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My first time with a neighbour

Hi everyone, I am Sanjana. I am 27 years old. I am from Mumbai. I had this experience two years ago when I was living in Bangalore.

I was employed as an HR manager for an IT company. My husband was employed as a sales manager. We had good careers and our relationship was good, but something changed after I got conceived and miscarried in my 13th week. I had started to lactate. The lactation made me miss the unborn child I had lost. I felt like I had the milk for the child but my child was not there to be fed. It made me depressed. My husband understood me. I used to feel good whenever he sucked my breasts. So, I requested him to do it as much as possible. He replaced the child I had lost. It helped me deal with the loss. But, a month after the tragedy he had to go to Mumbai to settle a property dispute. I couldn’t go with him because I had to interview important candidates. I became more vulnerable. I felt more depressed and lonelier. I needed someone to love and care for.

It was the third day after my husband left for Mumbai. I had gone to the office as usual, but by afternoon I was not feeling well. My breasts felt full and they were oozing out milk. It hurt a bit and I felt uncomfortable. I explained my situation to my manager. She understood me and asked me to go home and get some rest. She advised me to suppress breast milk by applying chilled cabbage leaves both night and day or by using prescription drugs.

I didn’t want to suppress the production of my breast milk. I felt my milk was the last link I had with my baby. Every time I breast fed my husband, I felt comforted. I missed him as I reached home. I was unlocking the door when I heard a familiar whistle. I looked in the direction from where the whistle had come and saw Praveen. He winked at me. He had been wolf-whistling at me for two months. At first, I used to feel angry but after a few days I liked the attention he was giving me.

I waved at Praveen and said, “Hello Praveen!”

He looked surprised. He looked behind him, as if he was making sure there was no one behind him, then he turned to look at me. He waved his hand, hesitantly.

“I want to talk to you. Please come here,” I said.

He shrugged and said, “Ok.”

I watched him as he closed the gates of his house and came before my house. He looked curious. He opened the gate, closed it and came closer to me.

“I need your help Praveen,” I said.

He shrugged. “No problem. How can I help you?” he asked casually.

“Please come inside,” I said. I turned towards the door and pushed it open. I went inside and said, “Sorry the house is a mess. I didn’t get time to clean in the morning.”

“It looks very clean. You should see my house, if you want to see a real mess,” Praveen said.

I laughed. I said, “I understand. You are all bachelors. The house will be messy.”

I looked at him, thinking he looked more handsome up-close.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”  He asked.

I shook my head and blushed as I was caught admiring his handsome face. “I was just thinking about your age. How old are you?”

“24,” Praveen said.

“You are just five years younger than me, but it’s still not right to whistle and wink at me,” I said and smiled, teasing him.

He shrugged. “I can’t help it. You are gorgeous. You have a pretty face and a breath-taking body.”

I smirked and shook my head. “Is that all? Do you have anything else to say about my looks?” I asked.

“Your eyes are beautiful. Your wavy hair looks very stylish. Your large butt looks sexy and your large breasts catch my attention every time I see you. You are very sexy,” Praveen said boldly describing me.

“Praveen!” I gave him a stern look.

He shrugged. “You asked. I answered with honesty.”

I shook my head and sat down next to him, keeping a safe distance between us.

“So how can I help you,” he asked.

“Praveen, I recently had a miscarriage,” I said and looked at him to see his reaction.

“Sorry about that,” he said.

“I started to lactate after the miscarriage. My breasts are usually full and milk leaks. It hurts. ” I paused to study his expression. He looked curious, so I continued, “It feels awkward to ask you about this.”

“Don’t worry, just ask me. I’ll be happy to help you,” he said. His eyes quickly looked down at my breasts and looked back at my face.

“My hubby left for Mumbai two days ago. I don’t like to express my milk and throw it away.” I paused for a moment looking into his eyes, then I asked, “Do you want to drink my milk?”

His face lit up. “I would love to drink your milk,” he said with excitement.

“Oh, Thank you so much Praveen. I really don’t want to waste it. I hope you understand,” I said.

“Don’t worry. I understand,” he assured me.

“So do you prefer drinking from a glass or directly from my breasts?” I asked, smiling teasingly at him.

He laughed. “Hmm…tough choice.” He pretended to think, then he said, “Hmm…directly from your breasts.”

I leaned back on the sofa. I pulled down the Pallu of my Saree. I unhooked my blouse and removed it.

“Wow!” Praveen said.

I smiled, amused by his excitement. I unhooked my bra and removed it.

“Wow! They are so big and beautiful!” He looked at me with disbelief.

“Have you seen a woman’s breast?” I asked.

“Of course. But I have not seen such beautiful breasts,” he claimed.

“My breasts are swollen because of too much milk.” I cupped my breasts in my palms and said, “Come Praveen.”

Praveen came closer to me, looking at my breasts as if he was mesmerized. He knelt down on the carpet before me. He grabbed both my breasts from my hands and squeezed them gently. “They are soft and firm. So beautiful,” he said and looked at me.

I smiled at him.

He leaned forward. His tongue flicked on the nipple of my right breast, then slid around the areola. He opened his mouth and grabbed my nipple with his lips and sucked. I could feel an instant relief as my milk began to flow out. I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him closer to me sighing with relief. He gently bit my nipple and sucked me harder. He grabbed my other breast and played with it. It all felt sexual but I didn’t mind as long as he was helping me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed myself with relief.

After he sucked my right breast for a long time, it felt like he had almost emptied it, so I gently pulled my nipple out of his mouth. I touched the sides of his face and pulled him to my left breast. His mouth covered my nipple, and he sucked. It was so relieving I closed my eyes and relaxed.

I opened my eyes feeling the lower part of my Saree move. Praveen was still sucking my breast but one of his hands moved under my petticoat and he caressed my inner thighs. I didn’t know how to react. I just closed my eyes and tried to think. His fingers touched my wet vagina through my panty. His mouth let go of my nipple. I looked at him.

“It looks like milk is also leaking from your vagina.” He teased.

I laughed, and said, “Yes.”

“Do you want me to drink the milk from your vagina?” he asked casually.

I laughed. I looked into his eyes. He looked serious. So, I said, “Okay, I’ll remove my panty.”

Praveen stood up and moved back. I stood up, lifted my Saree and removed my panty. I held my Saree at my waist level and sat down on the edge of the sofa to make it suck easy for him. I spread my legs apart, revealing my vagina to him.

“Wow. It looks so beautiful!” Praveen complimented me.

“I like my vagina cleanly shaved. Pubic hair just causes itchiness,” I said.

“It’s beautiful,” Praveen said. He touched my labia which made me shiver. He slid two fingers inside my vagina. His thumb finger rubbed my clit. I closed my eyes as his fingers played with my vagina.

I heard Praveen’s voice saying, “Sanjana, open your eyes.” I opened my eyes and looked at him. He pulled out his fingers from my vagina. He lifted his hand and sucked his wet fingers.

“Does it taste good?” I asked him.

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked him that question because he inserted his fingers inside my vagina, scooped out my vaginal secretion and pointed his fingers at my mouth.

“No. I am not going to taste my own vaginal secretion!” I said and laughed, uncomfortably.

“Come on, try it. It tastes good,” he said.

I shook my head but he moved his fingers closer to my mouth. So, just out of curiosity I opened my mouth and licked the tip of his finger. I closed my mouth and tasted it.

“Hmm…it’s musk, tangy and bit salty,” I said, surprised by the strange taste.

Praveen nodded. “I love it,” he said and bent down between my inner thighs.

His mouth covered my vagina. I felt his lips and teeth on my outer labia. His tongue wriggled inside my vagina licking the insides. Then, he began sucking as if he was sucking a juicy fruit. It felt so good I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

After a few minutes I felt his face pull back. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He slipped two fingers into my vagina and began an in and out movement. As he repeated the movement, he inserted one more finger. As I moaned, he asked, “Do you like getting finger fucked?”

I nodded and laughed. I grabbed my right breast and lifted it. Praveen opened his mouth. I placed the nipple into his mouth. He sucked my nipple.

I watched him as he sucked my breast and fingered my vagina. His fingers moved in and out of my vagina and his thumb rubbed my clit. My vagina had not been fingered like that for a long time. I loved it but I wanted more. So, I said, “Praveen. Enough. You sit on the sofa. I’ll sit on your lap.”

He stopped sucking my nipple and pulled out his finger from my vagina. He looked at me confused.

I stood up and looked at him. He was still looking confused.

“Sit down Praveen,” I said and smiled at him.

He sat down on the sofa stroking his penis with his fingers.

I held my Saree above my hip and moved closer to him. I knelt on the Sofa, placing my knees next to hips on both sides. I lowered my hip and felt his penis between my inner thighs. At that moment I felt so excited. My heart was beating really fast. I lowered my hip and felt the tip of his penis on my outer labia. I adjust my hip and the glans of penis slid inside my vagina. It felt so good, I just lowered my hip, taking in his penis fully inside me. It felt so much like my husband’s penis. It was very satisfying. I swivelled my hip and adjusted his penis inside my vagina. I leaned forward and placed my hands on the sofa next to his shoulders. I slowly moved my hip forward and felt my clit rub on his crotch. I moved my hip backward and moved forward again. I felt his lips on my erect nipple and looked down at him. He looked at me and sucked the nipple of my left breast. I smiled at him. He grabbed my other breast and gently rubbed my nipple. I closed my eyes and moved my hip back and forth slowly. As I repeated the movement the pleasure intensified and I moved my hip faster and faster. My clit started to tingle. I felt a humming vibration at the tips of my fingers, the inside of my knees, the tip of my toes and the top of my head. The sensation spread to my stomach, chest and thighs. My legs trembled. I moved my hips faster and faster anticipating more pleasure. And suddenly I felt my stomach drop. I felt a full release of tension, stress and pain. My body felt refreshed. I looked down at Praveen. His eyes were closed and he was trying to push his penis deeper inside my vagina. That’s when I realized he was ejaculating inside me. I felt the wetness inside my vagina. I bent down and pecked a kiss on his forehead. I sat in that position for some time till his penis came out.

“Did you like it?” Praveen asked.

I nodded.

“So, when can we do it next time?” Praveen asked.

I could tell he was worried that I may not have sex with him again. “Tomorrow,” I said.

So, we had sex next day. And, we became good friends. We continued to have sex whenever my husband was not at home.