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First time with my mom

I feel sad for my mom. Mom has been living a lonely life since Dad passed away five years ago in an accident. She told me she misses him more than anything. I think she needs a man in her life to satisfy her mentally, emotionally and physically.

I liked my mom since childhood. She is very caring and affectionate. After I became a teenager, I realized she is a very beautiful woman. She has a pretty face. She is tall and very curvy. She has big breasts, slender waist, big butt and hip. Her hips are bigger than her shoulder. She has a beautiful pear shape body.

I started fantasizing about my mom. Then, I started seeing her pictures and masturbating. I thought about seducing mom by touching her inappropriately but I was sure she would become upset. So, I controlled myself by just masturbating for her.

I didn’t expect to get lucky with mom, but I did.

It was a Saturday evening. I came home after meeting a friend. The door was open so I just walked inside the house. I went to the kitchen looking for mom. She was not there. So, I went to her bedroom and peeped inside. I was surprised to see mom sitting on the edge of the bed and fingering herself. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. She looked beautiful. Her Saree was lifted up and her legs spread wide. Her plump thighs were creamy white. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I went inside the room and said, “Mom.”

She saw me and panicked. She stood up and let her Saree down, covering her legs. She looked guilty when she didn’t have to feel that way. I went closer to her and kissed her lips. She opened her lips and kissed me. We kissed passionately. I put my arms around mom and rubbed her back, and her bare lower back. I covered her mouth with my mouth and probed her mouth with my tongue. I moved my hands on her soft butt and lifted her butt cheeks, pulling her closer to me. Mom hugged me tightly, pressing her soft, big breasts on my chest. I was happy to see her enjoying my kiss. I wanted to see her happier, so I stopped kissing her and said, “Mom turn around and kneel down on the edge of the bed.”

I took my hands off mom and she turned around. She lifted her Saree above her knees and bent down on the edge of the bed. I quickly removed my pant and moved closer to her. I lifted her Saree above her buttocks and kept it on her back.

Her buttocks was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had not expected it that beautiful. It was big and round. I grabbed both her butt cheeks and kneaded them. They were soft. I bent down and kissed her butt.

I stood straight and rubbed my cock on her butt cheeks and her butt crack. I pointed my cock at mom’s vagina. I felt the slit of her vagina on the tip of my cock. I pushed. Her vagina was wet and smooth but her tight vaginal muscles clenched around my cock. I grabbed her bare waist and pushed my cock deeper slowly, till my cock was fully lodged inside her pussy.

“Ooohhh … ahhh … aahh,” Mom moaned with pleasure.

I pulled back my cock and slowly pushed it back inside. I did the in and out motion slowly few more times, enjoying every inch of mom’s pussy. I slowly increased the speed and started banging on her butt as I repeatedly penetrated her. Her butt shook like large cushions on impact, and I liked it.

“Ooohhh … ahhh … aahh, Ohhh, oooohhhh,” Mom moaned as I pounded her pussy. I saw her spasm and shudder. As she began to relax, I increased my speed and my cock felt heavy. I shuddered and shot my cum inside her pussy. I pressed my crotch on her big, soft butt and ejaculated every drop of my cum inside my mom’s wet pussy. Then I collapsed on her back, kissing her and breathing heavily.