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Chapter 6 – Happy wedding anniversary

Chapter 6

H-Block, Flat 18

The first wave of the pandemic had changed Bhavya’s life. She had lost her teaching job after working as a teacher for 15 years. But she had not given up. She had become self-employed by tutoring online. After the lockdown had been lifted, her husband and children had resumed their normal schedule, but she had continued tutoring online because it had been flexible and more financially beneficial than working for a school.

Bhavya usually had online tuition after school hours. So, she was usually free till 3:30pm. During her free time, she did her housework and grocery shopping. She had become well-adjusted to her new life. But her life had taken a new turn two months ago.

Six months ago, one morning when Bhavya had been talking to her elder sister on the mobile, she had told her sister she was not in the mood to do grocery shopping. Her sister had told her not to worry and she would ask her son to do the grocery shopping for her. Bhavya had taken a picture of the grocery shopping list and sent it to her sister. Her nephew, Adarsh had done the shopping for her and dropped off the grocery at her home. She had given him the money, some refreshments and chatted with him for a little while before he had left.

Adarsh had not had any problem shopping for Bhavya because she was his favourite aunty. Also, he had finished degree and he was looking for a job. He had a lot of free time and he liked riding his motorbike around the city.

Bhavya had been happy to let Adarsh do the grocery shopping for her whenever she had not been in the mood to go out shopping. It had become a routine for Adarsh to do grocery shopping for Bhavya at least twice a week. And, every time he had dropped off the grocery Bhavya had given him the money, some refreshments and chatted with him for a little while before he left. Everything had been going well with him until he had started complimenting her appearance and touching her inappropriately. At first, he had started by brushing his hand on her hands. Bhavya had ignored it thinking he would have just unintentionally touched her. But after a few days when he had touched the side of her waist, she knew he had intentionally touched her. But she still wanted to be very sure. And sure enough, after a few days, Adarsh had touched her arm, waist, hip and bottom. Bhavya knew he had been touching her intentionally but he had always made it seem like an accident. But one day, when she had been cooking and chatting with him in kitchen, he had stood behind her and groped her bottom. She had been shocked by his bold move and everything had gone wrong that day.

Two months had passed after that incident. It was Thursday morning. Bhavya’s husband had gone to the office and her children had gone to school. Bhavya removed her nighty and got dressed in a new Saree. The Saree was a red silk, Saree. It was embroidered with Zari flowers and border. The Saree hugged her body beautifully highlighting the curves of her body.

Bhavya took a full selfie with her selfie stick and mobile. She sent the picture to her husband with the message: Happy wedding anniversary!

Hari replied: Wow! You look beautiful. I didn’t forget. I was about to call you. Happy wedding anniversary!

Bhavya: LOL. You have never remembered our wedding anniversary!

Hari: I have a meeting. I’ll call you later.

Bhavya: Okay. Come home early!

Hari: Okay. Bye.

Bhavya: Bye.

Bhavya went to the mirror and looked at her reflection. She liked the way she looked.

Bhavya looked very good for a 45-year-old woman. She had a beautiful, cute face and a sweet smile. She had waist length black hair, which was usually pony tailed. Her shoulders were average size. She had a wide bust, narrow waist and wide hips. She looked like she had an hourglass figure though her hips were couple of inches wider than her bust. Her hips looked wider from behind and her buttocks looked plump and round. She didn’t look thin or heavy but she was well-proportioned from top to bottom.

Bhavya checked the time on her mobile. It was only 11:15am. She put the TV on and sat down on the Sofa.

Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang. Bhavya stood up and rushed to the door. She looked through the peep hole and saw Adarsh. She opened the door and said, “Hello Adarsh!”

Adarsh smiled and said, “Hello aunty!”

Bhavya moved to the side giving way for Adarsh to enter the house. Adarsh entered the house and Bhavya closed the door. Adarsh looked at Bhavya from top to bottom and said, “Wow aunty! You look very beautiful! Is it a new Saree?”

“Yes Adarsh. Today is our wedding anniversary. Do you like it?” Bhavya asked.

“It looks very beautiful on you, aunty. You look very sexy,” Adarsh said. He looked at her from top to bottom and whistled.

Bhavya laughed and asked. “Is it hard already?”

“Very hard for you, aunty,” Adarsh said and laughed.

Bhavya laughed. She looked at Adarsh affectionately. She liked him. He was tall, athletic and he was her cute nephew who had become a handsome young man.

Adarsh hugged his aunty. Their bodies pressed together warmly and their lips pressed together. They could taste their shared breath and feel the thud of their heartbeats. They kissed passionately.

After a few minutes, Bhavya stopped kissing and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

“Okay, aunty,” Adarsh said and pecked a kiss on Bhavya’s lips.

Holding hands, they went to the bedroom, feeling excited.

Bhavya had not regretted letting Adarsh grope her bottom in the kitchen two months ago. That day he had hugged her from behind and kissed the sides of her neck and cheeks. She had not stopped him. One thing had led to another and they had ended up having passionate sex.

Bhavya removed her blouse and bra. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat, and stripped down her panties. She got on top of the bed and lay down on her back looking like a beautiful bride on her wedding day.

Adarsh removed his clothes and quickly got on top of the bed. He knelt down between his beautiful aunt’s legs. Her cleanly shaved vagina looked wet and delicious between her chubby inner thighs. He lay down on top of her. His hard cock pressed on the soft flesh of her vagina. He kissed her lips.

Bhavya kissed her sister’s handsome son eager to feel his cook inside her wet vagina. Adarsh kissed his beautiful aunty passionately. Bhavya moved her right hand between them and grasped his cock. She placed the tip of his cock in the slit of her vagina. Adarsh pushed his cock deep into Bhavya’s inviting pleasure hole. In seconds, he had completely penetrated her inner depths, bumping on her cervix with the tip of his cock. He felt her wet vaginal walls grasp his cock eagerly.

“Feeling good, aunty?” Adarsh asked.

“Oh yesssss,” Bhavya moaned and put her legs around his waist.

Adarsh slid his hands under her heavy buttocks and lifted her wide hips. Holding her buttocks firmly he began fucking inside her pussy. His cock moved in and out of her juicy, gripping cunt. Again and again, he thrust his cock inside her pussy-hole, pistoning his cock inside her cunt with speed and determination. The sounds of his aunt’s pleasurable moans and the sounds of his cock fucking into her wet cunt, encouraged him to fuck her faster and harder. He pounded into her again and again bumping into her cervix with swift penetration. His balls churned and his body was burning with lust.

Bhavya’s legs were clinging tightly around his waist and she lifted her pelvis high to meet his forceful penetrations.

Adarsh fucked and fucked till his body jerked and he erupted inside her, filling her up with hot semen. “Aghhhhhhh!” he moaned, while his steaming cum kept spurting.

Bhavya was lost in her own wonderful orgasm. Intense pleasure had exploded in her head and her sweat was cooling her body as she was free falling. She felt a pecking kiss on her lips and opened her eyes.

“Happy wedding anniversary, Aunty!” Adarsh said and shot another load of cum inside her vagina.

Bhavya laughed. “Thanks Adarsh,” Bhavya said, feeling very happy.