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Two sisters and a tailor

My Didi’s name is Aparna. At that time, she was 22 years old. She was 34, 30, 34 and she is fair. I looked very much like her but I was one inch shorter than her and I was 36, 30, 40.

I was in the first year of college and I was preparing for a dance competition. I needed a good Saree. My Didi had a lot of Sarees, so I decided to ask her.

I went to my Didi and asked, “Didi, I need a Saree for a dance competition in the college. Can I please borrow a Saree from you?”

“No. Just buy a Saree. You always borrow my dresses. You are not a child any more. You should start collecting your own Sarees,” Didi said, disappointing me.

“But Didi. I don’t have money to buy a new Saree,” I said, feeling frustrated.

“Ask Ma or borrow from my Tailor. He gives Sarees for rent,” she said.

“You know Ma is struggling to pay loans and I don’t have enough money to rent a Saree from the Tailor,” I said.

“Just go to him and tell him I sent you,” Didi said.

I pleaded with her but she refused to give me a Saree. Frustrated, I decided to meet the Tailor on the same day.

I reached the Tailor’s shop at 12 pm and there were two ladies discussing with the Tailor.

There were two men in the shop. The Tailor and his assistant. The Tailor looked about 30 and he looked like a normal man.  His assistant looked about 25 years old and he looked like a crook.

“Hello. What can I do for you?” The tailor asked.

“Bhaiya, I want to rent a Saree for a dance competition. My Didi told me to meet you,” I said.

“Didi? What is your Didi’s name?” The Tailor asked looking unconcerned.

“Aparna Didi,” I said.

“Aparna? From 5th cross? The girl who looks like a model?” he asked.

“Ye Bhaiya,” I said, hoping he would help me.

“I am busy now. I got a big order from Madam. You come at 7:30, I’ll show you all the Sarees,” Tailor said as if he doesn’t care about helping me.

“Bhaiya, 7:30 is too late. I won’t waste your time. I’ll quickly pick a Saree and go,” I said.

“Sorry. Come at 7:30. I am very busy,” he sounded very insensitive.

“Ok Bhaiya,” I said and left the Tailor shop.

I reached home. My Didi saw me and asked, “What happened? Was the shop closed?”

“No. He was busy. He asked me to come at 7:30,” I said.

“Try the Saree before you rent. Some Saree’s will be very short,” Didi said.

“Okay Didi,” I said.

That evening when I went to the Tailor shop. The Tailor was alone in the shop.

He saw me and said, “Ah! You have come. I thought you would have changed your mind.”

“Didi told me you have very good dresses for rent,” I said.

“Yes. Come with me I’ll show you the Saree collection,” Tailor said and stood up. He went to the corner of the room and opened the door.

I didn’t know if he was asking me to follow him inside the room or just come closer to the table. So, I just went closer to the table. But he turned around and said, “Come, Come. All the dresses are in this room.”

I found a passage through the tables and went to the room. I pushed the screen that was hiding the door and entered the room.

The room was as big as the Tailor’s shop in the front. It had a lot of dresses and two sewing machines.

“The Saree’s are here,” The Tailor said pointing at one side of the room.

I went closer to that side of the room he was pointing at and looked at the Sarees. They were all beautiful but I liked a plain rain-red Saree with golden border.

So, I told him, “Bhaiya, I like this, Saree.”

“Good choice. Rani-red colour will match your skin colour very well,” The Tailor said.

“Can you show me a matching blouse Bhaiya,” I asked, hoping he had a good blouse.

“There are different types of matching blouses for that Saree. Look at this wardrobe,” he said pointing at a wardrobe full of beautiful blouses.

I went to the wardrobe and had a look at the blouses. There were all types of readymade blouses but I liked a plain red stretch blouse which had lace sleeves.

“I like this blouse Bhaiya,” I said.

“Achi choice hai, but…” he looked at my breasts. “It may be small for you,” he said.

“Can I try the blouse and Saree Bhaiya?” I asked.

“Okay. The petticoats are on that shelf,” he said and left the room.

I closed the door and started to undress. I removed my Salwar Kameez. I picked a red petticoat and put it on. I put the blouse over my bra and tried to put the hooks on it but it was tight. I was disappointed. So, I removed the blouse and bra and tried wearing the blouse without the bra. It was still tight but I was able to put the hooks. Then, I draped the Saree. I liked the Saree even before I could adjust the pleats and Pallu.

After I adjusted the pleats and Pallu of the Saree, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I liked the way I looked. I looked very womanly. The Saree was hugging my body and clearly showing the curves of my hips and bottom. I tried a few dance steps for the Hindi song I was practicing to dance, when I heard the shutter of the shop closing. Curiously, I opened the door slowly and moved the screen. I peeped out and saw the Tailor. His back was facing me. He was folding a cloth. The shutter was closed.

“Bhaiya!” I called him.

He turned around and looked at me. “Wow! You look like a bride,” he said.

“Blouse is little tight, Bhaiya,” I said.

He looked at my breast and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll quickly remove the stitches and adjust them for you.”

“Why is the shutter closed Bhaiya?” I asked.

“Oh, you are the last customer. If more customers come, I’ll be late to go home. I’ll alter your blouse and go home,” he said.

“Ok Bhaiya,” I said and went back inside the room.

The Tailor came inside the room and said, “Move the Pallu down, I’ll take measurement of your chest.”

I hesitated and slowly pulled down the Pallu.

He looked at me and said, “Good.”

The look on his face suddenly scared me. He was looking at my breast like a starving man looking at food.

He came closer to me and put the tape around my breast and back to measure my bust.

“Your bust is 36, bigger than your Didi’s bust,” he said and laughed.

His palms cupped my breasts along with the tape and squeezed.

“Bhaiya!” I said feeling uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, I take measurement for hundreds of women,” he said and squeezed my breast again.

I was angry but I need the Saree, so I stood patiently and closed my eyes.

His hands moved down on my bare waist and belly.

I opened my eyes and asked, “Bhaiya, how much to rent this Saree for one day?” I asked hoping to distract him.

“Looks like your Didi didn’t tell you everything. It is free for your Didi and you if you cooperate with me. It will be very expensive if you don’t cooperate,” he said and gave me an evil smile.

He moved closer as if he wanted to kiss me.

I moved my head back.

“Do you want the Saree?” he asked.

I didn’t say anything. I was so confused. I wanted the Saree so badly for the dance.

He moved closer to me and kissed my lips. Both his hands moved behind and caught my bottom. He squeezed my bottom and kissed my lips.

I stood there helplessly feeling weak and nervous.

He stopped kissing and said, “I want to go home soon. Remove your blouse and give it to me. I’ll alter your blouse quickly, ok?” he said.

I was confused. I removed the hooks and he quickly bent down and sucked one of my nipples, shocking me.

“Bhaiya, no please…” I pleaded.

But he didn’t stop. I just closed my eyes understanding that I won’t get the Saree if I resisted.

He squeezed my breasts and sucked as if my breasts had milk. He lifted the Saree and petticoat. His hands moved all over my thighs. He squeezed my inner thighs and pulled my panties down. His fingers rubbed on my vagina and clit.  I was very aroused but when he tried to put his fingers inside my vagina I said, “No Bhaiya, I am virgin.”

“I know. That’s why your Didi sent you to me,” he said.

“But I don’t want to get pregnant,” I said.

“Okay, next time you come when it is your safe period,” he said.

“Okay Bhaiya,” I said thinking that he will let me go.

But he said, “Lean forward on the table.”

“Please Bhaiya, don’t make me pregnant,” I pleaded.

“You won’t get pregnant if I penetrate your anus,” he said.

“Please Bhaiya, I have not done it before,” I said.

“There’s always a first time,” he said and laughed.

Confused, I slowly leaned forward on the sewing machine table.

He lifted the petticoat and Saree from behind. He took the sewing machine oil bottle from the table and I felt the thin plastic dropper of the bottle enter my anus. My heart was beating fast with fear. I wanted to get up and run but I desperately wanted to win the dance competition.

I felt the tip of his penis on my anus. I just didn’t understand what he was trying to do but I told myself it will be over soon and I will go home with the Saree.

His hands caught my waist tightly. Then I felt a sudden pain in my anus. I jerked forward but he tightened his grip on my waist and pulled me back. He had pushed is penis inside me suddenly. It was so painful. I cried, “Please let me go!” I could feel his penis stretching my anus. I felt like I had to go to the toilet. I clenched my fist and closed my eyes.

He pulled his penis out little bit and I felt little relief. But he pushed it inside me again. I cried but he did it again and again slowly. It was still painful. Just when I was feeling less pain, he started doing it fast. His crotch was hitting on my bottom and shaking my whole body. I cried for my Ma.

I closed my eyes, clenched my fists and tried to tolerate the pain. His hands were squeezing my breasts and his penis repeatedly penetrating my anus. I thought he would never stop. I felt like I was getting raped by a wild man.

The pain in my anus slowly became bearable but it was still burning.

Finally, he slowed down and pressed his crotch on my bottom. His penis was still deep inside my anus. I didn’t understand what he was doing at that time but later I understood he had ejaculated inside my anus.

I felt so much relief when he pulled his penis out my anus but I felt like I had become very dirty that day.

“I want to go to the bathroom,” I told him.

“Bathroom is there,” he said pointing at a door.

I quickly removed the clothes and rushed to the bathroom.

The rough anal penetration had disturbed my belly. As I emptied my bowel, I felt more relief.

Fortunately, that day the Tailor altered the blouse and gave it to me. I went home feeling a little happy.

I reached home about 9 PM. As soon as I entered the house my Didi asked, “How was it?”

“You could have told me,” I said, angry with her.

“If I had told you, you would have never gone. Now you know how to get a variety of dresses for different occasions.”

I just laughed at my sister’s crooked way of thinking and walked away.

Next few days, my anus felt soar but I danced well in the competition and got the first prize.