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Chapter 5 – Consolation prize

C-Block, Flat 5

It was Saturday, 4:30pm. Sudhir was watching cricket on TV but he was thinking about his wife, Malavika. He was wondering if she could have liked having sex with her ex-boyfriend. She had told him that she was not a virgin because her ex-boyfriend had promised to marry her and convinced her to have sex with him. Sudhir had appreciated her honesty and asked her to marry him. She had told him she would marry him if he promised not to tell his family about her past. Sudhir had promised her and they had got married. But just two weeks after getting married, reality had started sinking in for Sudhir.

Malavika went to the living room. She smiled at Sudhir and said, “Do you like the game?”

“It’s boring,” Sudhir said.

Malavika laughed. She went to the showcase and started rearranging the photo frames.

Sudhir watched Malavika’s back. She was wearing a light blue, sleeveless nightgown which was mid-calf length. Her wavy black hair flowed down on her back till her slim waist. The nightie was loose but her hourglass figure and the pear shape of her plump bottom looked sexy. Sudhir’s penis became hard.

Sudhir took the remote and put the TV on mute. “Malavika,” he said.

Malavika turned around. She looked at Sudhir and smiled.

“Can I ask you something?” Sudhir asked.

Malavika nodded her head and went to him. She sat down next to him and asked, “What is it, Sudhir?”

“Promise me you won’t get upset,” Sudhir said.

Malavika looked concerned and said, “I won’t get upset.”

“Did you like having sex with your ex-boyfriend?” Sudhir asked and looked at Malavika’s reaction.

Malavika pursed her lips and looked at Sudhir quietly for a moment. Then she said, “I didn’t like it. But what if I had liked it? Is it bothering you?”

“Little,” Sudhir said. “You are so beautiful. I want you to be mine. Only mine.”

“I am your wife now, Sudhir. Do you think I’ll cheat you?” Malavika asked.

“I just wish I had been the first guy to have sex with you,” Sudhir said and kept his hand on Malavika’s thigh.

“I told you before we got married, Sudhir,” Malavika said, worried.

Sudhir nodded and said, “Yes. I appreciate your honesty. Can you just tell me more now? Like… did you have oral sex? Vaginal penetration? Anal? How many times?”

“Sudhir?” Malavika shook her head, feeling disappointed.

Sudhir shrugged his shoulders.

“Does it matter now? If it matters so much to you, you should have asked me before we got married?”

“It doesn’t matter. I am just curious,” Sudhir said.

“It doesn’t make sense but I’ll just tell you anyway,” Malavika said. “I had sex with him once because he kept pestering me and he promised to marry me. It was vaginal sex. He used a condom. It was painful.”

“Oral sex?” Sudhir asked.

“He used to kiss me,” Malavika said.

“No sucking?” Sudhir asked.

“Sucking? I didn’t let him touch my breasts. He just pressed my breasts through my clothes.” Malavika said.

“Penis?” Sudhir said.

“What?” Malavika asked curiously.

“Did you suck?” Sudhir asked.

“Penis?” Malavika asked.

Sudhir nodded.

“No way!” Malavika laughed uncomfortably. “I only did it for you because you wanted to try that 60 something position.”

“So, he didn’t penetrate your mouth and anus. He didn’t touch your bare breast or suck your breasts. He had put on a condom and penetrated your vagina, once?” Sudhir asked needing confirmation.

“We had sex once. I don’t know how many times he penetrated. I didn’t count,” Malavika said, feeling a little frustrated.

“How long did he do it?” Sudhir asked.

“Maybe 5 or 6 minutes. Does it really matter?” Malavika asked feeling more frustrated.

“Sorry. Just wanted to know,” Sudhir said, holding her hand and squeezing gently.

“It’s my past, Sudhir. If it bothers you so much, we’ll have problems in our relationship,” Malavika said.

Sudhir nodded and said, “It doesn’t bother me. We won’t have any problems.”

“Okay,” Malavika said.

“Do you like having sex with me?” Sudhir asked.

Malavika laughed shyly.

“No?” Sudhir asked.

“Sudhir? What’s wrong with you? Of course, I like it. You are my husband. I like you,” Malavika said.

Sudhir didn’t say anything.

Malavika stood up and said, “I don’t know, Sudhir. If you are going to let it bother you, we may never be happy together.”

Sudhir stood up and said, “Don’t get upset. I was just curious.” He smiled.

Sudhir moved closer and kissed her lips. Slowly Malavika began to relax and respond. As they kissed, he put his hands behind her and lifted her nightie. He put his hands inside her panty, grabbed her plump ass cheeks and spread them apart. His fingers rubbed on her ass crack. His middle finger found her anus and he pressed on it. His finger slid an inch inside her anus, startling her.

Malavika stopped kissing and asked, “What are you doing?!”

“Nothing,” Sudhir said, and pushed his finger deeper.

“Ouch. Stop it, Sudhir!” Malavika said, feeling uncomfortable in her anus.

“Why? You don’t want me to penetrate your virgin ass?” Sudhir asked.

“Is this about that again? Virginity?” Malavika asked.

“Not really. It’s just about your beautiful virgin ass. Can I be the guy to take the virginity of your ass?” Sudhir asked pushing his finger deeper until his knuckles were against her ass ring.

Malavika shook her head, smiling shyly and asked, “Virginity of my ass?”

“Yeah,” Sudhir said, wriggling his middle finger inside her anus.

Malavika laughed and asked, “Will that make you feel better?”

“Maybe,” Sudhir said and smiled.

“I have heard it is very painful,” Malavika said, concerned.

“It won’t be painful with lubrication,” Sudhir said and smiled.

“Okay. Let’s try it. I hope it will make you feel better after that,” Malavika said. She smiled and put her arms around his neck.

He kissed her and pressed his hard cock against her belly ready to fuck her. Slowly he pulled his finger out of her anus and stopped kissing. He lifted her nightie and removed it. He removed her bra and pantie. He stood before her for a moment, admiring her body. “Wow! Malavika. You are so beautiful. So perfect,” he said.

Malavika blushed and laughed.

He quickly removed his clothes and stood before her completely naked, with his hard cock pointing at her. He moved closer to her and put an arm around her back. He bent down and put the other arm around the bend in her knees and lifted her up, surprising her.

She was 5’5″ and he was just three inches taller than her but he was well-built. She was surprised every time he lifted her up almost effortlessly.

Sudhir carried his wife to the bedroom. She kept an arm on his shoulder while he laid her on her back. He told her to turn around. She turned around and lay face-down.

Sudhir took a Vaseline jar and scooped out the jelly with his fingers. He parted her ass cheeks. He bent down and kissed the puckered flesh of her anus, sending a tingle of warmth through her anus. He put the tip of his tongue inside her asshole and licked, moistening the insides with his saliva. Then he inserted two Vaseline coated fingers inside her asshole and lubricated her asshole.

Malavika lay on the bed with her heart beating fast. She liked the special attention her asshole was getting. She felt the Vaseline coated fingers entering her asshole. She closed her eyes and lay calmly as his fingers pushed and pulled, in and out our anus, finger-fucking her asshole.

After Malaika’s anus was lubricated, Sudhir put more Vaseline on his hard cock. Then he grabbed her waist and lifted her, helping her kneel down. He held her hips and pressed the head of his cock on the tight ring of her asshole. As the swollen cockhead started to penetrate, she closed her eyes again. She felt her asshole stretching and felt a slight burning sensation. Sudhir saw Malavika’s asshole sinking inward and gripped her hips tightly and fucked forward.

“Ohhhh, hmmm!” Malavika moaned with pleasure and pain.

The tightness of her asshole gripped Sudhir’s cock. He couldn’t believe how tight her asshole was. He fucked forward, watching his wife’s virgin asshole stretching and taking his cock. He loved fucking her tight cunt but this was something different-wonderful, hot and tight.

Malavika hissed softly as her husband’s cock fucked deeper and deeper. When his cock was deep as it could go, she moaned loving the stretching and stuffing feeling in her asshole. She squeezed her asshole around his cock.

Sudhir let his cock rest inside the warm, squeezing, tight asshole of his beautiful wife. It was a little consoling to be the first man to penetrate her asshole because he had not been the first man to penetrate her cunt. He had penetrated her asshole and taken the virginity of her asshole. And now it was time to fuck her asshole. He began fucking, watching his cock fuck in and out of her asshole. Her stretching ass-ring clung to his cock tightly, sucking and gripping. Malavika liked feeling a cock so deep inside her anus. The burning way her asshole stretched and accommodated his cock made her hunger for more.

Sudhir fucked his cock back and forth, faster and faster. The friction of his wife’s squeezing asshole made his body shake with passion. He dug his hands into her hips, pulling her ass back as he plunged forward, driving his cock into the hot depths of her asshole, slapping against her ass-cheeks loudly. She gasped as he pounded on her naked ass and fucked into her asshole. Her breasts jerked and jiggled from the force.

Sudhir panted as he fucked furiously into his wife’s asshole. The friction drove him wild. Her asshole squeezed his cock and she wanted to rub her clit to pleasure herself more but she controlled herself.

Sudhir shot cum filling Malavika’s asshole with his cum. She felt the rapid spurts of her husband’s cum filling her asshole. He shot a final load of cum tiredly as his legs shook from the ecstasy. Slowly, his cock relaxed inside his wife’s asshole.

Sudhir pulled out his deflated cock from her asshole. Malavika let herself down on the bed. She turned around and lay on her back, breathing heavily.

“Do you feel better now?” Malavika asked.

“Oh yeah! Your ass belongs to me now!” he said and laughed.

Malavika laughed and said, “I belong to you, Sudhir.”

Sudhir laughed and said, “Lucky me.”

Malavika went to the attached bathroom and had a shower. After the shower she dressed in a Saree and went to the living room.

Sudhir had taken bath and got ready to go out. He was waiting for her in the living room. He looked at her and said, “Wow! you look very beautiful.”

Malavika laughed and asked, “Ready?”

“Yeah. Let’s go,” Sudhir said, happily.

Sudhir felt like he had won a consolation prize. He was happy he had taken the virginity of his wife’s ass. Malavika was happy she had lied to him. Luckily for her, Sudhir’s cock was more satisfying than her ex-boyfriend’s cock in her vagina, asshole and mouth.