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Massaging my Bhabhi

I am from Goa. I live with my parents and my sister in a flat on the second floor of an apartment building. My elder brother and Bhabhi live on the fourth floor of the same apartment. My sister is three years older than me and my brother is 6 years older than me. He got married when he was 25 years old and my Bhabhi was 22 years old at that time. They have been married for six years. They have a four-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter.

My brother has a regular day job, so sometimes my Bhabhi used to request me to buy Groceries from the shops, if she couldn’t go to the shops. So, I used to visit my brother’s house frequently. One day when I went to give her the vegetables I had bought, the main door was open. I entered the house and saw her breast feeding her baby daughter. She was sitting on the sofa in the living room. She was looking down at the baby. I stood there frozen, looking at her big, creamy breasts. Suddenly Bhabhi looked at me and said, “Shirish! When did you come? I didn’t see you.”

“Just now Bhabhi,” I said, embarrassed.

“Ok. Keep the vegetables in the kitchen, please,” she said.

I went to the kitchen and kept the bag on the kitchen countertop. When I returned to the living room, Bhabhi was still breast feeding without covering her breasts. She was looking down at the baby and smiling, so I got a good look at her yummy breasts.

“I am going Bhabhi,” I said.

Bhabhi looked up at me and said, “Thanks Shirish.”

“No problem, Bhabhi,” I said and left the house.

That day, after I went home, I went to the bathroom and shagged, imagining fucking her.

Namita Bhabhi is very beautiful. She has a pretty face. She has straight, waist length black hair. She is fair. She is about 5 feet 5 inches. She is slim but her breasts and buttocks are big. When she walks her breasts and buttocks jiggle sensuously. She usually wears Sarees. She keeps Sindoor and Bindi. She keeps her black bead, double Wati Mangalsutra on top of her Saree. She looks like a typical Marathi house wife.

I wanted to spend more time with her, so I went to meet her frequently and spent more time with her. I would just talk to her about movies, TV shows and other topics that she liked. I developed a good bond with her. We became more like friends in two months.

It became common for her to breast feed her baby when I was around. I would get a good view of her breasts and belly. Sometimes I would feel like grabbing her big breasts and squeezing them, but I would control myself.

One day when I went to her house, she was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. She looked at me and said, “I was waiting for you Shirish.”

Why Bhabhi?” I asked.

“I remembered your sister told me you gave very good shoulder and neck massage for her,” Bhabhi said.

“Yes Bhabhi, Priya works very hard. I give her a massage sometimes to help her feel relaxed,” I said.

“My shoulder and neck are aching. Can you give me a massage please?” she asked.

“Sure Bhabhi,” I said. I looked around for a chair. I saw dining table chairs and said, “Can you sit on one of those chairs Bhabhi?”

“Okay Shirish,” Bhabhi said and got up from the sofa. She went to the dining table. She pulled out a chair and sat down.

I stood behind the chair and massaged her shoulder and neck. Her skin was smooth and soft. I got a hard-on. She felt better after the massage.

Our massage sessions became very frequent. She would ask me to give her a massage twice a week.

One day, when I was giving her a massage, my sexual desire for her went out of control. Bhabhi was sitting on the chair with her eyes closed and enjoying the massage. I massaged the back of her shoulder and moved my hands to the top of her shoulder. I moved my hands down on her breasts. I gave her breasts a gentle squeeze. I could feel the softness of her breasts through her blouse and bra. Bhabhi’s eyes were still closed and she didn’t say anything. So, I moved my hands down and touched her bare belly. She didn’t say anything. So, I moved my hands up on her breasts again, and squeezed it gently.

“Your brother will be very angry if he finds out,” Bhabhi said with her eyes closed.

Scared, I took my hands off and said, “Please don’t tell him Bhabhi.”

Bhabhi stood up. She turned around and faced me. “Are you going to tell anyone?” she asked.

“No Bhabhi, I’ll be in trouble if I tell anyone,” I said, hoping she was not upset with me.

Just then the baby started crying. Bhabhi went to her bedroom and brought the baby to the living room. She sat on the sofa and breast fed her baby.

“I am going Bhabhi,” I said.

I was about to leave when Bhabhi said, “Shirish come here and sit down.

“I thought she would give me advice and let me go. I went to the sofa and sat on the single sofa next to the big sofa she was sitting on.

“If you don’t tell anyone, I won’t tell anyone, okay?” Bhabhi asked.

“Okay Bhabhi,” I said, wondering what she exactly meant.

Bhabhi looked down at the baby. There was an uncomfortable silence for a minute. Then, Bhabhi looked at me and said, “You are looking at my breasts hungrily again.” she smiled. “Do you want to drink my milk?” she asked, surprising me.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought she was teasing me but she looked serious, so I just nodded.

Bhabhi smiled. She moved her Saree from her breast and pulled back her unhooked blouse, exposing her right breast. “You can have some milk from this breast,” Bhabhi said.

I was so happy I wanted to scream with joy but I just said, “Okay Bhabhi.”

Slowly, I stood up and went to the big sofa. I sat down next to her and bent down. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked. Sweet milk filled my mouth. I swallowed her milk and continued to suck. The baby was drinking from her left breast, so I couldn’t move my hands on her belly but I lifted her Saree and touched her legs. I caressed her knee and moved my hands between her thighs. Her inner thighs were soft and smooth. It was nice and warm between her inner thighs, so I just let my hand rest there. My cock had become rock hard.

A few minutes later, Bhabhi said, “Baby has gone to sleep. I’ll leave her in the bedroom and come back.”

I let go of her nipple from my mouth and moved back.

“Did you like it?” Bhabhi asked.

“It’s very tasty Bhabhi,” I said.

“It’s healthy for you,” Bhabhi said and stood up with baby. She went to the bedroom.

After five minutes, she came to the living room without the baby. Her blouse was hooked so I was little disappointed. But she sat down next to me and turned to look at me. She smiled at me and asked, “Do you like me, Shirish?”

“I like you very much Bhabhi. You are so beautiful,” I said.

“What do you want to do to me Shirish?” Bhabhi asked and smiled.

I hesitated but her smile was encouraging so I said, “I want to kiss you Bhabhi….I want to suck your breast.”

“Do you want to kiss my lips?” Bhabhi asked calmly.

“Hmmm….I want to kiss every part of your body,” I said hoping she won’t get angry.

Bhabhi laughed.

I wondered if she thought it, was a stupid idea. I was little embarrassed but I couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful she looked when she laughed. Even the sound of her laughter sounded sweet.

Bhabhi stopped laughing and said, “Okay do what you want to do.”

“Are you sure Bhabhi?” I asked.

Bhabhi smiled and nodded her head.

I moved closer and pecked a kiss on Bhabhi’s sweet lips. Then, I kissed her cheeks, ears, neck, hands and belly.

I lifted her Saree. I bent down and kissed her knees and thighs. I moved up to her belly and kissed her naval. I moved up and rubbed my face on her soft breasts.

“Do you want to drink more milk, Shirish?” Bhabhi asked.

“Yes Bhabhi,” I said.

Bhabhi stood up. She removed her blouse and bra, revealing her big, beautiful breasts. She looked at me and said, “Remove your clothes.”

I was little surprised by Bhabhi’s straight forwardness but I was very excited. I stood up and quickly removed my T-shirt. When I started removing my jeans, Bhabhi lifted her Saree and petticoat, and removed her panties.

Bhabhi held her Saree and petticoat above her hip. She removed her panties and sat down on the sofa, on her bare buttocks.

I got a quick view of her pussy when she sat down. It was cleanly shaved and wet. After she sat down her Saree covered her pussy and thighs.

“Come Shirish. You can keep your head on my lap and drink,” Bhabhi said. She looked down at my erect cock and smiled.

I quickly removed my clothes and lay down on the sofa. I kept my head on the Saree and Petticoat that was covering Bhabhi’s thighs. Both her large melons were on my face. I rubbed my face on both her soft, jelly-like melons. I opened my mouth and took the nipple of her right breast in my mouth. I sucked the swollen bud and drank her sweet milk.

While I was drinking, I felt Bhabhi’s palm and fingers grip my cock and massage it. Her soft palms and her long feminine fingers felt very comforting on my cock. She stroked my cock slowly. As I continued to drink, I looked up at Bhabhi’s face. She smiled at me affectionately. With her left hand she stroked my hair and with her right hand she massaged my cock and balls. It felt like I was in heaven.

“Shirish, you can sit down and drink more milk,” Bhabhi said.

I didn’t understand. I thought she wanted me to sit down next to her and suck her breasts, so I got up and sat down.

I was confused when Bhabhi stood up. But having watched many porn videos, I quickly understood when she kept her knees on the sofa, next to both sides of my thighs. She straddled on top of me with her beautiful breasts dangling down in front of my face. She lowered her hip and my cock touched her soft, wet pussy lips. She adjusted her hip little bit and my swollen cockhead slipped inside her juicy love hole. It felt so good, I lifted my hip and thrust my cock, deeper. In one stroke my cock glided deep inside her pussy hole. We both let out a sigh of relief. It felt like my cock was made for her pussy. I looked up at Bhabhi. She looked down and gave me an approving smile.

Encouraged by Bhabhi’s beautiful smile, I closed my mouth on one of her nipples and sucked. Bhabhi’s vagina gripped my cock firmly and her hip started to move. Her hip swivelled back and forth and side by side, stroking my cock with her vaginal canal.

As pleasure became intense, I sucked hard on her breasts and drank her milk, even though I had already drunk at least one litre of her milk at that point.

She moaned and gyrated her hip like a dancer, embracing my cock securely in her juicy pussy hole.

Her hip stopped gyrating after some time. She only moved back and forth as I sucked hard and squeezed the soft flesh of her ass. Bhabhi’s hip movement became faster and faster. It felt as if she was fucking me. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I ejaculated inside her and at the same time Bhabhi laughed softly. She leaned forward and kissed my lips. She lay her head on the side of my neck, breathing heavily.

We sat like that till my cock deflated and popped out her love hole.

Bhabhi got down from the sofa and asked, “Did you like it, Shirish?”

“I loved it. Did you like it, Bhabhi?” I asked.

“I loved it too Shirish,” Bhabhi said and smiled with satisfaction.

“Can we do it again Bhabhi?” I asked, hoping she would allow me to penetrate her again.

“Now?” Bhabhi asked and laughed.

“After lunch Bhabhi?” I asked.

“Ok, do you want to have lunch?” Bhabhi asked.

“I’ll go home and have lunch. Mom will be wondering where I went,” I said.

“Okay Shirish. Your brother is coming at 4 today. We are going to his friend’s wedding. It will be better if you come before 2:30. And promise me you won’t tell anybody,” Bhabhi said.

“Promise Bhabhi. I won’t tell anybody,” I said.

“Okay. See you later,” Bhabhi said and smiled shyly at me.

“See you later Bhabhi,” I said and left her house with full satisfaction.

After lunch, I went to my brother’s house at 2pm. Bhabhi had taken a shower and she had worn a different Saree. She looked beautiful and fresh. I told Bhabhi I want to try Doggy style. Bhabhi said she also liked that position. So, I asked Bhabhi to lean forward on the dining table. She did as I had requested. I lifted her Saree and Petticoat, stripped down her panties and pushed my cock inside her pussy. I fucked her hard for a long time and ejaculated inside her pussy. Both of us liked it.

That evening before my brother and Bhabhi went to a wedding, they came to our house to leave their children with my mom and my sister. Bhabhi looked like a beautiful bride in a red Saree. I got a hard-on just seeing her. She spoke to me as usual, acting as if nothing had happened between us and I too acted the same way.

Next day, after my brother went to the office, I went to his house at 10:00 am. Bhabhi was watching TV. She was happy to see me. I told her she looked very beautiful in the red Saree the previous evening and asked her to wear it for me. She was happy with my request. She told me she will have a shower and wear the Saree.

Bhabhi showered and wore the Saree by 10:40am. She looked almost like she had looked on the day she got married to my brother, but she looked more beautiful. I removed her blouse and bra. I lifted her Saree and removed her panties. I asked her to lie down on the bed.

She said it reminded her of her first night. She got on top of the bed and lay down on her back. I removed my clothes. I got on top of the bed. I positioned myself on top of her and penetrated her, missionary style. I fucked her hard till she was moaning my name with pleasure. We loved it.

Bhabhi and I didn’t reveal our secret to anyone. Six years later, I am married to a beautiful woman who loves me, but I still have a good relationship with Namita Bhabhi. She is the best.