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Mom helped me forget my girlfriend

My name is Varun. I am the only son for my parents. I was 20 years old when this incident happened.

I was lonely and frustrated. My girlfriend and I at that time had broken up. I had not had sex for 2 months after breaking up with her. I was watching videos of my ex-girlfriend on my laptop and jerking off. But watching videos of her fully dressed didn’t help me much. I regretted not recording videos of her undressed and having sex with her. But then it struck me…I should not be deprived of sex because I can’t have sex with my ex-girlfriend, there was a very desirable woman at home – my mom. My cock leapt at the thought. My Dad had gone to the office, so I wanted to try my luck with Mom. I quickly got out of bed. I hurried down the hallway to the master bedroom, hoping my mom was still having her afternoon nap after lunch. I went close to my parents’ bedroom. I quietly opened the door and looked inside. My Mom lay in the centre of the King-size bed. Her back was towards me. Her Saree’s Pallu was pulled forward under her arm. Her lower back, between her blouse and her Saree was bare. Her large hip formed a beautiful curve and the large mounds of her ass cheeks looked irresistible. I moved slowly towards the bed and looked down at my sleeping Mom. My cock tingled as admired my beautiful Mom. She was 35 years old at that time. She had a pretty face and a curvy body. She had a small waist, and proportionately slim arms and shoulders. She had big boobs. Her hips were larger than her breasts and shoulders…. she looked so sexy.

I didn’t know where to start. I had never touched my mom when she was sleeping. I slowly touched her bare waist. Her skin was smooth and soft. My Mom didn’t move, so I moved my fingers forward and cupped her belly with her navel. I moved my hands on top of her curvy hip and on the soft mounds of her ass cheeks. I gently squeezed the soft flesh of her ass. Just then, my mom moaned. I quickly moved back expecting my mom to wake up. I picked up a book from the bedside table and pretended to read. I looked at my mom from the corner of my eyes. My Mom had turned and she was lying on her back. She seemed to be fast asleep. So, I kept the book back on the shelf and went closer to the bed. I looked down at my mom’s shapely breasts enclosed in her bra and blouse. Her Mangal sutra lay over her left breast. I felt jealous of my dad. I wanted her. I felt a strong desire to get on top of her and fuck her. At that moment I knew it was now or never.

I pulled my Mom’s Saree slowly, higher and higher till I could see her shapely, plump thighs. Her legs slowly stretched and her legs spread apart, frightening me. I thought she had woken up and looked at her face. Her eyes were still closed. I lifted her Saree higher till I could see her laced, pink panties. I could see her vagina through her lace panties. My heart started beating fast. I knew Mom would wake up if I tried to remove her panties but I wanted to take the risk. I carefully caught the elastic band of her panty and pulled it down slowly. At first, it seemed easy but Mom’s ass was tightly pressed on the panty and mattress. Slowly, I tugged it hard and the panty was released from the firm grip of her ass and it made a snapping sound. Fearing Mom would have woken up, I looked at her face. Her eyes were still closed. She looked like she was in a deep sleep. I bent down and smelled her pussy. The aromatic fragrance of my mom’s pussy was much more pleasing than my ex-girlfriend’s cunt. Mom’s pussy was slightly open, revealing the juicy, pink wetness inside. It looked delicious. I wanted to eat her pussy but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to feel the warmth of her inviting cunt.

I removed my clothes. I stroked my hard cock few times and climbed on top of the bed. I knelt down between my mom’s legs. I leaned forward and placed my hands next to her shoulders.  I looked beneath me at me cock and lowered my hip. My cock pressed on her pussy lips but I couldn’t find the slit. I tried two more times but I couldn’t find the slit. I was afraid of waking her up before penetrating her but she didn’t look disturbed. So, I tried again and found the slit. I pushed my cock slowly inside the smooth, wet pussy hole. I pushed deep inside her and looked at Mom’s pretty face, expecting her to wake up. I had planned to pin her down to the bed and make love to her if she suddenly woke up, but she was still sleeping. So, I pumped my cock in and out inside Mom’s love hole with long, deep strokes. It felt too good to worry about waking her up in that moment but I was shocked when I heard mom moaning, “Hmmmm…Varun.”

I stopped fucking Mom and looked down at her. She smiled at me affectionately and said, “Don’t stop. I was just starting to enjoy it.”

I laughed. “Really Mom?”

Mom laughed. “I like it. Do it, Beta.”

My Mom’s approval is all I needed. I kissed Mom’s lips and pistoned my cocked inside her embracing pussy. I moved my hands all over her body, squeezing her breasts, waist and ass. At that moment I realized that I loved my mom more than my ex-girlfriend. “I love you Mom,” I said.

“I love you too Beta,” Mom said.

I pecked a kiss on her seductive lips before I started to pound my beautiful mom’s pussy again. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. Her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock and her face turned red. “Oh Beta! Aahh….” She moaned.

My balls felt heavy. I shuddered and shot my load inside my mom’s precious pussy. I heard mom laughing and looked at her.

“Did you like it, Mom?” I asked as my cock jerked and shot another load of cum inside her pussy.

Mom nodded. “I loved it, Beta,” Mom said.

I kissed Mom till the last drop cum dripped into her pussy. After my cock shrunk and popped out of Mom’s pussy, I got up from Mom and collapsed next to her.

“That was great, Mom!” I said gasping.

Mom turned and lay down on her side. She reached down between my legs and wrapped her fingers around my limp cock. “Beta,” she said. “I didn’t know how to tell you. Hmm…Me and your dad are getting divorced.”

“Why mom?!” I tried to sound concerned.

“He doesn’t care about me. I found out that he is having an affair with his secretary,” Mom said stroking my cock and bringing it back to life.

“Will you marry me after you divorce Dad?” I asked Mom.

Mom laughed. “Yes Beta,” Mom said gently squeezing my balls.

After ten minutes, my cock was hard as a rock. “Mom, I want to fuck you again,” I said.

“Beta! Don’t use vulgar words like that. You should say, Mom I want to make love to you,” Mom corrected me.

“I love you, Mom. Can I make love to you?” I asked.

“Yes Beta,” Mom said and smiled.

I made love to Mom again and ejaculated inside her pussy.

After three months, Dad and Mom were divorced. Two years later, Mom and I migrated abroad.

Thirteen years have passed since I first made love to Mom. Now we are well settled abroad. Mom has two daughters. Only Mom and I know they are also my daughters. My first daughter is 10 years old and my youngest is 8 years old. Both look like their mom…my beautiful mom.