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My hubby made me do it

My hubby and I have been happily married for 10 years but we would have separated two years after our marriage because of this incident.

Anoop, my hubby was already settled in Canada before we got married. So, after we got married, I went to Canada after 12 months.

I liked Canada but I missed my family and friends. Fortunately, my hubby understood me and loved me very much. For about three weeks he made love to me every day. But by the fourth week he slowed down and only made love to me on alternate days. He was crazy about me. He would say things like, ‘You are the most beautiful woman I have seen’, ‘You are sexy!’, ‘Your breasts are big and beautiful’, ‘Your bottom is big and beautiful.’

I understood why my hubby was attracted to me so much because men had always been attracted to me ever since I had become a matured woman. People would often say I look very beautiful. I was tall and curvy but I looked slightly heavy because I had big breasts, big hip and bottom even though the rest of my body looked slim. I was 36, 29, 41 at that time.

Because my hubby loved me, I would let him do almost anything he wanted to do to me. He would kiss every part of my body and, he would penetrate my vagina, mouth and anus. I didn’t like anal sex too much because I always felt like going to the bathroom after that. But I got used to it after few months. But my hubby had more expectations. One day, he told me he had a friend, a white man named James. He had shared my pictures with James after blurring my face. His friend liked the way I looked, dressed in a Saree. He had asked my hubby to send more pictures of me, dressed in a Saree, with my face blurred but exposing my breasts, vagina and bottom.

I told my hubby it was not a good idea. He told me he will blur my face in the pictures, so nobody will know. He also said, he only wanted to share my pictures because he wanted to show off my body to his friend.

I thought about it. Because he said he will blur my face, I agreed to it.

The next day I got dressed in a Saree. My hubby told me to pose in different ways and took pictures. I posed wearing only a bra and Saree. I posed wearing only Saree and no bra. I posed lifting my Saree and exposing my bottom. I posed lying on my back on the bed with my legs spread and exposing my vagina. After that my hubby told me to lift my Saree and kneel down on the bed. I knelt down on the bed and leaned forward supporting my upper body with my elbow. My hubby penetrated my vagina and anus and took more pictures and videos. He managed to make me climax that day even though he was multi-tasking.

Two weeks later I found out that I was pregnant. My hubby and I were very happy.

A week later my hubby told me James liked the pictures but he had started pleading with my hubby to let him strip my Saree and see me naked.

I was shocked but what was more shocking was, my hubby tried to convince me that James only wanted to strip my Saree and admire my body because I looked very beautiful.

I told him James should go and strip his own wife’s clothes. My hubby told me James was divorced. He told me I shouldn’t worry because he will be there when James is stripping the Saree.

I thought my hubby had gone mad. I refused to let James strip me. But my hubby started to pester me all the time. Once, he finished having sex with me and said, “James only wants to see your beautiful body.” Another time he saw me dressed in a Saree and said, “You look so beautiful. If James saw you, he’ll be turned on.” He just didn’t stop saying things like that for two weeks till I got upset with him and said, “If you want to expose your wife’s body to everybody, I’ll do it!”

To my surprise, my hubby smiled and said, “Thank you darling. I knew you will understand.”

The next day my hubby told me he had booked a hotel room for the weekend and given the address to James. I was so confused. I didn’t understand what he was doing. I told him I couldn’t believe he was serious about it. I just didn’t know what to do but my hubby reassured me that everything will be okay.

The next couple of days my hubby tried to convince me more. He made love to me both the days. I trusted him so my fear slowly started to disappear.

It was Saturday. It was the day when we had to meet James. I asked my hubby few more times if he was sure about allowing another man to strip me. He said he was sure and he would make sure James doesn’t cross the line.

My hubby and I drove to the Motel and checked in early. I had a shower and got dressed in a Saree. My hubby had already messaged James confirming we were ready, so while we waited for James, my hubby couldn’t keep his hands off me. I had become wet by the time James called my hubby and told him he was waiting in the reception.

My hubby went to the reception to bring James to our room while I waited anxiously in the room. After ten minutes the door opened and a very tall and smart looking white man came inside with my hubby. As my hubby turned to close the door James looked at me. For a moment he stood there looking at me from top to bottom. Then he said, “Wow! She is gorgeous. You are a lucky man.”

My hubby laughed and said, “Of course, I am very lucky man but wait till you see how beautiful she really is.”

James lifted his eyebrow and asked, “That good huh?”

“You’ll see,” My hubby said and laughed.

I just stood there uncomfortably while the men were talking about me as if I was some kind of object.

“Neha, this is James. James this is Neha my wife,” my hubby finally introduced us.

“Hi James. Nice to meet you,” I said stretching my hand out to shake his hand.

“Nice to meet you, beautiful lady,” he said. He quickly moved closer and took me in his arms. He gave me tight hug, took a deep breath and said, “Wow, you feel so good beautiful lady.”

James’ hands moved up and down my body feeling my breasts, waist and bottom. I was expecting my hubby to stop him but he didn’t so I just pushed him away.

He moved back and looked at me, “Wow! she is perfect!”

My hubby laughed proudly and said, “Yeah! I know!”

“I can’t wait to strip her!” James said, looking at me as if he wanted to rape me.

“Calm down. Neha looks nervous. Let’s drink some wine, it will calm her down,” my hubby said.

“Good idea,” James said, checking my breasts and belly.

I felt uncomfortable and confused by his reaction. I was happy when my hubby gave me a glass of wine. I sat down on the couch and sipped the wine, watching my hubby talking to James. I was angry with my hubby for putting me in a such a awkward situation but every time I saw James I wondered if he really thought I was beautiful. He looked like a man who could have any woman he wanted so I didn’t understand why he wanted to strip me.

A few minutes later, my hubby looked at me and asked, “Ready?”

Hesitantly, I nodded my head.

“Yeah!” James said excitedly.

My hubby called me with a hand gesture. I stood up and went closer to them.

My hubby looked at James and said, “Let the show begin.” He laughed.

“Are you sure?” I asked my hubby.

“Yes,” he said and smiled, reassuringly.

I shrugged and looked at James.  His blue eyes were full of lust. He smiled and took a step closer to me. I closed my eyes and stood there motionlessly. I felt the Pallu of my Saree sliding down my shoulders. Then I felt his long fingers pressing on my breasts as he unhooked my blouse. He tried to remove the blouse but he couldn’t because I had to lift my hands. I was little surprised when my hubby lifted my hands and helped him remove my blouse.  Then as I felt my bra getting removed, his fingers brushed on my bare breasts and it sent shivers through out my body. I stood there with my eyes shut and my heart beating fast. I was so lost in the sensation; I didn’t realize for a few seconds that my nipple was getting sucked. I opened my eyes and saw my hubby watching James sucking my breast. My hubby saw me. I shook my head and slowly took a step back. James moved forward, still sucking my breast.

“It’s okay,” my hubby said in a hushed voice.

I didn’t know what to do. I felt so week. But I pulled my nipple from his mouth. He looked up at me. I turned away and covered my breasts with my Pallu and put it over my shoulder. That day, I suspected my hubby liked to watch other men have sex with me.

“James, please apologise to my wife. You shouldn’t have done that her,” my hubby said.

“I apologise! I apologise! Please forgive me…please,” James pleaded with me.

I didn’t say anything.

“I won’t let him touch you again,” my hubby said. “But let the poor guy just watch us.”

“Watch what, Anoop!?” I asked, angry with him.

“Let’s just have sex. Let him watch and we’ll all go home,” Anoop said.

I shook my head. “No more, let’s just go home,” I said.

“Ok, I promise, this will be last time. Let him just watch, please,” Anoop said.

I shook my head.

“Please…please,” Anoop pleaded with me.

“Are you promising this will be the last time?” I wanted to be sure.

“Yes, promise,” Anoop said.

“Ok, be quick,” I said.

“Ok. Thank you so much darling. Just kneel down on the bed,” Anoop said happily.

“No anal,” I said not wanting to go through the discomfort at that time.

“No anal,” Anoop assured me.

“Okay,” I said and went to the bed. I lifted my Saree and petticoat. I removed my panties and got on top of the bed. I knelt down on the edge and leaned forward, supporting my upper body with my elbow.

“Wow!” I heard James saying, “That’s a massive ass. Love it. Can I lick her bottom?”

“No James. Just watch. She is already angry,” Anoop said.

My hubby was quickly behind me. He penetrated my vagina. He was slow at first, then he slowly increased speed. I was starting to feel good. After a while my mind was blank with pleasure soring throughout my body, I felt his penis jerk inside me and my vagina felt more wet. I thought he must have ejaculated and felt disappointed. He pulled out his penis for a few seconds and quickly penetrated me again, surprising me. I thought maybe he had not ejaculated. I was happy to have him inside me again because I had not climaxed. He felt much bigger inside me this time. His penetrations were quicker and his pelvis hit my bottom forcefully. He had not done it so forcefully before but my pleasure was soaring to the peak, so I didn’t think much about it. I moaned his name, “Anoop…” as I finally climaxed. His penis jerked inside my vagina and I felt him ejaculating inside me. I waited for him to finish and when he was pulling his penis out, I looked back over my shoulder and saw James! James had penetrated me and ejaculated inside me!

I got down from the bed and yelled at my hubby, “How could you?!”

“Sorry. It will be the last time,” he said.

I angrily looked at James.

“It was fantastic. You are the best,” James said calmly.

“Get out!” I yelled.

“Alright, alright. But before I go, I just want you to know I loved it and I would love to do it again.”

I just turned away angrily and went to the bathroom. I had a shower. When I came out of the bathroom James was not there.

I didn’t talk to Anoop the entire day and he kept apologising.

After a week, he finally told me the truth. He told me before getting married to me James had allowed him to have sex with his wife, so he had felt obliged to let James have sex with me.

His reason to let James have sex with me didn’t justify his decision but I realized I had actually liked it when James had penetrated me. So, after a few days I asked Anoop if he liked swapping partners. He confessed that he liked swapping partners and he liked to watch me have sex with other men. After a few days, I told him I wanted him to be happy and agreed to have sex with other men.

So, Anoop invited James again, four months after we had first met in the Motel. This time, they followed my rules. I laid on my back on the bed. James lay on top of me and penetrated me. Anoop sat on the bed, next to me holding my hands and encouraging me while I enjoyed having sex with James. After James finished , Anoop had sex with me.

Since then, I have had sex with most of his friends and Anoop has had sex with their wives.

I still love Anoop and he loves me. Our relationship has never been better, but I miss James. Our friendship with James ended because he wanted to marry me.