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Bhabhi showed Me Heaven

It happened twelve years ago when I was living in Baroda, Gujarat. The following series of life-changing events began after I passed 12th grade and secured admission in an engineering college in Surat. I moved into a hostel there. But my parents weren’t comfortable with this arrangement. My father visited the hostel a few times and was deeply troubled by the conditions. The small room I shared with two other roommates, the presence of adult books and DVDs in the common TV room, and the poor quality of food in the canteen all contributed to his discomfort.

A few days later, my parents informed me that they had arranged for me to stay with a distant cousin. This cousin was an auditor in a government firm, and he was living with his wife and child in a government quarters a few kilometers from my college. My parents told me to visit them that evening.

When I arrived at their house in the evening, a beautiful lady greeted me. I realized it was Bhabhi, whom I was meeting for the first time. I inquired about Bhaiya, and she told me he will be returning from the office soon.

I liked Bhabhi. The first time I saw her, I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god! She is perfect!’ She was dressed in a light-yellow saree. As she turned around and walked inside the house, I caught a glimpse of her belly and navel from the side, and my heart skipped a beat. I followed behind her, admiring her incredibly curvy body. Suddenly, she moved her hand back and brought her hair to the front, revealing the U-shaped neck design of her blouse and the smooth skin of her back, which made my heart race fast.

She asked me to sit on the sofa and offered to make me some tea. I accepted, admiring her beauty. She went into the kitchen, and after a few minutes, she returned to the living room holding a tray which had a cup of tea and snacks. She approached from my right side, giving me a view of her bare waist and belly on her left side. As she bent down to place the tray on the table, her saree pallu shifted forward, revealing the size and shape of her breasts which had been hidden by the Saree.

After 15 minutes, Bhaiya returned, and we greeted each other. We chatted for a long time till evening. After that, we went out to eat in a restaurant. While we had dinner, Bhaiya told me he had always looked up to my dad as his role model since he was a kid. I liked Bhaiya. He said I should move next day, but I wasn’t sure. I told him I had some work at the hostel, and I’ll move in after one week.

Bhaiya’s name is Vishank and Bhabhi’s name is Monal. They were good people, so I didn’t hesitate to move in after one week. Soon, I found Monal Bhabhi to be very friendly. We connected well. I respected her but that didn’t stop me from getting a hard-on whenever she was around me. I controlled my desires by imagining having sex with Bhabhi and shagging. I didn’t cross the line because she was a mother of a two-year-old baby and a beautiful young wife of my cousin. But Bhabhi started getting closer to me and she would frequently come to my room for various reasons. Slowly, we became more friendly. We freely discussed everything from movies to actors, actresses, singers and models. I noticed a significant change in Bhabhi’s choice of clothes. She would reveal her cleavage generously whether she was wearing a saree, a salwar suit, or even a nighty. She would wear see-through sarees, revealing her cleavage and her navel. I wasn’t sure what was going on with her. I began to wonder if she was trying to seduce me. But after a few incidents it became clear to me.

The first incident happened after I arrived home at 6:30pm. Bhabhi opened the door and let me inside with a smile. She asked me if I had a good day. I told her, I had a busy day. She told me to relax and went to her room. Seeing her looking beautifully dressed in a Saree, I was attracted to her. But I was tired to go to the bathroom and shag. So I put the fan on and relaxed on the sofa in the living room. As the breeze calmed me, I closed my eyes and leaned back on the sofa.

A few minutes later, I heard baby crying. I kept my eyes closed, ignoring the sound. But when I heard footsteps, I opened my eyes and saw Bhabhi entering the Livingroom with her child. She sat down on the sofa opposite to me keeping baby on her lap. She quickly unhooked her blouse, removed the straps of her nursing bra and began breastfeeding baby. Seeing Bhabhi’s beautiful breast and the lovely sight of her feeding her baby, my cock became hard as a rock.

Bhabhi looked at me and smiled. “Baby is very hungry!” she said and looked down at baby.

I smiled and sat there admiring her milky boobs as baby sucked her nipple and drank her milk. I wanted to squeeze her breasts, suck her nipples, drink her milk and fuck her.

Bhabhi kept looking at baby as I admired her glowing breast. After a few minutes, I couldn’t control myself anymore. I stood up hoping she doesn’t spot the bulge in my crotch. I said, “I’ll be back Bhabhi.”

She smiled and said, “Okay.”

I went to the bathroom and shagged.

One week later, the second incident happened. I was in the living room playing with her child. Bhabhi was washing clothes in the laundry room. After some time when she came out, her nighty was very wet, and it was clinging to her body. The material of the nighty was so thin, and light coloured that it looked transparent. I could see, she was not wearing anything under that nighty. I could see her breasts, nipples and navel. I could even partially see her crotch and thighs. I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts. Unexpectedly she cupped her breasts with her palms and gently squeezed. Surprised by what she did, I looked at her face. She smiled shyly and said, “I accidentally spilled water on myself. I’ll change my clothes and come.”

“Ok, Bhabhi,” I said, controlling my urge to hug her and kiss her.

Bhabhi returned to the living room after about five minutes. She had worn a Saree. She looked hot. I couldn’t take my eyes off her navel which was visible through her Saree. Again, she cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed catching my attention. I looked at her face. She smiled and looked at baby. Her baby lifted her arms wanting to be carried. Bhabhi carried baby and went to her bedroom

I went to the bathroom and shagged.

After the second incident, Bhabhi made it a habit to cup her breasts in her palms and squeeze them when I was around her. She made it look as if she was doing it to adjust her bra but I wasn’t sure of her intentions.

The third incident happened after about two weeks. I was sitting at my study table and doing my assignment on my laptop. Suddenly I heard Bhabhi’s voice behind me. “Did you download the movies?” she asked.

I turned to look at her. She came to my side and stood next to me. She looked hot, dressed in a Saree. I told her I had downloaded the movies, but I had not copied the files to a flash drive. She asked me if I was free to copy the files and give it to her because she wanted to watch the movies in her room. I told her it won’t take too long to copy and took a flash drive. I connected the drive and started copying. While the files were getting copied, Bhabhi leaned forward to take a book from my table and the pallu of her Saree slid down. She didn’t bother to put it back on her shoulder. She flipped the pages of the book quickly and kept it down. I just looked at her wondering what she was doing. She acted as if she wasn’t aware of me looking at her. She cupped her large breasts in her palms, lifted them and squeezed them. I was stunned and turned on. She casually put her pallu back on her shoulder and looked at me. She smiled shyly and asked, “Is it copied?”

I quickly looked at the computer and said, “Yes.” I removed the flash drive and gave it to her. She gave me a shy smile and walked away.

After that incident, Bhabhi began teasing me more often. Her saree’s pallu dropped down more frequently. When I couldn’t look away from her breasts or navel, she would cup her breasts and squeeze them. She also left open the upper hooks or buttons of her blouse, Kurti or her nighty, revealing her cleavage. Her intentions became clear to me, but I wasn’t bold enough to make the first move.

But fate took its course. It was about 6pm. I was doing my assignment in my room. I heard Bhaiya telling Bhabhi he’ll be back before 10:30pm. Bhabhi told him not to drink too much. He said he won’t and left the house. A few minutes after Bhaiya left, thoughts about Bhabhi took over my mind. Trying to divert my attention, I opened a browser and went to to a porn website. I watched videos of Bhabhi’s getting fucked. Suddenly I sensed movement behind me and closed the browser. I looked behind me and saw Bhabhi. She smiled and asked, “Why are you watching other people having sex?”

“Sorry, Bhabhi,” I apologized and stood up.

“Don’t be sorry,” she said and continued, “You should have sex instead of watching other people having sex.”

I looked at her, confused.

She pulled the Saree’s pallu down. She cupped her breasts, squeezed and said, “It’s better to have sex instead of watching videos.”

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I quickly hugged her. “I love you, Bhabhi!” I said and pecked kisses on her cheeks, nose, neck and lips.

She laughed and said, “Slowly!”

I kissed her lips again and she kissed me back. I squeezed the soft flesh on both sides of her bare waist. I covered her mouth with my mouth and put my tongue inside her mouth. I licked her tongue and sucked her breath. Her breath was as fresh as she looked. I moved my hands up and grabbed her breasts. I squeezed the soft mounds of flesh and French kissed her.

After a few minutes, I stopped kissing and removed her Saree. Bhabhi laughed and removed her blouse and bra. I untied the knot of her inner skirt’s dori-string and her skirt dropped down. She was wearing a pink pantie. I pulled her pantie down to her feet and removed it. I stood up straight and took a good look at her naked body.

“Wow! Bhabhi you are so beautiful!” I said, awestruck by her beauty.

She smiled shyly and said, “Thank you.”

I hugged her again tightly and planted kisses all over her face.

Bhabhi laughed and said, “Remove your clothes first.”

I began removing my clothes. Bhabhi climbed onto the bed and lay down on her back.

I removed my clothes unable to believe it was really happening. I was very excited. I climbed the bed and looked at Bhabhi. She bent her legs and spread them apart. Then she said, “Lie down on top of me.”

I knelt between her legs and saw heaven. Her clean shaved vulva between her plump thighs looked like a exotic juicy fruit. Slowly, I lay on top of her soft body and kissed parts of her pretty face. Then I moved down to her breasts and hastily sucked her nipples, one after the other. As milk filled my mouth, I swallowed and sucked impatiently. I felt Bhabhi stroking my hair and looked at her. She smiled and asked, “Do you like my milk?”

I stopped sucking and said, “It’s very tasty, Bhabhi!” I moved up and kissed her sweet lips.

As we kissed, I pressed my cock on her vagina trying to penetrate her. Bhabhi put her hand down and I felt her fingers wrap around my cock rod. She guided the tip of my cock to the opening of her vagina. I pushed, penetrating Bhabhi’s vagina and losing my virginity to her. Her pussy was tight, moist and warm. She squeezed my cock inside her pussy and moaned with pleasure. She sounded sweet and encouraging. Excited, I pulled and pushed my cock inside Bhabhi’s warm, wet pussy. She moaned, and I continued fucking her and gradually I increased speed. She put her legs around my waist, and I kissed her lips. Kissing her, I repeatedly thrust my cock into her, slamming my crotch between her legs. She moaned softly. As the amazing sexual pleasure peaked, my balls felt heavy, and I ejaculated inside her. She smiled and relaxed with her eyes closed. I lay on top of her as my cock shot more and more cum inside her. I pecked a kiss on her lips and said, “I love you Bhabhi. It was so good. I want to have sex with you every day.”

“If you don’t tell anybody, we can have sex every day!” Bhabhi said.

“I won’t tell anybody,” I assured her.

She smiled and I kissed her.

After we were done, Bhabhi left my room. I went to bathroom and washed. Then, I sat down to study. I tried to study but I couldn’t stop thinking about Bhabhi. I checked the time. It was 8:45pm. There was still time for Bhaiya to come home. So, I went to the living room and saw Bhabhi sitting on the sofa breastfeeding baby. She looked like she had taken bath after we had sex. She looked beautiful, dressed in a different Saree.

She saw me and smiled. I went to her and sat down next to her on her right side. I smiled at baby. I pinched baby’s cheeks and said, “She is cute like you Bhabhi!”

Bhabhi laughed and asked, “Are you in the mood again?”

“Yes, Bhabhi. Sorry” I said.

“Don’t be sorry,” she said. “You will feel like that because you had sex for the first time. We can have sex when your Bhaiya is not at home. When he is at home, don’t try to touch me. He will become suspicious.”

“Okay, Bhabhi,” I said, understanding her.

“Baby will sleep soon. We have enough time,” she said and smiled.

“Okay, I’ll come back,” I said.

“Do you have too many assignments?” Bhabhi asked.

“I completed my assignments, Bhabhi,” I said.

Bhabhi smiled and asked, “Do you want to drink milk?”

Excited, I smiled and said, “Yes,” nodding my head.

The hooks of Bhabhi’s blouse were already removed, so she pushed the part of the blouse that covered her right-side breast and pulled down the flap of her nursing bra, exposing her breast and nipple.

I quickly bent down to her breast and sucked her nipple. I peacefully drank Bhabhi’s milk for about five minutes. Then she said, “Baby has gone to sleep.”

I stopped sucking her nipple and sat straight.

“I’ll keep her in the cradle and come back,” Bhabhi said and got up. She went to her bedroom.

I waited, feeling very happy after drinking Bhabhi’s milk. She returned within a few minutes. She sat down next to me. We kissed for some time. Then she said, “Let’s finish it before your Bhaiya comes home.”

“Okay Bhabhi,” I said.

We stood up and went my bedroom. Bhabhi lifted her Saree and Petticoat above her buttocks. She was not wearing panties. She climbed on top of the bed, knelt on the edge and leaned forward.

I saw her naked buttocks fully for the first time and I fell in love with it. I envied Bhaiya at that moment. I bent down and pecked lot of kisses on her beautiful, plump and well-shaped buttocks. I dug my face between her ass cheeks, kissed her anus, licked her ass crack and lapped cream from her vagina. Then I penetrated her vagina. I fucked her desperately for at least five minutes and ejaculated inside her.

After we finished, I went to the bathroom and washed. I did my assignments for a few minutes. Bhabhi came to my room at about 9:25pm and told me to have dinner. So, I had dinner and went to sleep at about 10:15pm feeling very happy.

At about 11:30pm, I heard sounds and woke up. The sounds were coming from the living room. Silently, I got down from the bed, went to the door and opened it slightly. I saw Bhaiya and Bhabhi having sex in the living room. Judging by the way Bhaiya moved, I knew he was drunk. Bhabhi was kneeling on the sofa with her Saree lifted above her buttocks. Bhaiya was standing behind her and fucking her like a wild and drunk man. Bhabhi was whining, whimpering and moaning, sounding like she was enjoying it. I felt heartbroken but I couldn’t do anything about it. After they finished fucking, I went to bed wowing to myself that I will fuck Bhabhi more than Bhaiya. So, during the four years I stayed with them, I fucked Bhabhi every time I got a chance, in every different position.

Bhaiya and Bhabhi have three children now. Bhabhi told me I am the dad for their second and third children. I was very happy but I am not sure if she is right. I am married to a woman who is beautiful and sexy like Bhabhi, but I still have a good relationship with Bhabhi. I visit her at least twice a month and she doesn’t fail to show me heaven.