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A special New Year’s Eve party with Bhabhi

Short series story:
Starting a Special New Year with Bhabhi

After experiencing one of the best moments of my life with Bhabhi, I was in a good mood to celebrate. I parked the car and looked at Bhabhi. She smiled.

I smiled and said, “C’mon Bhabhi, let’s go party.”

She laughed.

I moved closer to her and pecked a light kiss on her lips.

She smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

The party was hosted by a hotel which is popular for hosting awesome gigs and events. It was organised very well in the ball room and the outdoor lawn. They had very good DJs, large dance floor and colourful party lights. They also offered unlimited drinks and buffet.

I felt like a celebrity accompanying Bhabhi, as we walked into the party venue. Even though there were lot of good-looking and well-dressed people around us, Bhabhi made heads turn to look at her. She looked around with her eyes wide open and with a beautiful smile on her face. I put my right arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me.

“Not now. My friends are here,” Bhabhi said.

I took my hand from her waist. She waved her right hand at a group of men and women who were in the crowd. She said, “Let’s go,” and moved into the crowd.

I followed Bhabhi, looking at the people we were moving closer to. There were about four men and five women. Some of them looked like they were same age as me and some looked a bit older. When we reached them, the men greeted her cheerfully and the women greeted and hugged her excitedly. Then Bhabhi introduced me to them. She told me they were her colleagues and good friends. I felt welcome among them.

After sometime, I grabbed drinks for Bhabhi and me. As I drank, I got along well with the men first while observing a couple of women who were trying to get my attention.

As alcohol began to take effect and music got louder, people began to dance. I pretended to dance and watched Bhabhi dancing with her friends. One of her friends kept looking at me and smiling. She was good looking and she reminded me of my girlfriend, Shriya. I liked her but Bhabhi got my attention as she danced gracefully. The maroon, midi, figure-hugging dress she was wearing highlighted the round shape of her full breasts, the peer shape of her buttocks and the hour glass shape of her body. She looked hot!

Bhabhi’s hips swayed from side to side, her breasts and her buttocks shook sensuously evoking memories of my sexual experience with her just a few hours ago. I had loved penetrating her vagina but at that moment as I watched her plump buttocks wobble seductively, I wanted to lift her stretchy dress, pull her panties down, spread her ass cheeks apart and thrust my hard cock deep into her asshole.

Bhabhi’s friend who had been smiling at me told something to Bhabhi and they looked at me. I thought she would have told Bhabhi about the way I had been lusting at Bhabhi’s buttocks. I felt little guilty. And when they came towards me, I felt embarrassed and a bit nervous.

Bhabhi said, “Meet my friend, Asmitha. She likes you.” Bhabhi winked at me and laughed.

“Nice to meet you,” I said and stretched my hand forward to shake her hand.

She shook my hand and smiled shyly.

“You kids have fun. I’ll see you later,” Bhabhi said and walked away.

I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to hold Bhabhi in my arms and dance with her. But I consoled myself as I looked at Asmitha’s smiling face. “You look beautiful,” I said loudly because the music was loud.

“Thanks,” Asmitha said and blushed.

The music changed and Asmitha started to dance. I danced with her and I began to like her company. But I kept an eye on Bhabhi. She looked gorgeous as she danced with her girlfriends. I couldn’t wait to take her home and fuck her. But it was too early to go home. It was only 11pm.

As I danced with Asmitha, she demanded more attention from me. She winked at me and bit her bottom lip as if she was trying to seduce me. I danced resisting the urge to take her in my arms. But after a few minutes the music changed and the DJ played a romantic remix Hindi song. Asmitha took my hands and pulled my arms around her waist. I held on to her waist and we danced slowly. She reminded me of my beautiful girlfriend, so I subconsciously got lost in the moment. I wanted to kiss her but I didn’t want Bhabhi to see me kissing her. I looked at the direction where Bhabhi was dancing. I was shocked to see her in one of her male friend’s arms. They were dancing romantically like us. I felt a sting of jealousy. I wanted rush to them and push him away from her but I didn’t want to create a scene just because they were dancing together. But after observing them for some more time, I realised Bhabhi was drunk. Her feet movements were unsteady and she seemed to be struggling to keep the balance. And, when the guy suddenly pulled her closer to him and tried to kiss her, I let go of Asmitha and rushed towards Bhabhi. I pulled the guy’s arms and yelled, “What the fuck are doing?!”

He recognised me because Bhabhi had introduced us. He looked scared and said, “Relax dude. It’s a party.”

“Ta…ke….it…ea…sy,” Bhabhi said sounding drunk.

“Party pooper!” the guy accused me.

“Go fuck someone else!” I yelled at him trying to sound louder than the music.

The guy showed me a middle finger and walked away.

I held Bhabhi’s arms and said, “C’mon Bhabhi. Let’s go.”

“I’m….o..k,” Bhabhi’s speech slurred.

“You are drunk. Come Bhabhi. Let’s go,” I said and helped her walk.

“What happened?” one of her girlfriends asked.

“I think she needs some fresh air,” I said.

“Reshma, are you okay?” another girlfriend asked.

“I…. feel… dizzz…zy!” Bhabhi said, swaying a bit and slurring her speech.

“She sounds very drunk. She doesn’t get drunk easily,” one of her girlfriends said.

“Anish would have spiked her drink,” one of them said.

“Yeah. He has a crush on her,” someone said.

“I’ll take her out. She’ll feel better,” I said holding Bhabhi’s arms tightly as she struggled to keep her balance.

“I… am… ok…” Bhabhi mumbled.

“You are not ok, Reshma,” one of her friends told her.

“Take her home if she doesn’t recover soon,” someone said.

“Ok. I’ll take her home safely,” I said. I put an arm on her upper back and grabbed her upper arm. Holding her firmly, I helped her walk.

Bhabhi had difficulty walking but she was able to keep her balance with little help. I held her closer to me as we exited the ball room. And as we walked towards the front door, Bhabhi mumbled, “Fu…ck meee…”

‘Can she read my mind?!’ I thought. I wanted to fuck her but we were in the wrong place.

I looked around. There were a few people around us who seemed to be drunk and minding their own business. I saw a small corridor and two doors on the sides of the corridor walls. I thought it might be the toilet doors and helped Bhabhi walk to the corridor, hoping she would feel better if she refreshed a bit. But a board on the door said, JANITOR’S CLOSET. I pushed the door and it opened. “Hello! Anybody here?!” I asked.

No one answered. We entered the dimly lit room. The room was clean and organised. It had cleaning equipment and products placed on the shelves. There was a counter height table which had some kind of log books and sheets of paper kept on it. ‘Perfect!’ I thought. I closed the door and latched it.

Holding Bhabhi, I helped her walk. I lowered my hand and caressed her buttocks. I gently squeezed her soft ass cheeks through the figure-hugging dress. I was excited to fuck Bhabhi again. I carefully walked with Bhabhi to the table hoping no one would knock the door.

“Lean forward on the table, Bhabhi,” I said helping her stand close to the table.

She smiled at me with sleepy eyes and asked, “Are…u…go…ing to fu…ck meee…?”

“Yes Bhabhi,” I said and slowly turned her around.

“Ca…ll meeee… Resh….ma,” Bhabhi corrected me.

I laughed, unable to believe Bhabhi was still conscious after drinking a spiked drink. I helped her lean forward on the table. She kept her elbows on the table and supported her upper body.

I stood behind Bhabhi and looked at her beautiful back covered by the maroon dress. The curves of her wide, plump buttocks looked amazing in the dress but having seen her butt naked, I knew there was real beauty beneath that dress. I lifted the dress and the beauty of her buttocks took my breath away. The pink see-through lace panty looked sexy on her fair skin. I pulled the panty down to her thighs. I bent down and pecked kisses on her soft ass cheeks. I spread her ass cheeks apart and licked her ass crack from top till her anus. I kissed her anus and Bhabhi laughed. I licked her anus and traced my tongue down on her butt crack and on her vagina. She was wet and she tasted good. I explored the outer and inner lips of her pussy. I moved her juice from her pussy to her anus with my tongue and pushed the juice inside her anus with my tongue. The lubrication was not enough for anal penetration but I realised I didn’t have enough time. I looked at my wrist watch. It was 11:40pm.

I pulled Bhabhi’s panties from her thighs to her ankles and removed it. I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed it down with my underwear. I grasped her hips and lifted her. She arched her back and lifted her buttocks up to me. I put my hands between her inner thighs and spread her legs wide, till I could see her clean shaved pussy lips. Holding her slender waist, I moved forward, pointing my cockhead at her pussy. I felt my cockhead in the slit of her pussy lips and thrust my cock full length into her vagina in one quick stroke.

“aaaaahhmmmmmmmm!” Bhabhi moaned and her moist cunt clutched around my cock embracing my cock inside her belly.

I withdrew my cock until only the head of my cock lay within the hot wetness of her pussy mouth. I looked down at my glistening shaft, slick with her lubrication. Then I drove my cock forward quickly into her pussy. Loving the comfortable feeling of my cock plugged into her, I squeezed and kneaded her buttocks. She rolled and twisted her hips. I pushed and pulled my cock in and out of Bhabhi’s cunt, fucking her passionately, which caused my whole body to vibrate.

Bhabhi’s tight pussy clasped my cock with sexual hunger as she trembled and moaned with pleasure.

I slid my hands under her stretchy dress and cupped her milky breasts. I caressed and squeezed her dancing globes as I increased the pace of fucking even more. Deepening my thrusts, I banged on her plump, soft buttocks.

“Ooooohhh, oooohhh!” Bhabhi moaned and I realised she was orgasming. I could feel warm gushes of wet sticky fluid around my cock. She was cumming, but I had not cum.

I pulled my cock out of Bhabhi’s cumming cunt. I put my fingers into her wet cunt and scooped out fresh juice. I put my fingers into to her anus and spread her cunt juice inside her asshole. I filled her asshole with more and more of her pussy juice till I was sure her asshole was well lubricated. Then I spread her ass-cheeks wide. I pressed the tip of my cockhead against her asshole, gently at first, then harder. Her ass convulsively squeezed as though to stay closed. I spread her ass-cheeks apart with my hands. I opened her asshole and forced my cockhead into her asshole. Her ass-ring tightened down around my cockhead. I thrust deep into her making her cry, “aaahhmmmaaaa!”

I felt searing heat from her bowel on my cockhead. Then I drew out and plunged back inside, full length into her asshole, slamming my groin on her ass-cheeks. She groaned with pain but that didn’t stop me from fucking her ass again and again.

As I fucked Bhabhi’s asshole, her hips began to rock slightly to the motion of my cock. I fucked harder and harder feeling a desperate need to ejaculate. Then I heard the New year countdown from the speakers. 10…9…

I fucked into Bhabhi twice every second. Faster!

At 8 seconds to New year – I fucked twice into Bhabhi’s asshole and slammed my groin on her buttocks each time.

At 7 seconds to New year – Fuck! Thap! Fuck! Thap!

6s – Fuck! Thap! Fuck! Thap!

5s – Fuck! Thap! Fuck! Thap!

4s – Fuck! Thap! Fuck! Thap!

3s – Fuck! Thap! Fuck! Thap!

2s – Fuck! Thap! Fuck! Thap!

1s – Fuck! Thap! Fuck! Thap!

0 – Fuck! Thap! Fuck! Thap! “Happy New year Bhabhi!” I said and ejaculated inside Bhabhi’s asshole for the first time. It was a great start to the New year.

“Happy New year!” Bhabhi mumbled and laughed softly.

After ejaculating, I pulled my cock out of Bhabhi’s asshole.

Still leaning on the table, Bhabhi said, “Let’s party.”

“Again Bhabhi?” I asked.

She moved back and stood straight slowly, gasping. Then she said, “I feel very sober. I need a drink!”

“I thought someone had spiked your drink,” I said. I took Bhabhi’s underwear from the ground and gave it to her.

“Anish gave me a drink but luckily I just had one sip,” Bhabhi said and smiled. She wore her underwear and pulled her dress down, covering her lower body with the midi dress.

“Are you feeling better?” I asked.

“My anus feels little soar. But thank you. I needed it to wake me up. I feel much better now!” Bhabhi said and laughed.

I laughed and said, “C’mon Bhabhi! Let’s go party!”

“Let’s go”! Bhabhi said cheerfully.

We went to the ball room and met her friends again. They were happy Bhabhi had recovered. We went to the outdoor party area with them and partied till 3am. The New year party was a fuckin’ blast!