prema’s asshole.

“Ooooh..” Prema cried and moved forward.

I grabbed her waist. I pulled her back to me and thrust my cock deep into her asshole in one quick stroke.

“Ahhhh!” Prema cried out and tried to move forward again. I pulled her back burying my cock firmly in her asshole. Her asshole was tight, hot and moist with her birthday cake.

I massaged her plump ass cheeks. I spread her ass cheeks apart and shook the soft flesh with hands, to loosen her asshole.

“Is it hurting, Prema?” I asked her.

“It’s okay now,” she said and squeezed my cock inside her asshole.

After Prema assured me that she was okay, I felt free to fuck her asshole without causing her pain. I pulled my cock back slowly and plunged inward, smacking my crotch on the hot cheeks of her curvy ass, causing a slapping sound. I pulled my cock out again, and rammed it in, quickly. Fucking her tight, hot, cake-filled asshole on her birthday felt so good, I repeatedly pushed and pulled my cock in and out of her asshole. She put her hand between her thighs and rubbed her clit with her fingers. At that moment I realised Prema needed vaginal penetration to feel more pleasure. So, I quickly pulled my cock out of her asshole and pushed it into her vagina.

“Ohhh!” Prema moaned.

I rammed my cock in and out of Prema’s pussy slowly and spread her ass cheeks. Her anus opened, invitingly. I pulled my cock out of her vagina and pressed the cockhead on the puckered ring of her asshole. Her asshole opened and my cockhead slid inside. I pushed, gliding my cock-shaft deep inside her asshole.

“Ahhhh!” Prema groaned.

I pulled and pushed my cock few times inside her hot, tight, sweet asshole. Then, I pulled my cock out fully and shoved it back inside her cunt.

“Ooooh!” Prema moaned again.

I slid my hands to her breasts and grabbed both her breasts. I squeezed her breasts and fucked her pussy, again and again. Her big, soft breasts felt like firm jelly in my hands and my cock tingled inside her juicy cunt. I fucked her harder and faster with my balls loaded and aching to cum. “I’m about to come, Prema!” I said loudly. Just then, she shuddered and I could feel her cum on my cock.

“Noooh! not in my vagina! I’ll get pregnant,” she said, sounding scared.

I quickly pulled my cock out of Prema’s juicy cunt. I spread her ass-checks apart. Her asshole opened. I pressed my cock-head on her anus and pushed. My cock glided smoothly inside her hot, tight asshole. When my cock was fully inside her, I could feel her asshole squeeze and suck my cock. I clutched her breasts and rammed my cock as deep as I could into Prema’s asshole. Then I pulled out and pushed inside again. I fucked her tight asshole few more times, till my cock shot cream deep inside her asshole.

Prema softly cried with satisfaction while my cum pumped into her asshole over and over.

When my cum stopped spurting out and my cock began turning soft, I drew it out. I got up and sat down on the sofa breathing heavily. Prema got down from the sofa and sat down next to me. She kept her head on my shoulder. I looked at her. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling happily.

“Happy birthday, Prema!” I said.

She laughed softly and said, “Thank you for a wonderful happy birthday present.”

I kissed her and told her, “You are so beautiful. I had one of the best moments of my life. I love you, Prema.”

“I love you too,” Prema said.

“Thank you, Prema,” I said and kissed my new lover.