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Couples holiday trip to Goa

We went on a holiday to Goa, seven months ago with our friends. Our friends are two couple, Atul and Jhansi, and Praveen and Suman.

Atul is a manager for an IT company. His wife Jhansi is a boutique owner. Praveen and Suman are founders of an advertising agency where they both work as Creative Directors. And my name is Arjun. I am Head of Digital in an advertising agency and my wife’s name is Riya. She is a fashion designer.

Atul is not a very handsome guy but his wife Jhansi is good looking. She is about 5’4″. She is pretty and has good assets.

I am not a bad looking guy. I am 5′ 7″. I do basic workout every day and I look physically fit. My wife, Riya is very pretty. She is 5′ 6″. She is 36-24-34. She is not very curvy but many people have told me she is perfect. I thought she is perfect too until I saw Praveen’s wife, Suman.

Suman is one of those rare women who have a very wide hips, big buttocks and breasts but the neck, hands, waist and legs look slim. She has fair skin complexion and it appears to glow sometimes. She is a very beautiful woman. And Praveen, her husband is not better looking than me. I used to be very envious of Praveen because he was married to Suman, but it changed after our Goa trip.

We went to Goa in the same flight. We booked separate Hotel rooms in the same Hotel. We went to beaches, picnic spots, restaurants and clubs together. During that time, the guys were closely checking out each other’s wives. I was checking out Jhansi and Suman. I was not very attracted to Jhansi but it was a pleasure to check out Suman. And I was aware of Praveen checking out my wife. I didn’t understand why he was checking out my wife, because his wife was sexier than my wife.

Suman had been wearing different types of clothes for three days. She looked beautiful in Salwar Kameez, Skirts and tops, Jeans and T-shirts, and frocks. Her wide hip, butt and breasts stood out in all types of clothes.

On the fourth day, Atul and Jhansi went to meet their relative’s, who lived in Ponda. We went to a beach and restaurant with Praveen and Suman. We returned to the Hotel at 3pm. At about 5pm, Praveen called me and told me to come to his room with my wife for a drink.

I told my wife Riya about Praveen’s invitation for a drink and she got exited, as usual when someone invites us for drinks.

Riya got dressed in a floral, pink, knee-length frock. The fork was tight around her slim waist, and had a flair beneath the waist. She looked beautiful. I thought it would be a great idea to lift her frock and fuck her doggy style. So, I asked her to bend forward on the dining table. She said she didn’t want to make her clothes dirty. I told her I’ll do it without making her frock dirty. She told me she didn’t want to take a chance and refused to have sex. I was disappointed but I thought she might be willing to have sex after she got drunk and returned to our room.

We went to Praveen and Suman’s room. We knocked and Suman opened the door. I saw her and my heart missed a beat. She was dressed in a floral Saree. The Saree was draped perfectly around her curvy body, hugging to her wide hips like a decorative wrapper. Her naval was visible through the transparent Saree. I had got an instant hard-on.

We went inside their room. We were served drinks and snacks. After we became comfortable Praveen played Hindi songs on TV from his phone. And Riya was quick to start dancing. I was in no mood to join her but when Suman joined her, I wanted to dance with them. Just when I was about to stand up to dance, Praveen pulled my arm and said we should join the ladies.

I danced with my wife and Praveen danced with his wife. The volume was loud but we didn’t care because we were drunk. A few minutes later, Praveen came to us and said, “Let’s swap.”

My heart missed a beat at the thought of dancing with Suman. My wife turned to face Praveen and they started dancing together.

I went to Suman. She smiled, shyly. I smiled and started dancing with her. There was good vibe between us.

It was a medium paced romantic song. We were not dancing too fast. Suman looked at Praveen and Riya, so I also looked at them. I was surprised to see Praveen’s hand were around my wife’s waist and they were dancing like lovers. Riya was smiling at him. She looked happy. I thought Suman would be angry and looked at her. But she just smiled. Encouraged by her beautiful smile, I kept my hands on the sides of her waist. My right hand was on her bare waist but she didn’t mind. She just smiled shyly at me as she continued to sway her hip, dancing gracefully. I looked at Praveen and Riya just in time to see Praveen kiss my wife’s right cheek. ‘WTF!’ I thought. I wondered what he was up to. Angered by what he had done, I thought if he can kiss my wife, I should kiss his wife. I pulled Suman closer to me and kissed her lips. She responded well, so we French kissed, hugging each other. I could feel her big soft breasts on my chest like soft cushions.

The song changed to another slow, romantic song. I pressed my rock-hard penis on her lower belly. She moved her right-hand to my crotch and gently squeezed my hard cock. She looked at me and smiled. I was surprised but I was happy she wanted to feel my cock.

I looked at Praveen and my wife. They were kissing and dancing. Praveen’s hands were moving all over my wife’s body, squeezing her bottom, waist and breasts. I didn’t care anymore. I looked back at Suman’s beautiful face. She smiled. I moved my hands up to her breasts and gently squeezed them. The look on her face said that she wanted more. I moved closer to her ear and said, “Praveen is so lucky to have you as his wife.”

She laughed. The sound of her laughter sounded pleasant and feminine.

I looked at Praveen and my wife. I was shocked to see Praveen had put his hands under my wife’s frock. He was squeezing her bottom while kissing her and dancing. I was angry but I had his beautiful wife in my arms. So, I looked at Suman and she gave me an encouraging smile. I put my hands around her hip and grabbed her bottom, through her Saree, petticoat and panties. I felt her large, soft bottom bounce in my palms as she danced slowly. I kissed her lips again and moved my hands all over her voluptuous body, feeling her soft flesh, as much as I could. I wanted to lift her Saree and grab her bottom, like Praveen had put his hands under my wife’s frock, but I didn’t feel bold enough to do it. I turned to look at Praveen and my wife. I couldn’t see them. I looked around the room and I was shocked to see them on the sofa having sexual intercourse. My wife had knelt down on the sofa with her frock lifted up. Praveen was behind her, fucking her.

I was stunned. I stopped dancing. I looked at Suman. She too had stopped dancing. She looked worried but she said, “You know Praveen can’t keep his hands off any woman.”

I nodded. Suman was right. I knew Praveen was having an affair with Atul’s wife, Jhansi. But I had not expected him to lure my wife into having sex with him.

“Arjun, the bed is free,” Suman said and smiled shyly at me.

I looked at her trying to understand what she meant.

Understanding my confusion, Suman said, “If my husband can have sex with your wife, it is okay for you to have sex with me.”

I couldn’t believe the most beautiful woman I had ever seen was saying I could have sex with her. I wanted to grab her and start fucking her but Suman started removing her blouse. So, I calmed down and watched her remove her blouse and bra. She revealed her big, beautiful breasts. She lifted her Saree and petticoat, and removed her panties.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I watched her walk to the bed holding her Saree above her butt and exposing most part of her bottom. Her ass cheeks were very big, round mounds of firm flesh. Her ass is the best ass I have seen.

I removed my clothes quickly and went to the bed. Suman was lying on the bed with her legs bent and spread wide open. I got on the top of the bed and looked between her chubby inner thighs. It was a beautiful sight. Her pussy had very short pubic hair, as if she had shaved it just a few days ago. It glistened with her pussy juice.

I knelt down between her legs. I bent down and dug my face between her chubby, soft inner thighs. The warmth and the aroma of her fresh pussy juice aroused me more. I pecked a kiss on her clit and pulled back, eager to penetrate her pussy.

I lay on top of her, between her legs, supporting my upper body with my elbows on the mattress. I grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip of my cock on her clit. She started to moan. I rubbed my cock harder and harder on her clit few more times, then I stopped and placed my cock in the slit of her pussy, and I pushed. My cock glided inside her silky smooth, stretchy, juicy pussy hole. I pushed it fully inside her and pressed hard hoping to get it even deeper. I felt her pussy grip around my cock, comforting me. I bent down and kissed her lips. I moved my hips back and forth, letting my cock glide outward and inward, inside her pussy hole. I lifted her left breast, bent down and sucked her nipple, as I fucked her slowly. A little later I moved to her right breast and gave it the same treatment. As I heard her moaning with pleasure, I moved my head up, to look at her. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning. I kissed her lips. I parted her lips with my tongue and probed her mouth. My cock glided in and out of her gripping pussy. I increased pace and fucked her harder and harder as my need to ejaculate became intense. I fucked her harder and faster and ejaculated inside Praveen’s beautiful wife’s cunt.

I lay on her with my head next to her head, kissing the side of her cheeks and neck. My cock dripped the last few drops of my semen inside her pussy.

I heard a loud sigh of relief and turned to look at the source of the sound. I saw Praveen fall back on the sofa as my wife tiredly stepped down from the sofa after getting fucked.

I looked at Suman and said, “I envy Praveen. I wish you were my wife.”

“You don’t have to envy him. Call me. We can meet when we are free,” she said and smiled, reassuringly.

“Thanks,” I said and pecked a kiss on her lips.

After my cock popped out of Suman’s pussy I rolled over and lay down next to her. I looked at my wife. She was sitting on the sofa, next to Praveen, with her eyes closed. Praveen’s eyes were also closed. I looked at Suman. Her eyes were also closed. She looked like she had fallen asleep. Admiring her pretty face, I pecked a kiss on her lips again. I got down from the bed. I got dressed and quietly left the room.

I went to our room and fell asleep on the bed. I only woke up when I heard a knock on the door. I got down from the bed feeling tired. I opened the door and my wife walked inside staggering. She said with her words slurring, “You…. sh…ould… ha..ve… wo..ken… me.. up.”

I ignored her. I closed the door and went to the bed.

She was already lying on the bed face down, on her stomach. I was tired but I had a strong urge to finish what I hoped to do that night after she got drunk.

I opened my carry-on cabin suitcases and took a Vaseline tube. I removed my clothes and spread Vaseline on my cock.

I went to the bed. Riya was still lying on her stomach. I lifted her frock. Her panties were missing. Her bottom looked beautiful even though it was not as beautiful as Suman’s bottom. I spread her ass cheeks apart and inserted Vaseline inside her asshole. She mumbled something. I ignored her and lubricated her asshole.

My cock had become rock-hard by the time I had finished lubricating Riya’s asshole. I got on top of the bed and knelt down on the bed, keeping my knees next to the sides of her legs. I slowly leaned forward and laid down on her back. She mumbled something. Her ass felt soft and comfortable on my cock. I put my hand down and held my cock in my fingers. I slowly guide it to her asshole till I felt her asshole at tip of my cock. Then I pushed. My cock opened up her asshole and glided smoothly inside her tight asshole. I pumped my cock in and out of my wife’s asshole. I fucked her harder and faster, struggling to ejaculate because I already ejaculated inside Suman’s pussy, just about an hour ago. But after fucking my mumbling, slutty wife’s asshole for about fifteen minutes I shot my load of cum inside her asshole.

Next day, all of us went out to a beach with Atul and Jhansi. Praveen, Suman and my wife were acting as if nothing had happened. But when I and Suman got a minute together, I said, “Thank you for yesterday night.”

She laughed. “I thought you forgot about it. Good you remember,” she said.

“I can never forget it. It was the best experience of my life,” I said, admiring her beautiful face.

“Call me. Do you have my number?” she asked.

“Yes. I have your number,” I said.

“Praveen is going to Andaman next month for a week,” she said and smiled.

“I’ll see you then,” I said.

“Don’t bring your wife,” Suman joked and laughed.

I laughed with her.

Next month after Praveen went to Andaman, I went to Suman’s house every day and had a wonderful time.

I don’t envy Praveen anymore. I am sure his wife loves my cock more than his cock.

As for my wife, I get her drunk and fuck her whenever I want.