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My beautiful caring Maa

My name is Sagar. I am 5’10”, medium skin colour and well built. My parents separated when I was a kid. I live with my mother (Maa). My Maa had inherited properties from her rich parents, so we didn’t have any financial problems.

My Maa’s name is Shobha. She is in her mid 40s, height 5’5″, weight around 70kg and fair skin. She has a pretty face, perfect nose and full lips. She usually dresses in good Sarees. She keeps a red Bindi and puts on her Mangalsutra even though my dad is remarried and settled abroad.

My Maa and I were very close since my childhood. She is like my best friend and I had an honest relationship with her. But I started getting attracted to my Maa when puberty struck me. I started masturbating by looking at Maa’s pictures and videos, and sometimes while hiding and watching her. I knew it was wrong, so I tried to get a girlfriend. I started by going to the gym and working out regularly. Within a few months I built a good body. I gained confidence and got friendly with a girl who I liked. We both became very close. I told my Maa about my girlfriend. Maa was happy for me but she advised me to avoid getting physically intimate with my girlfriend. I tried my best to follow Maa’s advice but one thing led to another and I lost my virginity to my girlfriend. I had sex with my girlfriend at least once a week, but I was still very attracted to Maa and I continued masturbating for Maa.

One day I came up with a new idea. I kept hidden cameras in Maa’s room. And, the idea was a success. The camera recorded Maa naked. I was stunned when I saw her naked body in the video. Her body looked sexier than any porn actress I had seen. Her breasts were full and round. Her waist was small. Her belly bulged out little and her horizontal navel looked sexy in her belly. She had little belly fat on the sides of her waist. Her waist was well-defined. Her hips and thighs were wider than her shoulders and breasts. Her bottom was plump and bounced while she walked. She was about 38-32-43.

After a few days, I checked the videos recorded by the hidden cameras and got a shock. The cameras had caught Maa having sex with my uncle, her elder brother. In the video, my uncle was having sex with my Maa in missionary style and both of them were enjoying it.

I liked my uncle but I became very jealous of him. I decided to try my luck with Maa.

Maa had raised me up with lots of hugs and kisses, so I tried to use that for my advantage. I started playfully hugging Maa more frequently. She just laughed it off every time I hugged her. One day I hugged her from behind and kissed her on her cheeks. I put my arms around her waist, caressed her belly and navel while pressing my hard cock on her plump bottom. She laughed while blushing and let me hold her for a short time before telling me she had to cook food. She tried to free herself from my hug. I released her from my arms and she went away laughing shyly and shaking her head. I liked Maa’s response. I decided to take it to the next step.

Next day I returned home after working out in the gym. Maa was sitting on the sofa in the living room and watching TV. I removed my T-shirt and asked her, “Maa, does my body look better after I started working-out in the gym?”

Maa looked at my upper-body and shyly said, “Wow! Sagar, you have a six pack. You look good. Keep working out, beta.”

“Okay Maa,” I said and went to my bedroom.

I had a bath in the ensuite bathroom. After the bath, I hid my towel and half-opened my bedroom door. I stood behind the door and loudly said, “Maa I can’t find my towel!”

“I’ll bring it for you,” Maa said, loudly.

I stood behind the door and waited for Maa. When she came with a towel, I fully opened the door and exposed my naked body. Maa gave me the towel and looked down at my hard cock. Her eyes were wide open with shock. She gulped as if she was afraid and went away.

I put on a T-shirt and shorts. I went out of my room and looked for Maa. I found Maa in the kitchen. She turned her head and looked at me, as she stir-fried something.

“Thanks for the towel, Maa,” I said.

“No problem, beta. You have grown up into a big man,” Maa said. She looked down at my crotch and looked up at me with a teasing smile.

I laughed and went to her. I hugged her from behind and kissed her on her right cheek.

Maa didn’t say anything. So, I moved my hands up and cupped her breasts. I squeezed gently. Just then Maa turned off the stove and tried to turn around abruptly. I took my hands off Maa and stepped back fearing I could have made her angry. To my relief she just turned around and said, “Finished cooking!”

Maa started walking quickly towards the door as if she wanted to run away from me. I followed her, watching her back. Her Saree’s Pallu hung down from her left shoulder. Her lower back was partly covered by the Saree. The Saree hugged her hips, buttocks and legs enhancing the beauty of her figure. As she walked, her large, plump buttocks jiggled, seductively.

Maa went to the living room. She sat down on the Sofa and turned on the TV with the remote. She was acting as if nothing had happened. But I could see she was very conscious of my presence because she looked shy and she was avoiding me. So, I sat down next to Maa, on her left side and asked, “Maa, can I ask you something?”

“Of course. What is it, beta?” Maa asked, looking at me and trying to hide her shyness.

I asked, “Maa, why didn’t you marry again after separating from dad?”

She looked into my eyes and said, “I wanted to take good care of you. My parents forced me to get married. I didn’t want to get married again. You became my world.”

I wanted to know if she didn’t want to get married because my uncle had a sexual relationship with her. I realized it was not the right time to talk about it. I moved closer to her. I pecked a kiss on her cheek and said, “Thank you Maa. I love you. I’m very lucky to have you as my mother.”

She blushed, smiling. She kissed me on my forehead and said, “I love you too, beta.”

I quickly pecked a kiss on her lips. She moved her head back and looked shocked. Her eyes looked into my eyes. We looked at each other not knowing how to react. Then Maa asked, “How is your girlfriend?”

“She is okay Maa. I am not really happy with her,” I said.

“Why? What happened?” Maa asked, looking concerned.

“She is not caring like you. You are enough for me,” I said.

“If she doesn’t care about you, just let her go, beta. You are a good boy. You’ll find a caring girl,” Maa said.

“Maa, you sacrificed so much for me. I don’t want another woman in my life to take care of me. You are enough for me. You are my world and I want to be with you for the rest of my life,” I said, emotionally.

Maa also became emotional. She hugged me and pulled my head to her left shoulder. She stroked my hair and said, “I’ll always take care of you, beta.”

I kissed the side of her neck. I moved my left hand on her soft, smooth belly. I grabbed the soft flesh on the right side of her waist and squeezed it. Maa stroked my hair and gently massaged my scalp. I lifted my head and looked at Maa’s pretty face. Our faces were very close. Both of us looked into each other’s eyes. I moved closer and kissed Maa’s soft lips. Maa tried to push me back slowly with her right hand on my left shoulder. I pulled her closer to me, holding the side of her waist and continued kissing her soft lips. After a few seconds, I was pleasantly surprised when Maa stopped resisting and began kissing my lips. I put my tongue inside her mouth and our tongues swirled together. I kissed Maa passionately and she responded with the same passion. The room was filled with kissing and sucking sounds like “hmmm” and “ahhhh”. I moved my left hand from her waist to her right breast. I cupped her breast with my fingers and squeezed gently. I could feel her swollen nipple through her bra and blouse. Suddenly, Maa stopped kissing and moved her head back. She looked into my eyes and said, “We should stop.”

“But maa…” I pleaded.

Maa freed herself from my arms. She stood up and walked away to her bedroom.

I sat on the sofa feeling disappointed for some time. I thought about it and decided not to give up. I stood up and went to Maa’s bedroom. I stood near the door and said, “Maa?”

I didn’t get an answer from her, so I went inside. I saw Maa lying on the bed. She was lying on her side with her back towards me. Her eyes were closed. I sat down on the edge of the bed admiring Maa’s beautiful back. The curve from her waist to her large hip was beautiful. Her plump bottom that was covered by her Saree looked very sexy.

Maa never had naps in the day time, so I didn’t understand why she was sleeping at 11am. Slowly, I touched the side of her bare waist. Maa didn’t react. I bent down and kissed her cheek. Maa didn’t react. So, I got on top of the bed. I knelt down next to her. I kissed Maa’s cheeks and lips. She still didn’t react, so I kissed her neck, hands and belly. I moved up to kiss her lips again when Maa opened her eyes and looked at me. She looked little tense.

“Maa are you okay?” I asked.

She was quiet for a moment. Then she said, “I am okay beta. Are you okay?”

“No Maa,” I said.

“Why beta?” Maa asked.

I hesitated and said, “I want to make love to you Maa.”

Maa looked at me with a sad look on her face for a few seconds. Then she asked, “Will it make you happy?”

Hesitating, I nodded.

Maa gave me a half-smile and said, “Your happiness is my happiness, beta.”

My heart skipped a beat with excitement. I couldn’t believe what I had heard.

Maa got up and sat on the bed. She started removing the hooks of her blouse. I sat there thinking if I was dreaming. Maa looked at me. She smiled and said, “Remove your clothes, beta.”

I quickly removed my T-shirt and shorts while Maa removed her bra and pantie.

Maa lay down on her back again with her saree above her knees and breasts fully exposed.

I slowly lifted Maa’s Saree and Petticoat. And for the first time, I saw my Maa’s juicy pussy with a little bit of trimmed hair around it. She had plump, fat thighs which made her sexier. I could sense the strong lustful smell from her pussy which aroused me more. I slowly touched her wet pussy. I rubbed my fingers on her soft pussy lips. I heard Maa’s moans of pleasure and I wanted to give her more pleasure. I bent down and buried my face between her thighs. I started licking her wet pussy. It tasted a little tangy and musky. I licked her pussy outside and inside. Maa started moaning loudly. She kept her hand on the back of my head and pressed my head between her thighs. My mouth pressed on her pussy and I sucked her pussy harder.

The room was filled with my Maa’s moaning sounds of pleasure. And after some time, she had an orgasm. Her pussy released a load of thick white pussy juice in my mouth as she took deep breaths. I swallowed Maa’s delicious pussy juice.

I moved up and lay on top of Maa in missionary position. Maa kissed me, tasting her delicious pussy juice from my mouth. After the kiss, Maa said, “No one has given me such pleasure. I love you, beta.”

“I love you too, Maa,” I said and kissed her.

I moved my hands down, between us and grabbed my cock. I rubbed my hard cock on her wet pussy few times. Then I placed my cock in the slit of her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. My cock slid inside Maa’s juicy and stretching pussy. I pushed deeper, admiring Maa’s beautiful face till my cock was completely inside her pussy.

Maa’s pussy felt squishy, warm and soft. Her pussy walls were closing in and squeezing my cock. I lay down flat on Maa. I could feel Maa’s jelly like breasts on my chest. I pecked a kiss on Maa’s lips and looked down at her breasts. Her breasts had moved to the sides. I lifted her left breast. I bent down and took a mouth full of her breast flesh and nipple in my mouth. I sucked her swollen nipple and the soft breast flesh. Maa stroked my hair and said, “My baby.”

I sucked Maa’s breasts and slowly moved my hip back, pulling my cock out of Maa’s gripping pussy. Then I slowly pushed my cock inside her again. Maa moaned accepting my cock deep inside her cunt again. She played with my hair affectionately as I sucked her tits and fucked her cunt.

After slowly fucking Maa for some time, I let go of Maa’s breasts and looked at her pretty face. Her eyes were shut. I started fucking her little faster. With every hard stroke, her fleshy body shook on impact. Maa moaned with pleasure. And the room was filled with the sounds, “thap thap thap”.

I fucked Maa hard but I controlled myself from cuming. I wanted Maa to have some fun. So, I said, “Sit on me and ride me, Maa.”

We changed positions. She pushed me down and started kissing and licking my abs and six-pack. Then with a lustful voice, she said, “Hmm, beta! You have a good body. Every woman will love.”

“Thanks Maa,” I said.

Maa knelt down with her knees placed next to both sides of me. Maa placed the tip of my cock in the slit of her pussy and slowly lowered down, letting my cock slide inside her. After my cock was fully inside her pussy, she kept her hands on my chest for support and started moving her hip slowly. Maa’s large buttocks felt soft and cushiony on my crotch and thighs. Her pussy muscles were squeezing my cock inside her pussy, and she started moving her hip faster. Maa liked riding on my cock in the cowgirl position. I held the sides of her fleshy waist for support. I felt like I was in heaven as she fucked me.

After some time, I said, “Maa, I’m about to cum.”

“Me too, beta,” Maa said.

Then within a few minutes, we both started climaxing at the same time. Maa made a loud moaning sound, “ahhhhh”, while I filled her pussy with my cum. My cum and Maa’s pussy juice oozed out of her pussy and covered my cock and balls.

Maa leaned on me and said, “I’m lucky to have a handsome son like you.” She kissed my lips.

As we kissed, I shot more cum inside Maa’s pussy.

After my cock shrunk, Maa slowly got up and my cock popped out of her pussy. She knelt down next to me and licked our sex juices from my cock and balls. Then she sucked my penis making it into a hard cock again.

“One more time, Maa?” I asked.

Maa laughed shyly and said, “Okay.”

I said, “Turn around and kneel down, Maa.”

She said, “Ok, beta.” She turned around and knelt on all fours.

Maa positioned herself in the doggy position and her huge tits hung down. Her big, beautiful ass faced me. I played with her jelly like flesh of her ass cheeks. I kissed and licked all over my Maa’s ass and ass crack. Then I licked her asshole and pussy. I tongue fucked Maa’s asshole, while fingering her pussy.

I placed my cock in the slit of her pussy, and pushed my cock deep inside her pussy. I started fucking her pussy slowly first, then I increased speed. I held her fleshy waist with both hands and started fucking her pussy. With every thrust inside her pussy, my Maa’s huge fat ass jiggled all sides, like big balls of jelly. It was a beautiful sight. The room was filled with sounds of “thap, thap, thap, thap”. It was the sound of my crotch slamming on her plump buttocks, as I thrust my cock into her juicy, tight cunt.

Then I increased my speed and started fucking her extremely fast. A few minutes later, I shot more cum inside Maa’s pussy.

After that, we took a short break before we started fucking again. This time, we got down from the bed. I removed Maa’s Saree and Petticoat. She was completely naked. I lifted Maa and kept her arms and legs around me for support. Her big, cushion-like breasts pressed on my chest as she held onto me. I penetrated her pussy with my cock. She was heavy but I was used to lifting weights in the Gym. Holding her tightly in my arms I fucked her slowly.

“You are very strong, beta,” Maa said and laughed.

“Do you like it, Maa?” I asked, fucking in and out of her pussy.

“I like it beta. I feel like a baby in your arms,” Ma said and chuckled.

I kissed and fucked Maa in that position for 10 minutes until I felt my hot cum was ready to fill my Maa’s womb. Then I ejaculated inside her.

I laid Maa on the bed and I laid down next to her. Maa caressed my body and stroked my hair affectionately for some time before she looked at the wall cock and said, “Oh no! It’s 12:40. We’ve been having sex for more than an hour.”

“I want to have sex with all day and night, Ma,” I said.

Ma laughed and said, “It’s lunch time. You should eat first. Take bath and come for lunch.”

Maa got down from the bed. She went to the ensuite bathroom. I went to my bedroom and had a bath again, feeling very happy.

I went to the living room. Maa was waiting for me. She had taken a bath and got dressed in a light blue Saree. I instantly got an erection.

“Wow! Maa, you look very sexy!” I said, admiring her beauty.

Maa looked at me and laughed. She understood I wanted to have sex with her again and said, “Have lunch, beta. You’ll get more energy to have sex after lunch.”

“Okay Maa,” I said.

We had lunch together.

After we had lunch, we went to Maa’s bedroom. Maa sucked my cock. I fucked her pussy and anus. And I ejaculated in her mouth. Maa swallowed my fresh cum as if it was delicious dessert and I loved cock feeding her.

From that day, I had a great life with my beautiful caring Maa.