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My stepmom helped me

My stepmom is a very good woman. I loved and respected her very much, but the way I saw her changed when I was 18 years old.

One day I found out the password for my Papa’s laptop and logged in. I was surprised when I found lot of porn videos but I was mind blown when I saw videos of Papa having sex with my stepmom. Seeing my stepmom (Maa) naked gave me an instant boner. She had a hot body and a pretty, oval shaped face. Her nose was straight, bit round at the tip, slightly lifted up and proportionate to her face. Her lips were sensuous and her bottom lip was fuller than her upper lip. She had big, brown-black, glowing eyes that radiated. Her waist length, straight black hair was parted in the middle framing her face beautifully. She had a slim neck and shoulders. Her breasts were big, her waist was small but had little belly fat, her hips were wider than her shoulder, her buttocks were plump, her thighs were thick but she had long shapely legs. I had not realized how beautiful she was until then.

I copied all the videos in a USB flash drive and copied the videos from the USB to my laptop. There were 82 videos. Some videos looked like just normal couple having sex, but in some videos, Papa looked like he was drunk and he was forcing Maa to have sex. In one video, Papa pushes Maa on the bed, Maa falls down on the bed, Papa lifts Maa’s saree, pulls down her panties, gets on top of her and penetrates her vagina. There were lot of videos of Papa drunk and forcing Maa to have sex with him. I felt very bad for Maa. I thought Papa should treat Maa with more respect. But I was more worried about the way I had started to see Maa. At that moment of lust for Maa, I just ignored my concerns. I played the videos and masturbated, watching Maa having sex.

From that day, I couldn’t look at Maa straight in the eye. Whenever I saw her, I imagined her beautiful body under her clothes. She was usually dressed in a Saree and her navel was exposed. I would get a boner every time I saw her. I tried to avoid looking at Maa but subconsciously I checked her out when she wasn’t looking at me. I watched videos of Maa having sex and masturbated frequently.

One day, about one month after finding the videos, I came home and rang the doorbell. Maa opened the door. She was dressed in a pink silk saree.

“Wow Maa! You look beautiful!” I said, admiring her.

Maa laughed. “Do you like the Saree beta?” Maa asked.

“Yes, Maa. It looks very good. You look very beautiful Maa!” I said again.

“You look very beautiful!” My little sister mimicked me.

Maa just laughed.

The light pink silk Saree had Zari flowers and borders embroidered on it. It was draped perfectly around Maa’s curvy body. The Saree’s pleats were tucked in her inner-skirt, just below her navel. The Saree hugged her hip and buttocks, highlighting the curves of her butt cheeks and wide hip. Her perfect fitting blouse and her Saree covered her breasts well, but her big breasts extended forward and, on the sides. Her breasts looked like she had an endless supply of milk. I envied my 3-year-old brother who was still breast fed.

“Maa, what’s the occasion?” I asked curiously.

“It is our marriage anniversary,” Maa said and laughed happily.

That evening Papa came home drunk as usual. I had dinner and went to bed as usual.

After a few days, I logged into my Papa’s laptop. I found new videos of Maa having sex. I copied the videos and watched the videos on my computer. In the videos, Maa is wearing the same pink Saree she was wearing on her marriage anniversary. Papa first kisses Maa. Then he tries to remove her blouse. He is not able to remove some hooks, so Maa removes her blouse and bra quickly. Papa kisses and sucks her breasts. After some time, he lifts her Saree. Maa pulls her panties down. Papa fingers Maa’s vagina and anus as he sucks her breasts. Finally, Maa kneels down, on all fours, on the bed. Papa penetrates her vagina from behind. After five minutes of repeatedly penetrating Maa, Papa stops and the video ends. I watched that video again and jerked off.

Next day, I saw Maa in the living room. She looked beautiful, dressed in a floral Saree.

“Good morning, Maa,” I said.

“Good morning beta,” Maa said and smiled.

“Wow Maa! You look beautiful,” I said.

Maa just laughed.

I had breakfast and went to college.

I returned home that evening. Maa opened the door. She was wearing a different Saree. I told her she looked beautiful in the Saree. Maa just laughed.

I started telling Maa every day that she looked beautiful. Maa just laughed as usual.

One day, I returned from college. I rang the doorbell. My little sister opened the door. I entered the house and closed the door. Maa was sitting on the sofa and breast feeding my baby brother. She was wearing a purple Bandhini Saree which had a Zari border. She looked very beautiful.

“Hi Maa,” I said trying to avoid looking at her breasts.

“How was your day beta?” Maa asked.

“Not bad, mamma,” I said, but unable to control myself I looked down at her breasts and quickly looked back at her face.

Maa gave me a knowing smile. “Sit down beta,” Maa said.

After I sat down, she asked, “Is everything okay beta?”

“Yes, Maa. Everything is okay,” I said.

Maa gave me a concerned look and said, “Beta, I am asking because you have been telling me, ‘Maa you look beautiful’, every day for almost one month. You don’t look at my eyes. Every time I see you, you are looking at my breasts or belly.”

“Sorry Maa,” I said and looked down feeling ashamed.

“You don’t have to feel sorry beta. You have always been honest with me. But I know you are not honest with me now,” Maa said, looking sad.

I was quiet for a moment. I didn’t know what to do. Maa had always been very understanding, so I said, “Maa, I’ll tell you if you promise me, you won’t get angry.”

Maa looked at me for some time and said, “Okay, I promise.”

“Maa, promise me you won’t tell Papa. He will kill me if he finds out,” I said.

“You know, I won’t let him harm you,” Maa said.

“I know Maa. But please don’t tell him,” I said.

“Okay, I won’t tell him,” Maa said.

I hesitated.

“I promise,” Maa said.

Knowing Maa has never been deceptive with me, I said, “Maa I logged into Papa’s laptop.” I looked at her face to see her reaction. She didn’t look angry. She just nodded encouragingly. So, I said, “I found some videos.”

“What videos?” Maa asked, concerned.

I was quiet for some time, wondering if I was doing the right thing.

“Don’t be afraid, beta,” Maa said and smiled.

I trusted her. So, I said quickly, “I found videos of you both having sex.”

Maa was quiet for a moment. She shook her head and said, “I told your Papa not to record videos. He didn’t listen to me. And, you shouldn’t have logged into your Papa’s computer.”

“Sorry Maa,” I said.

Maa lifted my brother from her lap and laid him on the sofa. He had fallen asleep. She covered her breasts and put the hooks on her blouse. She looked at me and asked, “Did you copy the videos?”

I was quiet for a moment.

“Don’t be afraid,” Maa said.

I nodded my head.

Maa was quiet. Then she said, “Show me the videos,” and stood up.

“Maa?” I said and stood up slowly. I was afraid and surprised.

“Don’t be afraid beta,” Maa said and started walking to my room.

I followed Maa to my room.

Maa stood in front of my computer desk with her hands folded. I started my computer and opened the folder where I had saved the videos.

“So many videos!” Mom said, surprised.

“82 videos,” I said.

“Your Papa doesn’t show me the videos. Play one video for me beta,” Maa said.

I played one random video. The video showed Maa on the bed, kneeling on all fours. Papa is kneeling on the bed, behind her and drunkenly penetrating her vagina repeatedly like a wild man.

The video ended and I looked at Maa. She shook her head and said, “He is so violent sometimes.”

“Maa, why do you let him treat you like that?” I asked.

Maa shrugged. “Don’t worry about it, beta. It’s my problem. I’ll deal with it,” she said.

I looked at Maa, feeling sad for her.

“Did you watch all the videos?” Maa asked.

I reluctantly nodded.

“You are too young to watch this,” Maa said.

“Maa, I am 18,” I said.

“Did you masturbate?” Maa asked.

I was surprised by Maa’s direct question. I reluctantly nodded again.

“Masturbation is not good for you, beta,” Maa said looking concerned.

“But Maa, I am 18,” I said, defending myself.

“Too much masturbation can damage the nerves. It can cause premature ejaculation or even an ejaculation during sleep. You can also injure yourself by rubbing aggressively,” Maa said, looking worried.

“I’ll be careful, Maa,” I said.

Maa looked at the wall cock. I also looked at the clock. The time was 6:35pm.

“I’ll check your brother and come back,” Maa said.

“Okay,” I said.

I waited for Maa, hoping she wouldn’t lecture me anymore.

Maa entered my room. She closed the door and bolted it. She walked towards me. She stood before me and said, “I think masturbation is risky for you. You can injure yourself.”

I hoped she wouldn’t tell me to delete the videos because I had liked masturbating while watching Maa have sex.

“Remove your pant,” Maa said.

Confused, I looked at her.

“Maa?” I asked, not sure if I had really heard what I had heard.

“Remove your pant and show me your penis. I want to make sure that you haven’t hurt yourself,” Maa said.

Embarrassed, I said, “Maa, I have an erection.”

“That’s okay beta. You have already seen Maa and Papa naked,” Maa reminded me.

Reluctantly, I unbuttoned my jeans and removed it. I kept my jeans on the chair. My heart was beating fast. I removed my underwear and kept it on the chair. My cock was rock hard. I stood straight, looking down.

“Looks healthy beta. Before you hurt yourself by masturbating too much, I will help you.” Maa said.

I looked at her, confused.

“Remove your T-shirt and lie down on the bed,” Maa said.

I looked at her to make sure she was not joking. She looked serious. I removed my T-shirt. Fully naked, I went to my bed and lied down. I saw Maa lifting her Saree and removing her panties. I was excited and hopeful but I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Maa lifted her Saree and got on top of the bed. She knelt on the bed with her legs out to either side of me, straddling on my cock. She shifted her hips and her vagina brushed on my hard cock. The contact made me shiver. Maa shifted her hips again. She lowered her crotch little more, and the head of my cock parted her pussy lips, entering her pussy. “Hmmm…” Maa moaned.

Maa twisted her bottom, making a screwing motion. She whimpered softly and slipped down a bit more. It was starting to feel good; I couldn’t stop myself from moving my hands under her Saree and touching her inner thighs. I felt her soft, smooth flesh. I squeezed gently. I wanted to thrust my cock deeper but Maa was in control. I moved my hands to her outer thighs and moved my palms slowly along her smooth flesh. I moved my hands up and caressed her hips, back down her thighs again, then back to her soft inner thighs.

“Ohhhh beta!” Maa said, and lowered herself down.

My cock glided inside Maa’s wet, smooth, gripping, vagina till every inch of my cock was inside her vagina. Maa’s pussy lips and clitoris was on the base of my cock. Her big, soft bottom rested on my thighs. My cock throbbed inside her vagina.

“Do you like it beta?” Maa asked looking down at me.

“It’s so good Maa!” I said.

“It is safer than using your hands beta,” Maa said.

“Yes Maa,” I said, enjoying the most amazing feeling I had ever felt in my entire life.

“You should also drink Maa’s milk sometimes. It will make you healthy,” Maa said.

“I want to Maa. I didn’t know how to ask you,” I said.

“Poor baby,” Maa said and started removing her blouse.

My heart started beating faster.

Maa removed her blouse and bra. Her breasts looked very beautiful. They were round and big, full from top-down and right-left sides. The areolae were light brown but looked darker because of her fair skin. Her nipples were swollen, and had light brown and pink colour. Her nipples glistened with milk and looked delicious.

I looked at Maa’s face. She smiled and leaned forward. She gently rubbed both her breasts back and forth on face. I felt the heat of Maa’s breasts and the spongy, creamy texture of the flesh. Her nipples felt hard on my face. She moved up a little bit and pointed the nipple of her right breast close to my mouth. I opened my mouth. She pushed her nipple in my mouth. I closed my lips on her nipple a and sucked hard. Her milk filled my mouth.

“Ohhhh, baby!” Maa moaned.

Maa’s milk tasted sweet like her. I had not expected anything less from Maa. As I sucked, I could feel Maa’s vagina sucking my cock inward. I sucked Maa’s breast, feeling Maa’s love deep inside her vagina. I sucked till I was satisfied and moved to her left breast. I sucked and swallowed more milk. I didn’t want to stop sucking but Maa slipped her nipple out of my mouth and said, “We have to finish before Papa comes home beta. You can have more milk tomorrow. Okay beta?”

“Okay Maa,” I said.

Maa moved back and sat straight. She looked at me and said, “Don’t be so disappointed beta. You can suck Maa’s breasts when Papa is not at home.”

I was very happy. I smiled at Maa.

Maa smiled affectionately at me. “You can also have sex with Maa when Papa is not at home. Okay beta?” Maa asked.

“Okay Maa,” I said.

“If he finds out, he will be very angry,” Maa said.

“Yes Maa,” I said.

“But don’t worry about it now. We will be very careful, okay beta?” Maa asked.

“Okay Maa,” I said.

Maa smiled. She began to grind her crotch, pressing the lips of her vagina on the base of my cock. She moaned, then she began to lift and lower her vagina, fucking me slowly. I lifted my hands and cupped both of Maa’s breasts. I squeezed, and milk drops came out of her nipples. Maa looked down at me and smiled. I smiled at Maa. I touched the milk drops and licked my fingers. I loved Maa’s yummy milk. Maa bent towards me, pecked a kiss on my lips and said, “I’ll give you a glass of milk with food for dinner”.

“Thanks Maa,” I said and smiled at my kind Maa.

Maa sat up straight again. She started moving her hips forward and backward. I looked down to see the way her pussy was fucking my cock, but I couldn’t see anything, as her Saree was covering the view. I looked up at Maa. Her head was lifted up and her eyes were closed. She rocked her hips back and forth, squeezing my cock inside her vagina and rubbing her clitoris on my pelvis. I put my hand under her Saree and petticoat, and touched both sides of her hip. I squeezed her soft flesh and rubbed my palms on her smooth skin. My balls felt hard and slightly ached. “Ohhhh, beta!” Maa whispered, squeezing my cock inside her vagina and moving back and forth on me. I moved my hands behind her and cupped the cheeks of Maa’s big, soft bottom. Maa’s hip moved faster and harder. I squeezed Maa’s bottom tightly. I felt Maa’s pussy gripping tightly around my cock. “Oooohhh beta,” Maa moaned. I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed. Her hips moved faster. It felt so good. My cock lurched deep inside Maa’s pussy, and sprayed my semen. Maa laughed softly and leaned forward on me, resting her head on my head, gasping and breathing heavily. I spasmed and ejaculated more semen inside her pussy. Maa pecked a kiss on my lips and smiled.

I smiled and said, “Thank you Maa. It is so much better than masturbation.”

“No problem beta. Stop masturbating. Whenever you feel like masturbating, you can have sex with Maa,” Maa said, looking affectionately at me.

“Thank you so much, Maa,” I said, feeling extremely happy.

My body relaxed. My cock became limp and popped out of Maa’s pussy.

Maa got down from the bed. She took some tissues and cleaned her vagina. She adjusted her Saree and said, “Have a shower beta. It’s time for your Papa to come home.”

A few minutes later, Maa left my room. I went to the bathroom and had a shower.

My stepmom helped that day and she never stopped helping me.