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Good old days with Yahoo chat rooms

Does anybody remember the good old days when we all used Yahoo chat rooms?

Well, I remember. I remember, A S L?

It was funny. Most of my girlfriends would pretend to be guys in Yahoo chat rooms. But I didn’t do it. I was always truthful. I always replied, 25, F, Bangalore.

The next common questions were, ‘What is your bra size?’, ‘What is body measurement?’, ‘What is your phone number?’

Well, I rarely gave my phone number to anyone on chat but I didn’t see any harm in telling them my bra size and my body measurement. My under-bust size was 75cm and my over-bust size was 100cm but the guys never understood when I told them in CM, so I just used to type 34DD. I was 34 26 36 when I was 25. Now I am 42 32 45, lol. That’s what happened to my body after giving birth to two kids and turning 48 this year.

My life is good now but I used to have more fun when I was 24-27. I had left my hometown in Kerala at 24 to work as a Software programmer in Bangalore. At 25 I had a good job and good friends. I think I was young and good looking because it was common for guys to show their interest in me. I used to keep the distance from guys who wanted more than friendship from me because I knew my parents wanted me to marry a guy whose mother tongue was Malayalam, and belonged to our family’s caste and religion.

It was not easy to keep some guys away because they were crazy about me. I had to repeatedly tell them not to bother me. I didn’t understand why so many handsome guys showed interest in me because I have average skin colour. There were lot of girls with fair skin colour who didn’t get the attention I was getting from guys. Maybe I got the attention because I was tall, curvy and little modern. I was 5′ 5″. I had wavy, waist length, black hair. I used to wear only knee length skirts and tops, jeans and T-shirts and knee length frocks.

It was not easy living away from family in a new city and trying to control the sexual desires at a young age. So, I turned to Yahoo chat just out of curiosity at first. I used to chat with lot of guys. Some guys wanted to my email address, some guys wanted my phone number, some guys wanted me to show them my private parts. Most of the times I refused to show my body but sometimes I would cover my face and show them parts of my body. They would watch my body and masturbate. That’s how I first saw men’s penis. I was so shocked to see some men had very big penis. I couldn’t believe women could accommodate such big things in their vagina. The more I saw guys masturbating online for me, I wanted to have a boyfriend who was willing to marry me later.  So when I met Rajesh on Yahoo chat, I felt he was the guy I was looking for. He didn’t ask about my bra size and body measurement. He had decent chat before we agreed to have video chat. After we got along very well on video chat, our physical attraction became more intense, so we decided to meet. We met in Coffee Day and we got along very well in the real world.

Rajesh was handsome, polite, mad about me and he was from a rich family. His family was Hindu, Reddy caste from Andhra state. He knew my family was Christian but he used to assure me that he would convince his family to allow us to get married and I believed him.

Some of the best memories I have are the times I spent with Rajesh. I still remember his 28th Birthday. He had celebrated his Birthday with his family in the afternoon and he celebrated his Birthday in evening with his friends and me. He had asked one of his friends who lived in a flat to stay overnight with another friend, so we can spend the night in his flat alone together.

That evening I had worn a Saree for the party. I very rarely wore a Saree because it was revealing and also because I got too much attention from guys. I wore a Saree that day because Rajesh had been pleading with me to wear a Saree for a long time.

The party went very well. All his friends got drunk and danced till mid-night. The party ended at about 12:30am and we reached his friend’s apartment at about 1:20am.

We were tired and drunk but Rajesh wanted to have sex with me. I had already lost my virginity to him five months ago and I too wanted to have sex, so I just took a birth control tablet before we sat down on the sofa, watched TV, drank more Vodka and got intimate.

That night he didn’t sleep and he didn’t let me sleep. The entire night he kept saying things like, ‘Julie, I love you‘, ‘Julie, I want to marry you‘, ‘Julie, baby. You are the best,‘ and other things. He played with my breasts and sucked my nipples like a child. We had oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex. He ejaculated in me, at least four times that night. I don’t know what had happened to him that night. Even after we went to sleep at 4am in the morning, I could feel his fingers sometimes in my vagina and anus. Maybe he was too aroused because I looked good in the Saree or maybe he was too drunk. Whatever the reason, we had a good time.

In the morning, my entire body ached. My nipples, inner thighs and anus hurt more because of the sucking, biting and repeated penetration. It was little difficult to walk but it felt good to know he loved me that much. We had not had sex with that much passion before that night. It had been a crazy night.

But my relationship with Rajesh didn’t last for too long after that night. I heard from one of my girlfriends that Rajesh had boasted to her boyfriend about having sex with me as if it was an achievement. I spoke to her boyfriend and with Rajesh about the rumours. Rajesh denied saying anything bad about me so I decide to test him. I asked him to marry me or forget about sex. I didn’t let him have sex with him. He begged me and promised me he will marry me but I didn’t let him have sex with me.
One day he said he wanted to introduce me to his family. I was happy. I went to his house with him. He said his parents had gone to the temple and they will be back soon. While waiting for his parents, he hugged me and kissed me. He told me he wanted to quickly make love to me before his parents returned. I was happy that he was going to introduce me to his parents so I agreed. We went to his room and had sex. We had very passionate sex. As usual we had oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex. He wanted to ejaculate in my mouth. I didn’t want him to ejaculate in my mouth but he pleaded. I felt sorry for him because I had assumed he was my future husband, so I agreed. He ejaculated in my mouth after penetrating my anus. I wanted to spit out his semen in the bathroom but he pleaded with me to swallow it, so I swallowed it.
After he had ejaculated at least five times, he was tired. I didn’t mind because I was in my safe period. I realised we had been having sex for a long time and asked him to check if his parents have returned. He calmly said, his parents had gone on a vacation. He said he wanted to have sex with me one last time. He said he would never marry a bitch like me and told me to get out of his house. That’s when I understood he had cheated me. I cried a lot before leaving his house.
One and half years later my parents told me one of my dad’s friends had expressed interest in meeting me to find out if I was a good match for their son who lived in US. He had come on holidays to Kerala. He and his family wanted to meet me. I met him and his family. They liked me. I liked him. He was more handsome than Rajesh. We got married before he went to US.
I moved to US after one year. I have been happily married for 20 years. My husband loves me a lot but I sometimes I think about the guys on Yahoo messenger and the wild sex Rajesh used to have with me. Even though it didn’t end well with Rajesh, I remember the good times we had together. Thanks to Yahoo chat rooms.