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Photoshoot went wrong

I have known Rachana for four years. She is a model and I am a professional photographer. I have done many photoshoots with her. She had the perfect body for a model. But she got married one year ago and put on little weight. She didn’t look slim anymore. I had to choose other models for photoshoots.

Three months ago, I was looking for a Saree model and I remembered Rachana. I thought she might be a good Saree model because she had become curvy and also because she had experience in modeling. I called her and we agreed to meet.

I was surprised when I met Rachana. She had put on more weight since the last time I had seen her. She was wearing a loose-fitting salwar kameez but her buttocks and breasts were still very noticeable. Although she still looked very attractive, I was not sure about selecting her for the photoshoot. But she was very interested in getting back to modeling, so I told her I’ll send her pictures to my client and if my client was happy, we can proceed to the next step. She agreed.

I told her to select a good Saree from the wardrobe in the studio and wear it for a quick photoshoot.

After she went away, I started setting up the camera and lights.

After some time, I heard Rachana saying, “I am ready.”

I looked at her and my heart skipped a beat. “Wow! You look very beautiful in Saree,” I said, admiring her beauty.

“Thanks Rahul,” she said, blushing.

She had gained weight in the right places. The Saree looked like a decorative wrapper around her voluptuous body. Her pleasant and pretty face made her look more like a beautiful, homely Indian house wife.

“You have become curvier. What are your body stats now?” I asked her.

She smiled shyly and said, “38-30-45.”

“Wow! You can easily become a plus size model,” I said thinking about new opportunities for her as a plus size model.

“I don’t mind Rahul. I just want to start modeling again. I am tired of biased agencies. Can you find some modeling jobs for me?” she asked, sounding like she was pleading.

“I understand Rachana. I’ll send the pictures to my client first and let’s keep our fingers crossed,” I said, sure about finding plus size modeling jobs for her.

“Okay Rahul,” she said and smiled.

“Ready?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Are you familiar with poses for Saree modeling?” I asked looking at her navel that was half-covered by her Saree.

She caught me looking at her navel and smiled shyly. “Yes,” she said.

I ignored her shyness and said, “The camera is setup. Take your position.”

I went behind the camera. I adjusted the camera and said, “Okay give me a pose.”

She adjusted the Pallu and Pleats of the Saree and stood before the camera at an angle, twisting only her upper body slightly to the left. She bent her arms a little and positioned them up to her waist, revealing the side of her bare waist, hip and her buttocks. It was a great pose. I started taking pictures. She changed poses and I shot more pictures.

After taking pictures for about 30 minutes, I was happy with the pictures, but I wanted more pictures for my personal collection. I didn’t know how to ask her but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. So, I said, “Rachana. Can you give me more sexy poses?”

She smiled shyly. She lifted her hands and kept her hands behind her head. She popped her left hip out. Her navel was fully visible.

“Perfect,” I said and took more pictures.

She changed poses showing her belly and navel in every pose. I shot more pictures. Then, I told her to turn around. She turned around and I took pictures of her back.

She was too sexy and I was sexually aroused. I wanted to try my luck, so I said, “Lift your Saree and show your bottom.”

I wanted to make it sound like a joke if she became upset. Her back was still facing me, so I couldn’t see her facial expression. She started lifting her Saree and I was relieved.

I quickly turned the camera to video mode and waited to get a good view of her bottom. But she stopped lifting the Saree and Petticoat at her knee level.

“What happened?” I asked.

She turned around. She let her Saree down and laughed.

I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Are you joking?” she asked.

“Hmm, no,” I said.

“No?” You can’t be serious,” she said.

“Sorry Rachana. You are too sexy. I got carried away. Let’s end the photoshoot. I’ll send the pictures to the client,” I said, hoping she won’t get upset with me.

“Rahul, I didn’t know you felt that way about me. Every time the girls told me you had sex with them, I wondered why you never showed any interest in me. I thought I wasn’t good enough for you,” she said.

“You were hot. That’s why you were one of my favourite models. The other girls were flirting with me. They wanted to have sex with me. You kept your distance, ” I said.

“Did you expect me to flirt with you?” she asked, teasing me.

“No, no… Sorry. I understand you are married. I shouldn’t have asked you. It was just stupid of me,” I said, apologizing.

“Are you saying I am not good enough for you because I am married?” she asked.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked and laughed, confused by her questions.

“Answer me, Rahul. Is it because I am married?” she asked, folding her hands and demanding an answer.

I quietly went to her and stood before her. I looked into her eyes and moved my head closer, slowly. She didn’t move back. I kissed her lips. I put my hands around her hip and grabbed her ass cheeks. I massaged her soft ass flesh through her Saree. I pulled her closer to me. She put her hands around me and kissed me. We kissed passionately for a few minutes till I wanted more from her. I stopped kissing and went down to her breasts. I rubbed my face on her Saree and blouse feeling the softness of her breasts. She stroked my hair. I moved down and kissed her belly and navel.

I stood straight again and pecked a kiss on her lips. I moved her Saree away from her breasts and unhooked her blouse. I put my hands inside her bra and squeezed her soft breasts.

She removed her blouse and bra. I bent down and rubbed my face on her bare breasts feeling the heat emanating from the soft jelly-like flesh. Her breasts felt swollen and her nipples felt stiff on my face. I opened my mouth and took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked.

“Ohhhh, Rahul,” she moaned.

I sucked her nipple quickly trying to make the most of it before moving to her other nipple and sucking it. I sucked her nipple hard and let it pop out of my mouth. Then I began to kneel down before her.

“Rahul, what are you doing?” she asked.

I knelt down and looked up at her. She looked confused. I looked down and started lifting her Saree and Petticoat. I pulled her panties down and removed it from her legs. And, what I saw looked beautiful. Her vagina was clean shaved and looked inviting between her soft-looking inner thighs. It looked succulent, so I moved closer and kissed the soft lips of her pussy. Rachana held her Saree and Petticoat above her hip. She spread her legs wide. I licked her pussy, swiping my tongue on the wet pussy slit. I pushed my tongue inside her pussy, tasting her delicious pussy juice. Rachana began to grind her pussy on my face, holding the back of my head. I put my hands around her hip and grabbed her ass cheeks. I spread her soft ass cheeks apart and rubbed my fingers on her ass crack. I rubbed my middle finger on the puckered flesh around her anal opening. She moaned with pleasure and I licked her cunt thoroughly. I swallowed her pussy juice, loving the tangy and musky taste. Then I held her thighs and tried to turn her around. She turned and two of her plump ass cheeks faced me. I placed my palms on the large mounds of her ass flesh and squeezed. Her skin was smooth and her flesh flet soft like jelly. I squeezed them and spread them apart till her anus opened up. I pressed my face between her ass cheeks. She smelled of soap, perfume and feminine sweat. I kissed her anus. She moaned with pleasure. I put my tongue inside her asshole and licked the inside of her asshole. I moved my tongue in and out of her asshole, tongue-fucking her asshole few times.

After some time, I pulled back and stood up. Rachana turned around and looked at me, smiling shyly. I was sure she was ready. I looked around and found a chair. I quickly brought the chair and kept it behind her.

I pecked a kiss on her lips and said, “Lift your Saree and sit down.”

She laughed and asked, “Why?”

“Just sit down,” I said and laughed.

She smiled, giving me a naughty, fake-suspicious look. Slowly, she lifted her Saree and sat down with her bare ass on the chair.

I quickly removed my clothes and looked at her. She was sitting on the chair and looking at me with a smile on her face. I went closer to her stroking my cock. She looked at my cock and her throat made a gulping movement.

I pointed my cock at her lips. She kissed the tip of my pink, glistening cockhead. Then she opened her mouth and took my cock inside her mouth. Her breath felt warm on my cock. And, as she closed her mouth around my cock, it felt soothing. She put her hands around my hip and grabbed my ass. She squeezed my ass and took my entire cock deep inside her mouth. Her inner cheeks squeezed down on my cock and she sucked outward. She took my cock deep inside her mouth again and sucked. She repeated the movement again and again. My cock was very hard, wet with her saliva and it ached because of her passionate sucking.

“Oooooh, Rachana!” I moaned with pleasure, looking down at her lovely face as my cock slid in and out of her mouth.

“Mmmmm…” Rachana responded and sucked my cock harder.

It felt good but I didn’t want to come off inside her mouth. I kept one hand on the back of her head, slowing her and taking control. I shoved my cock balls deep inside her mouth, till she chocked and pulled back, letting my cock pop out of her mouth.

“Sorry. I got carried away,” I said and looked into her pretty eyes which were watery because of the choking.

She smiled and said, “That’s okay, Rahul.”

“Can you kneel down on the floor and lean forward?” I asked.

She gave me a naughty smile and got up from the chair. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat above her hip, and knelt down. She leaned forward and placed her elbows on the floor, supporting her upper body. I stood behind her with my legs next to both sides of her and bent my knees. I looked at her ass crack. Her puckered asshole flesh and her juicy cunt looked very inviting. I rubbed the head of my cock from the top of her ass-crack till her anus. I pressed the head of my cock on her asshole. She jerked forward. I moved my cock down to her cunt and rubbed my cock on her juicy cunt. I knelt down behind her and pressed the head of my cock in the slit of her pussy. I pushed slowly, watching my cock disappear inside her wet and warm pussy hole. As I pushed deeper inside her pussy, she moaned with pleasure. I spread her ass cheeks apart and watched her asshole open up. I bent down and spat inside her asshole. I shook her ass cheeks and watched my saliva drip down into her asshole. I pumped my cock in and out of her wet cunt as I spat more saliva inside her asshole, preparing it for anal penetration.

I pulled my cock out of her vagina. I bent down and sucked her pussy. I sucked her pussy, collecting her juice in my mouth. I spread her ass cheeks apart, opening her asshole. I spat her pussy juice and my saliva into her asshole.

“Rahul, what are you doing?” Rachana asked, looking over her left shoulder.

“Lubricating your anus,” I said.

“No… It will hurt, Rahul,” she said.

“Don’t worry. It will be fine now,” I said, hopping she doesn’t become stubborn.

“No. It always hurts,” she said, sounding fearful.

It was too late to change my mind. I stood up and bent my knees. I pressed the head of my cock on her tight asshole. The puckered skin of her asshole sank inward and my cockhead slid inside her asshole.

“Ohooo…. no….” she groaned, and her body jerked forward.

I grasped her hips and pulled her back. I thrust my cock forward, shoving my cock deep inside her one stroke.

“Oh!maaaahhhh! Oh, Ohooooo!” she cried. She tried to expel my cock out of her asshole.

“Relax, Rachana,” I said, spreading her ass cheeks apart and widening her asshole. I pulled her hip back and pressed my crotch on her soft ass cheeks, pushing my cock balls-deep inside her asshole.

I let my cock rest deep inside her asshole and gently caressed her ass cheeks trying to calm her down. “Just take it easy and relax. Stop pushing me out. The next one will be easy.”

My cock throbbed in her hot, tight asshole. Slowly I could feel her anal muscles relax around my cock. I pulled my cock outward slowly. She let out a sigh of relief. But I didn’t want her to get used to it, so I pushed it back inside quickly.

“Hmm…Ohoooo…slowly….please,” she moaned.

My cock was fully inside her asshole and I pressed my crotch on her soft bottom.

“Ahhh!” she moaned.

I pulled my cock out slowly and realized her asshole needed more lubrication. I bent my knees more and I pointed my cock below her anus. I placed the head of my cock in the slit of her vagina and pushed. My cock glided inside her wet, tight vagina. I pushed as deep as my cock could go and let my cock rest in her warm, embracing cunt for a few minutes. Then as I pulled out, I could feel her cunt gripping around my cock, not willing to let me out. I pulled out slowly until only the head of my cock was inside her pussy, then I thrust it back inside her cunt. I grabbed her bare, slim waist. I pushed and pulled my cock, in and out of her gripping cunt. Her pleasurable moans filled the room. It felt so good to fuck her pussy, I began fucking her harder and faster. But I suddenly I realized I might come inside her pussy and make her pregnant. I quickly pulled out of her pussy, I pressed the tip of my cock on her asshole and pushed. My cock plunged through the gripping ring of her asshole and glided deep inside her asshole.

“Ahhhh! maaaahhhh, why Rahul?” she begged to know.

I didn’t bother answering. My cock already felt very stiff, and my balls were hot and full. My cock fucked in and out of her asshole. It felt easier to fuck her asshole as my cock was coated with her pussy juice. I fucked her harder and faster, pumping my cock in and out of her tight asshole. My balls burned and ached, loaded with my hot cum. Her asshole clamped around my cock and squeezed. I lurched my cock deep inside her asshole, then hot spurts of my cum flooded inside her asshole. I held my cock inside her asshole and felt my cock relaxing. Her asshole kept squeezing my cock. I leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck.

“Did you like it, Rachana?” I asked.

“Not too much. I like vaginal sex more,” she said and laughed softly.

“Sorry. I was afraid of making you pregnant,” I said, feeling little disappointed.

“I am already pregnant, Rahul,” she said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Hmm…yes,” she said.

“Wow! That’s great. Congratulations!” I said, caressing the side of her thighs slowly while I returned to normal.

I pulled my cock out of her asshole and stood up. Rachana turned around and sat down on the floor. I gave her a hand. She held my hand and stood up. She put the Saree’s Pallu on her shoulder and said, “You look happy.”

I nodded my head and said, “I am very happy.”

She looked down at my cock and smiled. “It’s hard again,” she said.

“I can’t get enough of you,” I said and smiled.

“Sit down,” she said.

“What? Why?” I asked, curiously.

She gave me a naughty smile and said, “Because, I am not happy.”

I laughed. I sat down on the chair. She came to me smiling. She lifted her Saree and petticoat. She spread her legs apart and sat down on my lap. We kissed passionately for a while. Then I rubbed my face on her soft breasts. I kissed and sucked her breasts. She lifted her hips and held the base of my cock. She moved her hips, rubbing her wet pussy lips on the head of my cock. She lowered herself. I looked up at her face. Her eyes were half closed as my cock glided inside her pussy. She pushed her cunt down onto my cock until it was buried completely inside her. She moaned with pleasure and her cunt kept squeezing on my cock. She breathed heavily, her tits lifting and falling. I continued kissing, biting and sucking her swollen breasts. She stroked my hair and asked, “Do you like it, Rahul?”

I looked up and said, “I love it, Rachana?”

She smiled and said, “You sit still. It’s my turn to fuck you!”

We laughed. We kissed passionately for a while. Then Rachana began to plunge her cunt up and down on my cock. I clutched her thighs tightly. Her ass lifted and lowered swiftly in short, quick thrusts. I buried my face between her creamy tits. She pounded on my cock almost with desperation. She shook and sobbed softly. “Ohhh! Rahul, it’s so good!” she whispered.

She pounded her cunt up and down, throwing her shoulders back, bouncing up and down vigorously, fucking me. Each wet clutch of her cunt on my cock took me closer to discharge. I couldn’t stand the tightening sensation of her cunt as she exploded into orgasm!”

My cock exploded, gushing cum up into her vagina. I filled her soft and tight pussy with my semen.

She pecked a kiss on my lips and said, “Thanks. You’ll be a dad soon.”

“What?!” I asked, confused. “You said, you are pregnant!” I said, scared.

“I lied. I married my husband because he is rich. I had sex with you because I want a beautiful baby,” she said.

“Are you joking?” I asked, unable to believe what she had said.

She smiled and shook her head. “I am not joking,” she said.

I thought about it and figured that I had nothing to lose even if she was telling the truth. So, I said, “Sometimes it’s not possible to get pregnant after having sex once.”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll come for a photoshoot every day,” she said and laughed.

“Promise?” I asked, hoping she was serious.

“Promise,” she said and kissed me.

After that day we became very close friends with benefits. She became pregnant and gave birth to our beautiful child. She remains committed to her rich husband. And, I remain unmarried till this day.

Sometimes photoshoots go wrong with other models and that’s alright with me.