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Chapter 2 – Treated like a wife

Chapter 2

G-Block, Flat 12

Siddharth watched Seema from the living room. She was on the balcony taking dried clothes from the cloth-liner. She was dressed in a light-coloured Salwar Kameez as usual. He wanted to strip her and hug her ripe body. He wanted to massage her body and feel her jelly-like breasts, sensuously curved hips, plump buttocks and her perfect pussy between her chubby, shapely, long legs. His penis felt hard as a rock. He walked away feeling excited.

Siddharth went to the kitchen and said, “Rhea, I am late. Have a safe journey. Take care of Ma.”

“Bye Siddharth. Don’t trouble Didi. Wash your own clothes and keep the rooms clean. Call me every day,” Rhea said.

“Ok. ok,” Siddharth said, walking out of the kitchen.

He went to the dining room. Latha was having breakfast. “Enjoy the journey Ma. Take your medicine every day. I’ll call you in the evening,” he said.

“Okay Beta. Take care of the children. Bye,” Latha said.

“Bye Ma,” Siddharth said and hurried to the main door.

Rhea finished washing dishes. She went to the bedroom and quickly got ready. Then, she went to the dining room and asked Latha, “Ready Ma?”

“Yes Beti,” Latha said.

“Did you pack your medicines Ma?” Rhea asked.

“I don’t know. I asked Didi to check,” Latha said.

Rhea went to Latha’s room. She saw Seema and asked, “Didi, are you checking Ma’s medicines?”

“Yes. She forgot to pack. I packed it. I also packed one sweater and two shawls,” Seema said.

“Oh great! Thank you Didi,” Rhea said.

“What time is the flight?” Seema asked.

“12:20pm Didi,” Rhea said.

“Oh, you are late!” Seema said.

“Yes Didi!” Rhea said. Just then her mobile buzzed. She checked her mobile and said, “Taxi is here!”

Rhea and Latha left home at 10:30am.

Seema was alone at home. She went to her bedroom. She opened her wardrobe and took one of her favourite Sarees. After her husband had passed away one year ago, she had only been wearing light coloured Salwar Kameez when Latha and Rhea were at home. She was happy she had got another opportunity to wear a good Saree.

As Seema undressed, she thought about her position in the family. She felt like she didn’t belong with them after her husband’s death. Although Latha treated her like a daughter and Rhea treated her like an elder sister, she still felt like she was not free to be herself. She thought people looked at her as if she was an unlucky woman.

Seema slipped into a petticoat and put on a bra. She wore the Saree’s matching blouse and draped the Saree. The Saree was medium blue colour and had Zari border. The colour looked good on her fair skin and the fabric hugged on to her voluptuous body showing the sensuous curves of her hips and the cheeks of her buttocks.

Seema’s mobile rang. She answered the call, “Hello Siddharth.”

“Hello Bhabhi. Have they gone?” Siddharth asked.

“Yes Siddharth. They left at 10:30,” Seema said.

“Good. I thought they would be late,” Siddharth said.

“It is already 12. Children will come home at 4,” Seema said.

“Okay Bhabhi. Bye!” Siddharth said.

“Bye,” Seema said and hung up.

Fifteen minutes later, the doorbell rang. Seema looked through the peephole and saw Siddharth. She opened the door.

“Wow Bhabhi! You look beautiful!” Siddharth said, entering the house.

Seema smiled and shrugged. She closed the door and turned around. Siddharth was waiting for her. As she moved closer to him, he started walking with her. He put one hand behind her and touched her lower back. “Didn’t you keep a Bindi, Bhabhi?” He asked.

“You have to keep it for me?” Seema said.

“Every time Bhabhi?” Siddharth asked and smiled.

“Yes, every time you want to treat me like your wife,” Seema said.

Siddharth laughed and moved his hand down on her buttocks, feeling the soft, large mounds of flesh through her clothes.

They went to Seema’s bedroom. She gave him the Bindi and the Mangalsutra. Siddharth put the Mangalsutra around her neck. He kept the Bindi on her forehead and said, “You look very beautiful, Bhabhi.”

Seema shrugged. “I am 40 years old. Rhiya is only 33 years old. She is younger and more beautiful than me. You don’t have to say I am beautiful just to have sex with me,” Seema said.

Siddharth laughed and said, “I didn’t say you are beautiful just to have sex with you Bhabhi. You are more beautiful than Rhiya. If I had not been married to her, I would have married you.”

Seema gave him a half-smile and asked, “But, how long do you want me to stay in this house and secretly have sex with you?”

Siddharth nodded and said, “I thought about it, Bhabhi. I have a plan. Bhaiya, left one flat for you. If you vacate the tenants and move there, I will transfer the rent money every month to your account. And, I will also take care of all your expenses.”

“Good plan, Siddharth. I hope Ma allows me move out of this house,” Seema said, concerned.

“Don’t worry, Bhabhi. I’ll find a way to convince her,” Siddharth said.

Seema smiled with relief and admired her Devar’s handsome face. Siddharth moved closer to Seema and took her in his arms. Her big, jelly-like breasts pressed on his chest. He bent and pressed his lips on her lips. She welcomed the kiss. Just the tip of her tongue flickered out to touch his tongue. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, probing and passionately exploring the inner softness of her mouth. His rigid cock pressed on her groin. She could feel his hard cock through her clothes. His hand moved down on her buttocks and gently squeezed her ass cheeks through her Saree, petticoat and panties. She surrendered to him completely.

Siddharth stopped kissing and said, “I missed making love to you Bhabhi. I just want to be inside you.”

Seema laughed and said, “I missed you too, Siddharth.”

“Come Bhabhi. I can’t wait anymore,” Siddharth said.

They went closer to the bed. Siddharth quickly removed his shirt, trousers and underwear while Seema removed her blouse, bra and panties.

Seema stood before Siddharth revealing her large breasts and saw Siddharth’s erect cock ready to penetrate her.

“Do you want to be a cowgirl this time Bhabhi?” Siddharth asked.

Seema laughed softly. “I’ll do anything you want Siddharth,” she said.

“Lie down on your back, Bhabhi.” Siddharth said.

“Okay,” Seema said, like an obedient wife.

Seema got on top of the bed, she lay down on her back and spread her legs apart. Siddharth got on top of the bed and knelt down between her legs. He looked down at Seema’s shapely legs, thick thighs and her clean shaved pussy between her soft inner thighs. He bent and kissed the soft flesh of her belly, running his tongue into the dent of her navel, making her shiver.

Siddharth moved forward and kissed one of her tingling nipples, licking and sucking the flesh that surrounded it, while Seema trembled with the touch of his hot mouth. As he began to nibble gently on her nipple, she moaned softly and stroked his hair, wishing he would never stop. Her breasts had stopped lactating years ago, but Siddharth couldn’t get enough of his beautiful Bhabhi’s breasts. Siddharth moved his mouth to her other breast and sucked hard on her rubbery nipple. His hand went to the breast he had just stopped sucking and massaged it gently. She felt his other hand go down to her thighs and begin to slide up and down on her soft flesh, making her inner cunt walls feel chill. She wanted to feel his long, hard cock buried deep inside her cunt.

Siddharth stopped massaging her breast and moved his hands down to her ass. He used both hands to spread her ass cheeks and she felt cool air on her exposed anus. One of his middle fingers pressed on her anus, opening it. Seema’s body jerked and she moaned, “Hmmm…” His finger slid inside her anus and he pushed his finger deeper.

“Si..ddh…” Seema moaned again.

Siddharth stopped pushing his finger inside her asshole and asked, “Are you okay, Bhabhi?”

Seema nodded with her eyes closed. Siddharth resumed pushing his finger inside her asshole. He pushed his middle finger knuckle deep and pulled it out little, and pushed inside again. Slowly, his finger slid in and out, again and again. He finger-fucked her asshole and sucked her breast for a while. A few minutes later, he stopped and moved back. Kneeling between her legs, with his legs spread apart, he lifted her legs.

“What are you doing, Siddharth?” Seema asked, curiously.

“Trying a new position, Bhabhi. Just keep your legs on my shoulder,” Siddharth said.

Seema laughed. She raised her legs and kept each of her ankles on Siddharth’s shoulders.

Siddharth placed the tip of his cock on the slit of her pussy lips and pushed. The swollen head of his cock opened her pussy and he pushed inside slowly. Seema sighed as few inches of his cock fucked into her. He pushed more and the rod of flesh glided inside her stretching, wet cunt till every inch of his cock was fully inside her. She could feel his cock pulse inside her and passion burned almost out of control in her belly.

“Mmm! Ooooh! Siddharth!” she moaned.

Siddharth gently pulled Seema’s legs upward, so her ankles rested high up on his shoulders. He was partially on his knees, as he looked down with eyes wide open, filled with lust. He saw his cock fully buried inside his beautiful Bhabhi’s vagina and he liked the erotically stimulating sight. He had never enjoyed fucking any woman as much as he enjoyed fucking his Bhabhi. He looked at her pretty face. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she liked what he was doing to her. He began to fuck her cunt with his rock-hard cock. His cock went in and out his Bhabhi’s cunt, fucking her with all his strength, stretching her pussy unmercifully, savouring the pleasant friction her cunt provided for his cock. His thrusts were so powerful that their pelvic areas crashed together and shook the jelly-like flesh on her body. His cock went deeper, slamming into the depth of her cunt. She moaned with pleasure and pain. She lay back, moaning, “Oooohhh… Siddharth!”

Encouraged by his beautiful Bhabhi’s moans of pleasure, Siddharth kept on fucking her. Seema gasped and puffed. Her legs rested comfortably on Siddharth’s shoulders, as her cunt took the repeated pleasurable pounding it deserved. Siddharth kept on feeding hard cock to her hungry cunt. Seema’s body jerked, her cunt lips rubbed up and down over the sides of his cock. Then, her cunt began to flutter. He felt the vibrations of her cunt and went into quick-mode. His strokes were short. Seema felt his cock swelling inside her, knew he was going to cum soon and ached to feel his semen inside her. His balls slapped on her upturned ass every time he thrust his cock inside her cunt. Both were coated with perspiration. Suddenly, Siddharth buried the full length of his cock inside her. He held the rigid cock inside her comforting vagina. Seema could feel his balls jerking and jumping between his legs, on her ass cheeks. He was starting to come inside her. She didn’t mind because she had taken birth control pills. Her cunt clutched his cock and squeezed it, milking every drop of her Devar’s semen. Again and again, she felt his cock expanding against the elastic walls of her cunt. Siddharth shot thick, creamy semen into his Bhabhi’s vagina.

Seema laughed softly with satisfaction. Her legs rested comfortably on Siddharth’s strong shoulders as he ejaculated inside her with his head lifted up and his eyes closed. She was happy, he treated her like his wife.