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I love my Umma

I am Firoz. I am 30 years old. The story I am about to tell you happened when I was 24 years old, when I got a good job in Delhi and settled down there. My parents and younger sister lived in Kerala. My sister is married and she is settled in a different city in Kerala.

I missed my Umma (Mom). Umma’s name is Fathima. She is a good woman but my Uppa (Dad) is a bad man. He had his own business. But because of his drinking habit, he ruined his business. He used to drink every day and take out his frustration on Umma. He used to shout at her and slap her even if she said just one word against him. I used to feel sorry for my Umma. I went to Kerala on a holiday for one week and tried to convince Umma to come with me to Delhi. She didn’t want to leave Uppa alone in Kerala. I asked her to come with me for just a month to just teach a lesson to Uppa. She said Uppa won’t let her go. I told her we could go without telling him. She didn’t agree at first but I managed to convince her after a few days.

I booked a flight to Delhi. On the day of the flight, we left a note for Uppa and we left home. We reached Delhi on the same day. Umma was worried about Uppa. We called him in the night and told him we were in Delhi. He was very angry. For the first time Umma felt bold to tell him what she thought about him and she told him to stop drinking if he wanted her to come back home.

I was happy for Umma. She looked relieved to be in Delhi with me.

After two days, I had to go to work. I made sure Umma had everything she wanted before I went to work.

When I came back from work, I was happy Umma had cooked very good food. I told her she should just stay with me permanently. She said if Uppa stops drinking she will bring him and both of them will stay permanently with me. I didn’t like Umma’s idea because Uppa was not a good man. I didn’t expect him to change.

After one week we called Uppa. He was still very angry with us and he sounded drunk. Umma told him she will never come if he doesn’t stop drinking and hung up.

Two weeks passed. I had become used to seeing Umma in the house. It felt good to be around her. She had a calm personality. She always looked clean. She wore a different Saree every day. She covered her head and back with her Saree. That’s how I had always known her from childhood.

Every day after I came back from work, we watched TV and chatted about relatives and family friends. Then we would have dinner. At about 10, we would go to bed.

Everything was going well. Umma had adjusted well to Delhi. One month had passed but Umma didn’t tell me she wanted to go back to Kerala, so I didn’t want to start the topic. I was happy Umma was there to cook and take care of household things. But on the Sunday of the sixth week everything changed.

I woke up late. I went to the kitchen. I saw Umma cooking. Her head and back were not covered with the Saree. Her Pallu just hung down from her left shoulder. Her long, waist length hair was not covered. Her lower back was exposed. Her bottom was only covered with the Saree and not the Saree’s Pallu as usual. Her bottom was wide and big but because she was tall, she didn’t look fat. I had no memory of seeing her that way. I took a good look at her. The more I admired her figure, I was convinced she had been hiding a very beautiful body under her clothes.

She was about to turn around, so I said, “Umma, what are you cooking?”

She turned around and smiled. “Appam and egg,” she said.

“Yummy,” I said and my mouth started to water.

“Are you ready for breakfast?” she asked.

“No. I have to brush,” I said.

“Go brush and come Mone(son). Breakfast is ready” she said.

I turned around and went to the bathroom. I was wondering why Umma had not covered her head and back with her Saree. Even though I didn’t look at her navel, I was sure her navel was exposed. The way she was dressed suddenly was very strange.

After I brushed and washed, I went to the living room. Umma served breakfast and she still had not covered her head, back and navel. I got a good look at her secretly and got an erection. She had a pretty face that complimented her great figure. Her face, neck, hands and waist were slim but her breasts, hip and bottom were big. I had never looked at my Umma that way.

I finished eating breakfast carefully hiding my erection in my shorts.

Umma didn’t cover her head, back and belly that day and the days that followed. I would come back from work and get an erection by just looking at her. Curious to find out what was going on with her, I secretly setup tiny cameras in all the rooms.

The cameras worked perfectly. I could see live videos on my mobile and my laptop. It changed the way I saw my Umma. I could see her having bath and changing her clothes. But one day, I was surprised to see Umma fingering her vagina. I felt sorry for her because my Uppa was a drunkard who didn’t bother to satisfy her.

Four days after fixing the cameras, I was checking the live video of the living room when Umma walked to the front door of the house and opened it. A man entered the house. At first, I couldn’t recognise him. After a proper look at him I realised he was the old man from the opposite flat. They spoke in a friendly way and laughed. I couldn’t understand how Umma had become friendly with him. She had not told me anything about talking to him. The old man left after talking to my Umma for 15 minutes, so I didn’t want to ask Umma about him.

Two days later, after watching Umma taking bath and getting dressed, I couldn’t control myself. I watched her beautiful body on my laptop and masturbated.

On the third day, I kept a close watch on the live video. I watched Umma taking bath, changing her clothes and cooking in the kitchen. And at about 11:30 the doorbell rang. She opened the door and that old man walked in again. To my surprise, Umma served him lunch. After lunch they sat on the sofa and talked. After sometime Umma started to cry. The old man moved closer to her and hugged her. Then he slowly kissed Umma on the forehead, cheek and neck. I was surprised, Umma didn’t push him away.

I was very angry. The old man looked like he was in his 60’s and my Umma was only in her mid 40’s. I didn’t want to see anymore. I wanted to go home and the kick the old man’s ass. Luckily, when the old man tried to kiss Umma on the lips, she pushed him and moved back. The old man got angry and left my flat.

That evening I reached home at about 7pm. Umma was happy to see me as usual, but I was upset with her for letting the old man touch her. I changed my clothes before I went to the living room. Umma was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. I sat down on the sofa next to her. I took the remote and pressed the mute button.

Umma looked at me, curiously.

I started by saying, “Umma, I have security cameras in the house.”

Her calm face started to look worried.

“Umma, that man is at least twenty years older than you,” I said.

Umma’s eyes filled with tears, “I am sorry, Mone,” she said and tear drops rolled down on her cheeks.

I moved closer and sat down very close to her. I touched her arm and said, “Please don’t cry Umma. I will take care of you.”

Wiping her tears, she said, “I know you will take care of me. I just need someone’s company. Your Uppa didn’t satisfy me in any way for many years. I feel so lonely sometimes.”

I moved my hands to the back of her shoulder and said, “I want to be close with you, Umma.”

She looked at me, suspiciously.

I moved my head closer to her to kiss her.

She moved back, saying, “Mone what are you doing!!?”

“I love you Umma,” I said and tried to kiss her again.

She moved her head back and stood up.

I stood up and looked at her confused and worried face.

“Umma, you don’t need that old man. You are so beautiful. You need a young man to make you happy. You need me Umma.” I tried to make her understand.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked, sounding angry.

“Umma, let me help you. I can give all the pleasure you have missed for so many years,” I said and took a step closer to Umma.

She took a step back and said, “No Mone! It’s wrong.”

I quickly moved forward and took her in my arms.  She tried to free herself. I held her tightly in my arms and said, “Relax Umma. It’s okay.”

“Let me go Mone! Please…” Umma pleaded with me.

I pecked a quick kiss on her lips.

She moved her head back and said, “No!”

I kissed her chin. She tried to move her head again. But I pecked kisses on her cheeks. I caressed her bare lower back. I moved my right hand down and grabbed her bottom. I squeezed her soft bottom. I pressed my hard cock on her belly and asked, “Umma, can you feel it? It is ready for you. I want to give you lot of pleasure.”

“No Mone! Please let me go…” she pleaded.

I pecked more kisses on Umma’s pretty face and squeezed her soft bottom. She was getting tired of resisting. Helplessly, she moved her body less and tried to avoid getting kissed. I kissed her neck and her chest. I rubbed my head on her breasts and said, “Umma I want to suck your breasts.”

I was pleasantly surprised when Umma and said, “I don’t have milk anymore, Mone.”

I stood straight and looked at Umma’s face. She looked like she was concerned about not having milk in her breasts. “It’s okay Umma. I just want to suck your breasts,” I said.

“Did you suddenly get memories of your childhood?” Umma asked and smiled at me affectionately.

“Yes Umma. Sucking your breast is one of my best childhood memories. Please Umma, I want to suck your breasts.”

I think I had touched her motherly instincts. She looked affectionately at my face. She smiled and said, “Okay. Just little. Okay?”

I was so happy. “Thank you Umma,” I said and quickly kissed Umma’s lips. She moved her head back, trying to prevent me from kissing again. But I quickly pecked kisses on her face, neck and chest. I moved the Saree that covered her breast. I unhooked the first hook. Umma removed the other hooks and removed her blouse. Her bra still covered most of her breast. She looked up at me and suddenly said, “No Mone! I can’t do it.”

She turned around and went away quickly to her bedroom. I went after her pleading, “Please Umma…please Umma.”

She was about to close the door but I pushed on the door, stopping her from closing the door. She moved back and said, “No Mone!”

I took few steps forward. She took few steps back till there was no place for her to go. She stood there, with her back on the wall. I took a step forward. She tried to move away to the side but I grabbed her waist and took her in my arms again. I hugged her tightly and pecked kisses on her face, neck, chest and the exposed parts of her soft breasts. I pulled down her bra’s left side cup, and sucked her swollen nipple. I sucked hard and heard Umma moaning. I squeezed her bottom and sucked harder on her nipple. I heard Umma say, “Gently Mone…”

I was happy Umma had given me consent to suck her breast gently. I sucked her breast gently. Then I moved to her left breast and sucked her nipple. I loved it but I didn’t want to waste any more time. I stopped sucking her breast and stood straight. I kissed her lips. She didn’t move her head. I French kissed her for a few minutes, moving my hands all over her body and feeling her soft flesh.

I stopped kissing and looked at Umma. Her eyes were closed. I put my hands behind her back and unhooked her bra. I removed her bra and saw her full breasts for the first time. I had only imagined her bare breasts and I had no memory of seeing her breasts in my childhood. So, when I saw her breasts, I was stunned by the large size of her breasts. I squeezed, kissed and sucked her soft breasts. I realized I shouldn’t waste too much time and stopped sucking. I moved back and removed my shorts, and T-shirt. I lifted Umma’s Saree and Petticoat. Umma just stood there watching me. I grabbed the sides of her hip and pulled her Saree up. “No! Mone No!” She said and tried to push my hands away. I caught her right hand and moved it away. Holding her right hand with my left hand, I put my right hand under her Saree. I found her Panties and pulled it down. I removed her Panties from her legs and threw it away. I stood straight and looked at Umma. She looked tense. I moved my head closer to her to kiss her. She tried to turn her head away to prevent me from kissing her lips. I put my weight on her and pinned her to the wall. I held her face with my fingers and turned her face, till she looked at me. I kissed her lips. She didn’t stop me from kissing her so I French kissed her. But, when I tried to lift her Saree and Petticoat, she pulled her head back, breaking the kiss. She tried to push me away. I pressed her to the wall. I put my left hand under her Saree and found her vagina. It was wet. I rubbed her clit. I pecked kisses on her cheeks and neck. I inserted two fingers inside her vagina and finger fucked her. I kissed her lips, exploring her mouth with my tongue while finger fucking her vagina. She stopped resisting and moaned with pleasure. So, I thought the time was right to take it to the next level.

I stopped kissing her and finger fucking her. I took her in my arms and slowly moved her to the bed. When we were close to the bed, I lifted her Saree and Petticoat, and made her sit down on the bed. I tried to make her lie down but she resisted.

“Please Umma, let’s not waste time. I have to go to work tomorrow,” I tried to make her understand.

She just sat on the bed. I removed my clothes and got on top of the bed from the other side of the bed. I sat behind her and pulled her down to the bed. I made her lie down and I lied down on top of her. She resisted. I held both her hands in my hands tightly and kissed her face, neck and lips.

I pulled her Saree and Petticoat up. I adjusted my hip and head of my cock touched her soft and wet vagina. I felt the slit of her vagina on the tip of my cock and thrust forward eagerly, penetrating my Umma’s vagina fully in one stroke.

“OOoohh, Mone!” Umma moaned.

“Is it paining Umma?” I asked.

She shook her head with her eyes closed.

I kissed her lips enjoying my throbbing cock inside my Umma’s pussy.

I stopped kissing her and said, “Umma, I love you.”

Umma didn’t react. Her eyes were still closed. I moved my hip back, pulling my cock outward until only half of my cock was inside her. Then I pushed my cock inside her tight, wet, silky vaginal canal. Once my cock was fully inside, her elastic vaginal muscles gripped around my cock as if it didn’t want to let go of my cock. But I pulled it out and pushed it in again. I began fucking her – slowly at first, then I rapidly increased the speed.  Soon, I lost all control and began fucking with all my strength. My balls slapped against Umma’s naked buttocks. I pushed my hands under Umma’s buttocks and raised it up. I spread the butt cheeks and rubbed my fingers on the moist crack of her buttocks. As I fucked her harder, I touched the tightly puckered little opening of her anus with my middle finger and pushed inside. Her elastic-like anal ring opened and let my middle finger inside. I twisted my finger inside her anus up to my knuckle, screwing it firmly deep inside her anus. Her anus loosened and tightened around my finger. Just above her anus, I could feel my hard cock glide in and out of her tight vagina.

“Ooohh Mone… Ohhh…” Umma moaned. It sounded like she was moaning of pain and pleasure.

I repeatedly thrust my throbbing cock deep inside Umma’s clasping pussy and thrust my finger deep inside her heated tight rectum, controlling the urge to let my cum splash freely from my bloated balls.

“Ooohh Mone….Oooohhh…Ohhh….” Umma moaned with her eyes closed. Her head turned from side to side and her mouth was open.

I felt hot fluid in her vagina and realised Umma was squirting as she climaxed. I pounded her pussy with my cock as cum raced from my balls to the head of my cock and splattered into my Umma’s pussy. Spurts of cum pumped out my cock, filling her up, making it too easy to glide my cock in and out of her pussy. I pumped once, twice, then once again, feeling my strength going. Finally, I pulled my finger out of her anus and collapsed on top of Umma…breathing heavily with my cock still buried inside her pussy that was squeezing cum out of my cock.

As my cock deflated, it slipped out of Umma’s cum-filled pussy. I rolled over on my back and lay down next to Umma who was breathing heavily.

“It was so good. Did you like it Umma?” I asked.

Umma was silent. I turned my head and looked at her. Her eyes were closed but tears were rolling down on her cheeks.

“Umma, why are you crying?” I turned to my side and wiped the tears.

“It is wrong Mone,” Umma said.

“Umma please. Uppa would not have made love to you like I did. And, that old man would not have made love to you like I did. From today, you don’t have to worry about anything. I will satisfy you whenever you want,” I said and kissed her lips.

Umma stopped kissing and said, “Go take bath before dinner. I also want to take bath.”

That evening after I took bath and went to the living room, Umma came to the living room. She had taken bath and changed her Saree. She looked very sexy. The feeling between us had changed. I felt turned on again and Umma was not looking at me. There was an uncomfortable silence while we watched TV and ate dinner.

After dinner, Umma took the plates and went to the kitchen. I went to the bathroom and brushed. Before going to my bedroom, I went looking for Umma. I saw her standing in the living room and watching TV with her back facing me. She looked beautiful. Her long waist length hair, her slim waist, her wide hip and plump buttocks looked very sexy.

I went closer to her and put my arms around her.

“You scared me Mone,” Umma said, looking scared.

I laughed. I pressed my hard cock on her bottom. “Umma, you look so sexy. I want to have sex with you again.”

“Don’t tire yourself Mone. You have work tomorrow. Go and sleep,” Umma said.

“You are right Umma,” I said. I kissed the side of her right cheeks. “Good night,” I took my hands off her.

“Good night,” Umma said.

I went to my room at about 10pm. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about having sex with Umma. Finally, after an hour I went to Umma’s room. I pushed the door. The door opened. The lights were off. Umma was lying in bed on her back and sleeping. I closed the door and went to the bed. I got on top of the bed and lay down on my side, next to Umma. I put my right arm on Umma’s bare waist. She woke up scared. “It’s me Umma. I couldn’t sleep,” I said.

Umma turned her head to her side and looked at me, “What happened Mone?” she asked.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you Umma,” I said.

“You have work tomorrow, Mone,” Umma reminded me again.

“I’ll be quick, Umma,” I said.

Umma didn’t say anything. She turned her head and closed her eyes.

I quickly removed my shorts and T-shirts. I pulled away the bedsheet that was covering her. She was wearing a nighty. I lifted the nighty. I pulled down her panties. I spread her legs apart. I lay on top of her and tried to push my cock inside her vagina. It was dry. So, I lay on top of her and kissed her lips. Umma kissed me back. We French kissed for passionately sometime. About a minute later, I tried to push my cock inside her vagina again. Her vagina was wet. I pushed deep inside her silky, tight vagina. It felt so good to be inside her. I fucked her harder and faster. I French kissed her and ejaculated inside her for the second time.

That night I went to sleep with Umma, naked.

Next morning, I woke up and saw Umma next to me. I was happy it was not a dream. I went to the bathroom. By the time I came out of the bathroom, Umma had woken up. She was cooking food for breakfast in the kitchen.

“Did you sleep well Mone?” Umma asked.

“Yes Umma,” I said and went closer to her. I stood behind her and hugged her. Her skin and flesh on her bare waist felt smooth and soft. I squeezed her gently and kissed the side of her neck. She felt so good in my arms.

“Mone, you have to go the office,” Umma reminded me.

I laughed and let go of Umma. “I am going to miss you all day, Umma,” I said.

Umma laughed and said, “Breakfast is ready!”

After I had breakfast, I got ready. Before I left home, I kissed Umma on the lips and said, “I love you Umma.”

That entire day I was excited to go back home. After work I hurried back home, excited to have sex with Umma.

I reached home and rang the doorbell. Umma opened the door. She smiled at me, shyly. She was dressed in a Saree as usual but she had not covered her hair, waist and belly. She looked young and beautiful in the pink Saree.

I entered the house and closed the door.

“Did you have good day, Mone?” Umma asked.

“I missed you Umma,” I said and took her in my arms. I kissed her lips.

Umma let me kiss her for a short time and pulled back. “Go and freshen up first and change your clothes. I’ll bring tea for you,” she said and smiled.

“Umma, I can’t wait that long,” I said, desperate to have sex with her again.

“At least wash and change your clothes,” she said.

“Okay Umma,” I said and rushed to my room.

I changed my clothes and washed quickly. I went to the living room. Umma was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. I sat down close to her. She smiled at me shyly. I put my hand on her bare belly and caressed her smooth skin. I moved closer and kissed her lips. She responded well. So, I continued kissing her and moved my right hand on her breasts. I gently squeezed her left breast through her blouse and bra. Her breasts felt good. I stopped kissing her and said, “Umma, remove your blouse and bra. I want to suck your breasts.”

Umma laughed. “You will always be my baby,” she said and smiled at me affectionately.

“I love you Umma,” I said admiring her pretty face.

She pulled down her Saree’s Pallu, and removed her blouse and bra.

I quickly bent down and sucked the nipple of her left breast. Umma stroked my hair, affectionately. After a few minutes I sucked her right breast. I sucked till I was satisfied.

That evening, I had good sex with Umma. After sex, we had dinner together. After dinner, we slept together on the same bed. At about 2:20pm, I penetrated Umma one more time and went to sleep.

A week later, Umma and I became like newly married couple. She forgot about Uppa. We lived like husband and wife, until she became fifty years old. Then she started telling me she was getting old. She told me to get married to a young woman and give her grandchildren. She started pestering me to get married. So, I married a girl who looked very similar to Umma.

My wife is very beautiful, caring and understanding. She knows I love Umma very much. We don’t let Umma feel lonely. One of us will sleep in Umma’s room at least two nights in a week. When I sleep in Umma’s room, I have sex with her and help her sleep without any worries.

I love my Umma.