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Playing with Bhabhi

This incident happened one year ago. I was in my final year of college. During my semester holidays, I visited my family who lived in my native place. During this time, I often visited my Bhabhi because she is very hot and her house was near my house.

Bhabhi wears only Saree. Saree looks good on her. All the guys in our area think she has a very sexy figure. I was hoping I’ll get lucky with her every time I visited her.

Bhabhi’s kid used to play with me and one day while I was playing with him, I slipped and fell down. Bhabhi saw me fall down and rushed to help me but I got up myself quickly. She asked me if I was okay. I told her I was okay and went home.

The next day I went to Bhabhi’s house. Bhabhi was alone. Her kid had gone to school and her husband had gone to the office. Bhabhi was sitting on a sofa in the living room. She asked me to sit down. I sat on the sofa that was opposite her. She asked me about my college and I answered her. Then she asked if I was okay after falling down. I quickly thought of a plan and told her that it hurt in my abdomen. I asked her to look at it. She hesitated at first, then she agreed.

I got up and went closer to her. I stood before her. I lifted my T-shirt and slightly lowered my pants. She sat on the edge of the sofa and sat up straight. She saw my abdomen. She touched a spot and gently rubbed. She told me that it is just a small swelling and it will be okay. But I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so I told her she was seeing the wrong place and the pain was below the spot where she was seeing.

She was looking down to spot the exact place of the wound when I pulled my pants down quickly. I stood before her with my erect cock inside my underwear. She turned away. I took her left hand and placed her palm on my underwear, on top of the budge in my underwear.

“It hurts there,” I said.

“No this is wrong. We shouldn’t do anything like this…” she said, trying to avoid looking at me.

“Nothing is wrong if it’s between the two of us,” I said pulling my underwear down.

I grabbed her hand and placed her palm on my bare cock. To my surprise she started stroking my cock slowly. She turned to look at my cock. Then, she moved forward and licked the tip of my cock. And, she opened her mouth and took my entire cock in her mouth. Her mouth was warm. Her inner cheeks squeezed down on my cock and she sucked. She gave me a good blow job.

After the blow job, I made her lean forward on the sofa with her Saree and petticoat lifted above her butt. I removed her underwear and made her spread her legs. I pointed my hard cock on her pussy and pushed inside her. Oh! It was a great relief!

I fucked her, banging on her fat ass. I shot my cum inside her cunt that day.

After I was done, we both sat on the sofa. I asked her why she didn’t stop me from ejaculating inside her. She told me she was two weeks pregnant with her second child, so it didn’t matter.

After fifteen minutes my cock was hard again. I told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She refused and said it would be painful. I told her we can use coconut oil and try. She hesitated but she agreed after a little convincing. I took some coconut oil and spread it on my cock. I asked her to lie down on her stomach, on the three-seater sofa. She lifted her Saree above her ass and laid down on the sofa. I spread her ass cheeks and opened up her asshole. I poured coconut oil in her asshole. I inserted my middle finger and massaged the inside of her tight asshole. Then I laid down on top of her and started inserting my cock in her asshole. As I was penetrating her, she moaned with pain. I continued to push deeper and deeper. After my cock was fully inside her asshole, I lay down on her back and kissed her everywhere I could. Her fat ass felt like cushions under me.

I lifted myself little bit and moved my hip up and down repeatedly, gliding my cock in and out of her tight anal tube.

I lay down on top of her back and relaxed as my cock filled up semen inside her asshole.

Nowadays, I am very close to my Bhabhi. I fuck her every time I visit my native place.